November 27, 2011

2 boxes of pizza and a romantic movie

We had just eaten two boxes of 14 inches in diameter of pizza for our dinner. Yeah you know, American style baby. The pizza from Angel's Pizza in Kalayaan ave. is affordable and we had it delivered. We only paid P500 something. Thank you for the buy one take one promo. I am so full, I can feel that I am expanding now, hehe.  
with roommates
Then we watched a nice romantic movie, Something Borrowed. Hazel recommended it. I cried at the part where Rachel realized that Dexter actually reached out for her and now it is her time to do a move. There were so many conflicts that's why the movie was really interesting. For one, Rachel was in love with her best friend's fiance. That really sucks, right? The last person that you'd want as a rival for a guy's heart is your best friend. But what should you choose, love that person that will apparently ruin your relationship with your best buddy or let go and save the friendship? Nah, that's their problem, not mine. Good luck.  

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