November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Ideal Man

Happy 21st birthday to my Korean celebrity boyfriend! Yes, i have a boyfriend and he is sort of big time in Korea! Dugh, yes, I'm mentally having a relationship with him. Do you have a problem with that?! Haha, I'm mad right? This dream is so good, don't ever try to wake me up. He is also my ideal man, lucky me, right? There's one in a million chance that you would end up with your ideal man. And I got that chance. I'm the happiest girl in the world!! Life is great! I couldn't ask for more! I don't care if we have a long distance relationship. Distance is definitely not a problem. Our love for each other is infinite so we'll keep on loving each other even if he's in Pluto!

I wish he would be able to read my birthday message for him:

    Happy birthday Jang Dong Woo! I hope you have an English translator right beside you so that you will understand every words I'm going to say. Don't rely on Google translator because they suck. I used it actually for me to understand your tweets but I didn't get a thing. Bummer! Although I would really like to talk to you in Korean but I'm still an illiterate. I know some Korean words though like 'hengbok' which means hengbok birthday! What is the Korean translation of birthday?
    You are a very talented person. You are in a very promising group and I am highly confident that few years from now you would be able to reach where Super Junior has already been standing. I wish you the best in everything because you deserve it. Please don't change and if you do, I'd expect it for the better. You are such a nice guy. After knowing you, I can't help but hope to find someone having an amazing personality as you. Do you know that you laugh 80% of the time? Your laugh is the best anyway, so don't try to refrain yourself from laughing. Your laugh actually is one of the reasons why I like you.
BWAHAHAHA.. funny right?
NYAHAHAHA.. totally!

    You are one hell of a dancer. For me, you are better than Hoya. You can also sing well so I hope you would be given extra lines on your future songs. You are a good rapper too. A rapper rich with swag which i didn't like at first. But now, oh I'm so loving it, you look so hot!
    I'll be your solid fan. I'm willing to wage war to anyone who would try to bash you.hehe. Don't take it seriously, I'm not a war-freak person so I couldn't do that. Let's just let them be. Sooner or later they'll regret what they're doing because they'll realize that you're awesome. So yeah, don't consume your time thinking about those who hate your guts. Be flattered and inspired instead to those who love you, me included. I sarang you, ok?
    Wherever you go, whatever you do, I wish you hengbokness (happiness). :))
    Happy Birthday once again!

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