November 19, 2011

Read: The Dylanist

I already finished reading the novel, The Dylanist. It was OKAY, I didn't dislike it unlike others on the Internet. It was an easy read, you know, just like reading Twilight. What I liked about the book was that I can relate to the protagonist. Her (Sally's) personality mirrored mine a lot. I can give you three instances. One, she had many things she'd supposed to say to a person but ended up keeping them on her own. Two, she felt awkward and uncomfortable conversing with her father alone. Three, she was led by her feelings. The author was amazing because he knew exactly how a girl thinks, well, for someone like me.

But this wouldn't be one of my favorite books. I can just say that it is a good read.

Here are my favorite quotes:

But the most blissful bliss of all was the bliss of a life without compromise.

If there was anything more boring than history, it was reality.

Love is finding someone you can shut up with.

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