November 06, 2011

Someone Interviews Me About The Kpop Group, INFINITE

So someone asked me stuff about my fondness for INFINITE. Her queries included things like what do I like about them; who do I most liked; which of their songs I love the most; how much do I love them and more.

That person, who was curious of my fangirling disorder for INFINITE, is none other than me!hahaha. I don't know of any other better way to relay to you about what I think of this group. So I'm having a question and answer portion here by myself.

Me1: How did you encounter the group?
Me2: My sister introduced me to this group. She shared a music video from YouTube via Facebook. 
That was how I knew that such korean pop group exists. The song for me wasn't anything good. And I didn't find anyone cute or attractive. You should understand that a good-looking member (a potential crush) is one of the factors why someone would like to explore everything about that group. Also, they looked so young for me on that She's Back mv, like 14 or 15 years. Plus, the said mv didn't showcase their superb dancing skill.

You got it right, there was no WOW factor when I first encountered them.

Me1: So how did INFINITE make you one of their crazy fans?
Me2: It all started with their Be Mine music video. It really started there, I clearly remember. I am a follower of and they posted that INFINITE made their comeback with the song Be Mine and attached was the official music video. Curiosity played into my veins therefore I clicked the play button. I was, “Hmmm.. They're good. I love the song. Then there are cuties too! And oh, they mature!”
After that, I searched their other music videos and live performances. And man, they are really good. I am confident to say that they are the best group when it comes to dancing.

Me1: You mentioned that you found some cuties on the Be Mine mv, who were they?
Me2: I saw three! Later on, I found out that they're name were L (Myungsoo), Woohyun and Sungjong. But it was really Sungjong who hit me hard.hahaha.. Refer to the picture below.
I love those eyes, those piercing eyes! Yet the crush was short-lived. *sobs*

Me1: But why?!!
Me2: You see, he was the one that I was really attracted to. So I was like, “Who's that guy??!!” So I researched and found out that he was Sungjong. I searched him in Youtube and stumbled upon their gay performance below. :(
 I was frustrated by how girly Sungjong danced and expressed himself. I found him gay. I'm sorry, but I really think that he's gay. I'm not basing my conclusion solely from the video above. I have seen them in Sesame Player. From that reality show, my hypothesis that he's gay made even stronger. I'm not bitter or anything like that now. I may really be disappointed the first time I sensed it but I'm surely okay now. So what if he's gay? He is good. He deserves to be an idol because he got the talent and the charm.

Me1:  After Sungjong, who became your no. 1 crush?
Me2: hehehe.. I found, even until now, L really cute. I love his face. No wonder he is the face of INFINITE. 

Me1: But I've heard that your no. 1 bias now is Dongwoo, is it true?
Me2: Yes, that's absolutely right. It is so funny that it was him I found the least attractive. When I first saw him, I thought how not a good-looking person he was. I didn't even like his facial expressions when they performed live. I found him tough (not in a good way), nasty, boastful. He exuded a bad boy impression to me. But I did notice that he's one of the best dancers and a good rapper. I also like his sexy voice.
My impression to him drastically changed when I saw him crying his heart out after they won their first award as a group. I was totally shocked by his reaction. I thought he was the toughest of them all. But boy I was wrong, he has a heart soft as a marshmallow. I started seeing him in a different manner and my love for him grow more and more. (chos)

Me1: What did you feel when you heard that they won their first award?
Me2: Actually, I was on the brink of tears that time. I was immensely happy and overjoyed for them. They really deserved it. I was complaining before that how come they didn't ever win, when they are really good! I watched their performances and felt sorry for them because they were ignored just like that. I told myself, "People have no taste! INFINITE is exceptional! Why can't they see that?!" And then poof! They won! It was really a delight. Thank goodness, they were not underrated anymore.

Me1: What song of them do you love most?
Me2: It changes from time to time. There was a period that it was Be Mine, then the other time it was Nothing's Over then Can You Smile. I also love their Julia song. Right now, I most love Real Story. Gosh, my heart melted when I first read the English translation. It is so romantic.

Me1: How much do you love INFINITE?
Me2: All I know is that they are the best group for me. I listen to their songs most of the time. I play their live performances over and over again which are saved in my computer without getting sick with it. I really wanted to buy their albums but I am just a poor kid now, you know. :( It would really be a happiness to grab one!hehe. I keep on checking their Facebook fanpage to get updates of their latest events and videos. Also, I'm one of the happiest people when they win a music award.

Me1: If ever INFINITE gets to read this, what is your message?
Me2: Hi INFINITE, I'm a Filipino Inspirit. You are the best. I'd never been fangirling this much to a group before, just you, because you prove to be the best. More powers to you. Saranghae!
Please have a concert in the Philippines as soon as possible. I would definitely go whatever it takes. Love, Jellian. 

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