December 29, 2011

You and me sitting on a tree

It is just during this Christmas break that I am able to watch TV all day.

And there's this one commercial that I really love because of its music. Yet all I could hear of its lyrics is, You and me sitting on a tree. I always forgot to search it on the Internet. Good thing, I stumbled on a blog that featured the said song.

And could you believe that this is the no. 1 song on Pinoy MYX Yearend Countdown, putting Pangarap Lang Kita by my beloved Parokya ni Edgar only second to them? I didn't know that they are already have that kind of fame having the capacity to get to the no. 1 spot. In fairness, the song is cool, my type. So I won't oppose or anything.

♪You and me sitting on a tree♪ -- I'm having an LSS on this since last week!! :D

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone (atheist, polytheist, agnostic, religious, non-religious, Christian, non-Christian)! It's a time to be jolly, to be thankful for the things that you've got and to party hard. Partying though doesn't apply to me because my system doesn't see it appealing. 
One thing that I did earlier for the very first time was to drink a Tanduay Ice. I didn't decline my cousin's offer. It tasted like a soda but I can still taste the alcohol. So yeah, in general, I don't like it. 
December 22, I went to Quiapo to buy a brand new Sony Cybershot Camera. I decided to buy there after learning that shops located in that place offer cheaper  prices of cameras compared in malls. Few weeks ago, I emailed Henry's Camera & Photo Supply to inquire for the price of Sony W510. They have it for only P5,500 with 3-year product warranty! Do you know how much it costs in malls? It is around P6,800. Actually, I also found cheaper price of the said model in They offer it around P4,500. But they only have 1-year service (not product) warranty. Plus, 4GB SD card and camera case are not yet included. So I decided to buy at Henry's Camera. 

I was so relieved that I was being accompanied by my Kuya Rod and his daughter. Not only I was saved from getting lost because I'm such a loser when it comes to directions but more importantly, I felt safe from any crime (holdup)--we're talking about Quiapo here. I really thought that I'd go there alone. And it brought paranoia in me, imagining a situation that a creepy guy would come near me and show his gun, asking me to give to him my newly-bought camera. That would be such a miserable experience. 

By the way, I am also grateful for those blogs that suggested me to buy in Quiapo. Their entries were so helpful. I learned that there is such a camera haven in that place because of their posts. :D

The pictures in this entry were all taken by my new acquisition. :D 

December 19, 2011

HBD to me

This day has come once again reminding me that if ever someone would ask me about my age, my answer would be 23 already. If I could then I would, but I just can't make my age stop. Life has its simple rule, live and get older. The number actually intimidates me. It is a guide point for me to take track of the things that I should have accomplished by now. Apparently, I am late by the schedule of my life. Yes, I am late about everything. I want to whine about it. But hey, an anniversary of a birthday isn't a time to complain, but a time to be thankful for being given another 365 days to live. It would be selfish for me if I'd say that I'm sad for this day. Many people out there are fighting so desperately to live for one more day and here I am ranting about a day given without any hardship? So I am blessed no matter what. Thank you heavens above for this life.

I stay right now at my cousin's house. They do not know that it's my birthday today.hehe. I don't bother to tell them because it doesn't really matter because I'm so pampered here that everytime I am here, it feels like it's always my birthday.hehe And besides, I am such an introvert that even saying, "Kuyaaa, aaate, itttt's my birrrrthday!hihihi", is a struggle for me. Also, they will never know about it because I don't post my birthday on Facebook.

I make myself busy today doing one of the things that I love, reading a novel. I bought one last Friday for only P75. :D I'm still at page 213 out of 593 pages. It gets thrilling already and I'm so excited to finish it! Oh, I love detective novels.
hahaha.. models ng Disordered Minds by Minette Walters

This is the first time that I'm not with my family or just one of the members. Last year, I also didn't go home but I celebrated my birthday with my brother. Now though, I have no mama, papa, kuya or Joy right here and it's okay, I already grow up.

Mama called last night and as usual we talked for several minutes. I was relieved that my sister had already come home. I was worried last Saturday because she texted that they were hit by the typhoon Sendong. Iligan is one of the cities that is badly affected by Sendong and that's where my sister studies. The floodwater entered their room wetting her stuff. She tried to go home that night (Saturday) but was stranded in Cagayan De Oro's terminal. She slept there! She was able to take a bus to Gingoog the next day bringing clothes with mud. :( Poor sister, really. I already received my birthday gifts: sister coming home safely and our home which wasn't affected by the flood. Thank you! :D No material thing could amount to those things.

December 18, 2011

Mario Maurer on The Buzz

This blog should thank Mario Maurer. Why? After I posted about him and his movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, pageviews went high exponentially. I am totally convinced, my stat proves it, that Maurer is a star that could draw thousands and thousands of people. 
Girls, gays or maybe even boys after seeing him on that famous movie, directly searched him on the internet, especially for his pictures and saved them on their computers. AMININ! That's why I got that number of pageviews, which actually is my no. 1 post of all time in terms of the number of views.

Earlier, I saw him on The Buzz being interviewed by the King of Talk, Boy Abunda. So I'm going to talk about him base from the said interview for me to get some thousands of pageviews again. Well, because Mario Maurer could only do that.
your blog is nothing without me, jill-yang
(Tito) Boy was so good on hiding his feelings because if I were in his shoes, I think I would just look at him with stupid smile unable to generate coherent statements because I'll be starstruck as ever! He told Maurer that he looked younger in person and of course, that he got a pretty face. Maurer, trying to be humble, I think he really is, said that he was never a good-looking kid. He used to have pimples, crooked teeth. He also shared that he didn't like his eyes that's why he wore shades most of the time before he joined show business. Actually, there were pictures of him being flashed on tv when he was around 6-10 years old. The pictures showed that he had chinky eyes. And I wonder now, how he got that eyes because apparently, that weren't the ones I saw in his childhood pictures. Maybe, he went into double-eyelid surgery just like what Koreans do.hehehe.

I am delighted that his bestfriend is half-filipino. It reminds me of Lady Gaga who also has a Filipino bestie. Which makes me think that Filipinos are exactly friends for keeps. ^_^

I was not surprised that he has a girlfriend. I already knew it before after researching him on the internet. He was asked if he's loyal and he directly said, yes. I know for sure that given that face and charm, bitches surround him and tempting him. It is impressive that they've been together for over 5 years already (assuming that the site I knew it from is reliable). It is either his girlfriend is obsessed over him that she's oblivious of his cheating acts because her boyfriend is SO GUWAPO (handsome) OR, Maurer is truly a good and loyal guy that's why they reach that long. I hope that it is the latter, I would really admire him. ^_^

Mario is a Thai actor but like most of the Filipino actors, he also is a mixed race. His dad was German. He shared that his Dad was the most important person in his life who already passed away. That's a good thing. When you were close with your parents especially with your father, most likely you won't become a rebellious kid and furthermore you'd be generally one nice individual. Well, that's just me, trying to be an anthropologist.bwahaha. Anyways, seeing Maurer makes me a want to marry a foreigner so that I would be blessed with children as good-looking as him. (Nyahahaha)

December 17, 2011

I spent tears because of you, Cha Tae-hyun!!

First, with your  'My Sassy Girl' movie.

Second, with 'Hello Ghost'.

And now, your 'Babo' film!

I'm expecting puffy eyes later. Thank goodness, my roommates weren't around earlier as I watched it because I also sobbed. Yeah! With all those audible 'huhuhuhu'.

I found you so pitiful in Hello Ghost because you were an orphan. But better it was to be an orphan than being a mentally retarded person, and that was what you were in Babo. It broke my heart how you were hated by your sister in spite of your countless efforts to show love to her. When you were a kid, you inhaled a dangerous smoke that permanently damaged your brain. Ah! So unfortunate. Your younger sister despised how childish you acted and how little you knew about stuff. Yet you tried so hard to be a big brother to her. You religiously cooked food for her which she always declined to eat. You always didn't mind her lack of respect to you. You were so pathetic. Good thing, your childhood crush was there to give you affection.

Babo is a Korean term for fool or stupid. It is pronounced as Pa-bo. FYI, in Bisaya, pabo is a word for turkey. So you Bisaya people out there, when you go to Korea or meet a Korean holding a turkey, don't say, "Uy, pabo!" Because you know, it would mean to them that you're calling them a fool. hehehe!

December 13, 2011

love for black dresses

There are things that you love that you are not aware of. Until someone points it out to you or you realize it later on.

A friend of mine who also used to be my roommate last year, asked me what was my favorite shape. I was taken aback about it because that was something I missed to consider. I have my favorite color(pink), genre of music(country), cartoon character(Hello Kitty), pet(dog) and etc. But a favorite shape was something I didn't think about. I wasn't able to answer Kenny with a particular shape. I told her that when it comes to it, I'm okay with anything as long as I love its color. Then she inspected my stuff and commented that the dominating shape is a flower. Right there I realized that indeed, I love the shape of a flower. It's still a wonder to me of how I love something all this time without being aware of it.

Yesterday, I discovered another love, it was for black dresses.
I scanned the pictures I saved in my computer from tumblr. Oh yes, tumblr is such a nice site to see great pictures. What I most like about the kinds of pictures that I see there are the ones that have sayings, like these:

I also save humorous pictures like this:

And food!
Seeing onions, cucumbers, fries-- it's definitely worth saving.

But one outlier of the 100 pictures from tumblr is this sole image of a dress:
I saved it because I loved it. Wishing that one day I'm going to wear the same one.

It then hit me that I have a thing for black dresses because I also remember that I saved an image of Maxene Magalona before since I loved what she was wearing. I got it on Saab's blog. 

And Moon Geun Young, the little sister of Korea, I kept pictures of her because I love her style. And several of them, she wore black dresses, which were my favorites.

Lastly, the very first dress that I bought for myself was a black one. It was in 2008, it was the one that I wore during Kamia's confluence dinner.

It is undeniable that I love black dresses. 

December 11, 2011

Papa wants me home for Christmas

My father lost his cellphone in Cagayan de Oro City during its fiesta because he was drunk. He didn't inform me that he got a new one. So early this day, I was puzzled when I received this text: "yan puede man moole ka deli ka paketa sa tendahan." (Yan, you could go home then just don't show yourself in the store.) I laughed at it and wondered who texted it. Maybe it was my auntie trying to make a joke after my mother told her that I decided not to go home for christmas. I replied, "Kinsa ni?" (Who's this?) Minutes later I got a message from the same unknown number, "si papa along. adto na me semba." (your father. We are going to church now). Father's texts are like codes that I have to decipher, hehe.  So why did Papa sent me that message?

Several days ago, my mother asked me when will our christmas break will start and end. She must have sensed that I have no plans of going home because if I did, I would have informed her early this month or last month so that I could avail for cheap airplane ticket. So I told her when. Then she asked me if I wanted to go home for the 2-week break. I said no. And she asked why. I have many reasons. One reason though that I gave to her was I don't want to go there because I hate it when people ask me a lot of questions about my LIFE. Queries like, "Are you a graduate now?", "You aren't still a graduate?!", "What takes you so long?!" It's not unethical to ask those questions but they irritate me. We have a store at home and whenever I'm there, I am my mama's major assistant or proxy whenever she's not around. So that's the time people got the chance to ask me those questions I badly avoided. They would buy something then they would insert questions like that. Pffftt..

That's why my father texted that to me. I am touched, actually. It shows that he really wants me to be with them. It is okay for him that mama wouldn't get my help in our store as long as I'm there. But I couldn't possibly do that! I couldn't stand leaving my mama alone in her store getting busy while I am just inside our home hiding from nosy people. I never expected that my papa would suggest that stuff just to convince me to go home. But I'm really decided now of not going home. I'm sorry Pa.

I hope that the world wouldn't end by 2012. Because if it's true, I would really be regretting of not spending the break with my family. hehehe!

Congrats to Astig Pinoy from Gingoog City

Showtime's Season 4 finale happened yesterday (December 10) and Astig Pinoy from Gingoog City won! They bested other 14 participants. Wohoo! I'm so proud of them! I wasn't able to watch it yesterday on tv. I only watched it on Youtube just now. My over-reacting self wasn't able to hold my tears as I watched it. I am just so proud of these people being able to come up with a superb performance. And I'm proud sharing the same hometown with them.

What is extraordinary about their performance is they incorporated Tinikling, the Philippine's national dance, to modern dance. What is more amazing is that, it's not just a usual Tinikling dance, but something that could drop your jaws because  they were difficult executions that would make you think that they'd been practicing it for years. Only hardwork and perseverance can produce that kind of performance. Congrats. You surely make Gingoognons proud.

And thank you Ms. Karylle for pronouncing Gingoog right, which is Hee-ngo-og. :) 

December 08, 2011

Kapag may gf ang isang guy straight na agad? Hindi ba pwedeng nagpapanggap lang?

Apat kaming magkakakilala na hindi makaalis sa building dahil ang lakas ng ulan noong nakaraang linggo. Habang kami ay naghihintay na tumila ito, nag-chika-chika muna kami. Sino ba kami? Hindi na lang ako magbibigay ng totoong pangalan, pseudo name na lang para safe. Kami ay sina Maria, Elena, Henry(totoong lalaki 'to) at ako. Biglang nag-open ng topic si Elena--bading kaya si guy na tawagin natin sa pangalang Gwaposana? Sabi ni Maria, "Para sa akin, oo". Umagree ako sa tingin ni Maria. Habang sina Henry at Elena ay naniniwalang straight siya. Pero naisip ko ngayon lang, kung straight para kay Elena si Gwaposana bakit kaya siya nagtanong ng ganoon sa amin? Hmmmm.. Siguro ay may naaamoy siyang something fishy. May medyong debateng naganap sa moment na iyon. Ipinilit ko kasing bading talaga si Gwaposana. Tapos sabi ni Henry na may girlfriend daw iyon. Tumaas ang aking kilay at sabay tugon, "Defense mechanism lang yun. Si Piolo nga, nagka-girlfriend." *Sorry talaga Piolo, alam ko namang wala kang masamang ginagawa sa akin para isali ka sa usapan namin. Pero kailangan ko talagang magbigay ng konkretong example* Hindi kinontra ni Henry ang aking sinabi, bagkus ay shinare niya na may nakakita daw kay Piolo at ang driver niya na nag-kiss lips to lips sa loob ng kanyang sasakyan. Nawindang lang kami teh. Totoo man iyon o hindi ay hindi magbabago ang tingin ko kung ano ang sexual preference ni Papa Piolo.

Ngayong semana, tinawag ako ni Elena dahil may nalaman siyang may girlfriend talaga si Gwaposana. Napa-WEH? lang ako. Later that day, nagkasama na naman kaming apat at sinabi ko kay Henry na may gf yung lalaking yun. Napa-TALAGA? siya. Tinanong ko siya,"Di ba sabi mo may girlfriend si Gwaposana? Bakit parang nagulat ka ngayon?". "Eh joke lang yun eh", tugon niya. "Sus, si Piolo nga naging girlfriend si KC", dagdag niya. Nagulat lang ako ha, last week, tingin niya straight si Gwaposana pero ngayon ay nag-da-doubt na rin siya. At dinugtongan ko pa ng, "Si Rustom nga, naging asawa si Carmina!" Haaayy.. Tumawa na lang kami. 

Ito lang talaga ang point ko sa kanila, hindi sapat na proof na sabihing straight ang isang guy dahil meron siyang girlfriend o asawa. Ang mga karanasan ng ibang mga tao ang nagsasabing fallacy talaga ito. Nakakainis sila, silang gumi-girlfriend pero boylet naman talaga gusto nila. Nakakainis pero nakakaawa naman kasi wala silang gusto kundi mag-come out pero takot sa pamilya, sa simbahan at sa lipunang lalaitin lamang ang kanilang pagkatao. Haaayyy.. Ok lang naman na maging closet gay eh.. Pero sana naman mga sister, huwag niyong gawing kasangkapan ang isang babae para sabihin lang na straght kayo! Maawa naman kayo sa babae, naniniwala silang inlab kayo pero sa totoo naman inlab kayo sa kapatid nilang lalaki. Or pwede namang iinform niyo sila. Parang ganito,"Uy teh, may secret akong sasabihin sa iyo, beke talaga ako. Pwede ka bang magpanggap na girlfriend ko para hindi maisip ng tatay ko na girlalu ako? Pleeaaase?" O di ba, mas ok? hehe.

Alarming lang na marami na talaga ang curved ngayon. Parami nang parami, hindi ko alam kung bakit. Basta Lord, tirhan mo naman ako ng isang straight na lalaki na pasok sa aking standard. Pleeeaaassseee.. Nagsusumamo at nagmamakaawa po ako sa inyo. Thank you! :D

December 04, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is like Boys Over Flowers

Dear friends, I wasn't warned that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is an addictive korean series. A drama that you won't let go of until you are finished. I watched two episodes last week and found it just a so-so. Yesterday, I was bored and decided to watch the 3rd episode and the story started to get really interesting. And dear, I was hooked!  After watching episode 10, I wanted to shout due to frustration because the drama is still airing in Korea and that means I have to waaaiiiiitttt for the 11th episode! Why oh why? Waiting is so hard! The happenings are already exciting! When I woke up late this morning, crazy but true, I thought of the series, particularly the last scene, it was just shocking and romantic.
Watching the 10 episodes, I observe that it has many similarities to the famous 2009 kdrama, Boys Over Flowers and the much talked about series early this year, Secret Garden. You could really say that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a recycled one but I don't care! It is really, really good. Yeah, good for the heart with all those funny and kilig scenes!
So now, I am going to enumerate its similarities to Boys Over Flowers (maybe next time I'd compare it to Secret Garden).

For the obvious one, their title have two similar words: Flower and Boy. (Bwahahaha.. Sorry for being silly, I just want to mention that!)

If Goo Jun Pyo studies in a school which his family owns, so is Cha Chi Soo! Do you still remember in BOF that the F4s, especially Jun Pyo, are being given special treatments(e.g. like kings) by their teachers? Well, Cha Chi Soo too! And whenever our beloved leading man gets pissed by his teacher, the educator would cringe to death and would ask for endless sorries!

If there is F4 in BOF, there is F5 in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. hehehe. Uhm, they don't call themselves F5 in the series.
Those head-turner, rich guys whom girls would be drooling for and whom boys would be envious about.

Cha Chi Soo is like a clone of Jun Pyo in terms of personality. But observing closely, I think the FBRS guy is a little less mean compared to the BOF guy. Chi Soo is a spoiled brat. Whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he would freak out and scold that person who can't make it possible. He usually SCREAMS to people especially when he gets desperate onto having something. 

Let's go to the female lead character, Eun Bi. You guess it right, like Jan Di, she's a fighter too! She's someone who wouldn't be afraid of breaking your bones even if you are an intimidating male! Chi Soo tastes her wrath when found out that he wasn't sincere of his romantic words to her, on which she helplessly fell. Eun Bi is a sports person too. If Jan Di is a swimmer, Eun Bi is a volleyball player. Since she is good in spiking, it is what she does to hurt Chi Soo. She spikes a ball towards his head and there he goes stumbling on the floor.bwahaha.. That's the spirit girl!

This is the kind of series that I love. The theme is light. There are lots of funny scenes. It is romantic. I always love watching arrogant guys gradually changing into a better person because he falls in love with a girl. Also, it really entertains me seeing them fighting, throwing harsh words to each other, saying, "I HATE YOU!"..but deep inside it's the opposite thing that they want to say.

December 03, 2011

that Shinee's Hello

If people would ask me what is my all-time favorite kpop official music video, I could answer it quickly and say, "Hello of Shinee!" I love the sound, the melody, their dance steps, their cute smiles. If my video player in my laptop can record of how frequently I play each of the MVs I have, Hello would be on the top of the list. I said on my post (Korean Crushes) before that I encountered Minho on a certain video and ended up crushing on him. Well, that said video is actually their Hello MV.
Playing it over and over again, I realized that Key was such a cutie too!
And Onew has that warm, bright, contagious smile! It really gives me good vibes!

You see, I've got a lot of reasons why I always come playing it again and again. It is the most epic kpop mv for me. Although I am an INFINITE bias, this one of Shinee's really amazing:

It is a bit disappointing to know (I just found it this day) that the said song is not original. Well, the lyrics is (sort of!), but the rhythm isn't. Rona shared the youtube link to me of the original one. The true version is titled Holla. You can never say that it just happens to sound the same. Dude, it is identical, the korean version was totally copied from the one below. For sure, Holla came first because it is already there since 2009 while Hello is released just last year of October. It is disappointing because all this time I've been thinking how great those korean composers are being able to make something I love listening to even if I couldn't understand the lyrics. Yet it wasn't their creation at all.  

There is another kpop song I know that isn't original, the Run Devil Run of SNSD. It is from Ke$ha. The one who sings, ♪tic toc on the clock, the party don't stop now. oh oh oowooh♪. 

And here's SNSD's version:
I love kpop music. Yes, I'm listening to it for over a year now. No you're wrong, these copycat facts won't make me love it less now. I just got into thinking, why don't they make a song on their own? And how many more songs that aren't original?  


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