December 04, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is like Boys Over Flowers

Dear friends, I wasn't warned that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is an addictive korean series. A drama that you won't let go of until you are finished. I watched two episodes last week and found it just a so-so. Yesterday, I was bored and decided to watch the 3rd episode and the story started to get really interesting. And dear, I was hooked!  After watching episode 10, I wanted to shout due to frustration because the drama is still airing in Korea and that means I have to waaaiiiiitttt for the 11th episode! Why oh why? Waiting is so hard! The happenings are already exciting! When I woke up late this morning, crazy but true, I thought of the series, particularly the last scene, it was just shocking and romantic.
Watching the 10 episodes, I observe that it has many similarities to the famous 2009 kdrama, Boys Over Flowers and the much talked about series early this year, Secret Garden. You could really say that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a recycled one but I don't care! It is really, really good. Yeah, good for the heart with all those funny and kilig scenes!
So now, I am going to enumerate its similarities to Boys Over Flowers (maybe next time I'd compare it to Secret Garden).

For the obvious one, their title have two similar words: Flower and Boy. (Bwahahaha.. Sorry for being silly, I just want to mention that!)

If Goo Jun Pyo studies in a school which his family owns, so is Cha Chi Soo! Do you still remember in BOF that the F4s, especially Jun Pyo, are being given special treatments(e.g. like kings) by their teachers? Well, Cha Chi Soo too! And whenever our beloved leading man gets pissed by his teacher, the educator would cringe to death and would ask for endless sorries!

If there is F4 in BOF, there is F5 in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. hehehe. Uhm, they don't call themselves F5 in the series.
Those head-turner, rich guys whom girls would be drooling for and whom boys would be envious about.

Cha Chi Soo is like a clone of Jun Pyo in terms of personality. But observing closely, I think the FBRS guy is a little less mean compared to the BOF guy. Chi Soo is a spoiled brat. Whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he would freak out and scold that person who can't make it possible. He usually SCREAMS to people especially when he gets desperate onto having something. 

Let's go to the female lead character, Eun Bi. You guess it right, like Jan Di, she's a fighter too! She's someone who wouldn't be afraid of breaking your bones even if you are an intimidating male! Chi Soo tastes her wrath when found out that he wasn't sincere of his romantic words to her, on which she helplessly fell. Eun Bi is a sports person too. If Jan Di is a swimmer, Eun Bi is a volleyball player. Since she is good in spiking, it is what she does to hurt Chi Soo. She spikes a ball towards his head and there he goes stumbling on the floor.bwahaha.. That's the spirit girl!

This is the kind of series that I love. The theme is light. There are lots of funny scenes. It is romantic. I always love watching arrogant guys gradually changing into a better person because he falls in love with a girl. Also, it really entertains me seeing them fighting, throwing harsh words to each other, saying, "I HATE YOU!"..but deep inside it's the opposite thing that they want to say.

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