December 19, 2011

HBD to me

This day has come once again reminding me that if ever someone would ask me about my age, my answer would be 23 already. If I could then I would, but I just can't make my age stop. Life has its simple rule, live and get older. The number actually intimidates me. It is a guide point for me to take track of the things that I should have accomplished by now. Apparently, I am late by the schedule of my life. Yes, I am late about everything. I want to whine about it. But hey, an anniversary of a birthday isn't a time to complain, but a time to be thankful for being given another 365 days to live. It would be selfish for me if I'd say that I'm sad for this day. Many people out there are fighting so desperately to live for one more day and here I am ranting about a day given without any hardship? So I am blessed no matter what. Thank you heavens above for this life.

I stay right now at my cousin's house. They do not know that it's my birthday today.hehe. I don't bother to tell them because it doesn't really matter because I'm so pampered here that everytime I am here, it feels like it's always my birthday.hehe And besides, I am such an introvert that even saying, "Kuyaaa, aaate, itttt's my birrrrthday!hihihi", is a struggle for me. Also, they will never know about it because I don't post my birthday on Facebook.

I make myself busy today doing one of the things that I love, reading a novel. I bought one last Friday for only P75. :D I'm still at page 213 out of 593 pages. It gets thrilling already and I'm so excited to finish it! Oh, I love detective novels.
hahaha.. models ng Disordered Minds by Minette Walters

This is the first time that I'm not with my family or just one of the members. Last year, I also didn't go home but I celebrated my birthday with my brother. Now though, I have no mama, papa, kuya or Joy right here and it's okay, I already grow up.

Mama called last night and as usual we talked for several minutes. I was relieved that my sister had already come home. I was worried last Saturday because she texted that they were hit by the typhoon Sendong. Iligan is one of the cities that is badly affected by Sendong and that's where my sister studies. The floodwater entered their room wetting her stuff. She tried to go home that night (Saturday) but was stranded in Cagayan De Oro's terminal. She slept there! She was able to take a bus to Gingoog the next day bringing clothes with mud. :( Poor sister, really. I already received my birthday gifts: sister coming home safely and our home which wasn't affected by the flood. Thank you! :D No material thing could amount to those things.

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