December 17, 2011

I spent tears because of you, Cha Tae-hyun!!

First, with your  'My Sassy Girl' movie.

Second, with 'Hello Ghost'.

And now, your 'Babo' film!

I'm expecting puffy eyes later. Thank goodness, my roommates weren't around earlier as I watched it because I also sobbed. Yeah! With all those audible 'huhuhuhu'.

I found you so pitiful in Hello Ghost because you were an orphan. But better it was to be an orphan than being a mentally retarded person, and that was what you were in Babo. It broke my heart how you were hated by your sister in spite of your countless efforts to show love to her. When you were a kid, you inhaled a dangerous smoke that permanently damaged your brain. Ah! So unfortunate. Your younger sister despised how childish you acted and how little you knew about stuff. Yet you tried so hard to be a big brother to her. You religiously cooked food for her which she always declined to eat. You always didn't mind her lack of respect to you. You were so pathetic. Good thing, your childhood crush was there to give you affection.

Babo is a Korean term for fool or stupid. It is pronounced as Pa-bo. FYI, in Bisaya, pabo is a word for turkey. So you Bisaya people out there, when you go to Korea or meet a Korean holding a turkey, don't say, "Uy, pabo!" Because you know, it would mean to them that you're calling them a fool. hehehe!

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