December 13, 2011

love for black dresses

There are things that you love that you are not aware of. Until someone points it out to you or you realize it later on.

A friend of mine who also used to be my roommate last year, asked me what was my favorite shape. I was taken aback about it because that was something I missed to consider. I have my favorite color(pink), genre of music(country), cartoon character(Hello Kitty), pet(dog) and etc. But a favorite shape was something I didn't think about. I wasn't able to answer Kenny with a particular shape. I told her that when it comes to it, I'm okay with anything as long as I love its color. Then she inspected my stuff and commented that the dominating shape is a flower. Right there I realized that indeed, I love the shape of a flower. It's still a wonder to me of how I love something all this time without being aware of it.

Yesterday, I discovered another love, it was for black dresses.
I scanned the pictures I saved in my computer from tumblr. Oh yes, tumblr is such a nice site to see great pictures. What I most like about the kinds of pictures that I see there are the ones that have sayings, like these:

I also save humorous pictures like this:

And food!
Seeing onions, cucumbers, fries-- it's definitely worth saving.

But one outlier of the 100 pictures from tumblr is this sole image of a dress:
I saved it because I loved it. Wishing that one day I'm going to wear the same one.

It then hit me that I have a thing for black dresses because I also remember that I saved an image of Maxene Magalona before since I loved what she was wearing. I got it on Saab's blog. 

And Moon Geun Young, the little sister of Korea, I kept pictures of her because I love her style. And several of them, she wore black dresses, which were my favorites.

Lastly, the very first dress that I bought for myself was a black one. It was in 2008, it was the one that I wore during Kamia's confluence dinner.

It is undeniable that I love black dresses. 

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