December 18, 2011

Mario Maurer on The Buzz

This blog should thank Mario Maurer. Why? After I posted about him and his movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, pageviews went high exponentially. I am totally convinced, my stat proves it, that Maurer is a star that could draw thousands and thousands of people. 
Girls, gays or maybe even boys after seeing him on that famous movie, directly searched him on the internet, especially for his pictures and saved them on their computers. AMININ! That's why I got that number of pageviews, which actually is my no. 1 post of all time in terms of the number of views.

Earlier, I saw him on The Buzz being interviewed by the King of Talk, Boy Abunda. So I'm going to talk about him base from the said interview for me to get some thousands of pageviews again. Well, because Mario Maurer could only do that.
your blog is nothing without me, jill-yang
(Tito) Boy was so good on hiding his feelings because if I were in his shoes, I think I would just look at him with stupid smile unable to generate coherent statements because I'll be starstruck as ever! He told Maurer that he looked younger in person and of course, that he got a pretty face. Maurer, trying to be humble, I think he really is, said that he was never a good-looking kid. He used to have pimples, crooked teeth. He also shared that he didn't like his eyes that's why he wore shades most of the time before he joined show business. Actually, there were pictures of him being flashed on tv when he was around 6-10 years old. The pictures showed that he had chinky eyes. And I wonder now, how he got that eyes because apparently, that weren't the ones I saw in his childhood pictures. Maybe, he went into double-eyelid surgery just like what Koreans do.hehehe.

I am delighted that his bestfriend is half-filipino. It reminds me of Lady Gaga who also has a Filipino bestie. Which makes me think that Filipinos are exactly friends for keeps. ^_^

I was not surprised that he has a girlfriend. I already knew it before after researching him on the internet. He was asked if he's loyal and he directly said, yes. I know for sure that given that face and charm, bitches surround him and tempting him. It is impressive that they've been together for over 5 years already (assuming that the site I knew it from is reliable). It is either his girlfriend is obsessed over him that she's oblivious of his cheating acts because her boyfriend is SO GUWAPO (handsome) OR, Maurer is truly a good and loyal guy that's why they reach that long. I hope that it is the latter, I would really admire him. ^_^

Mario is a Thai actor but like most of the Filipino actors, he also is a mixed race. His dad was German. He shared that his Dad was the most important person in his life who already passed away. That's a good thing. When you were close with your parents especially with your father, most likely you won't become a rebellious kid and furthermore you'd be generally one nice individual. Well, that's just me, trying to be an anthropologist.bwahaha. Anyways, seeing Maurer makes me a want to marry a foreigner so that I would be blessed with children as good-looking as him. (Nyahahaha)

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