December 11, 2011

Papa wants me home for Christmas

My father lost his cellphone in Cagayan de Oro City during its fiesta because he was drunk. He didn't inform me that he got a new one. So early this day, I was puzzled when I received this text: "yan puede man moole ka deli ka paketa sa tendahan." (Yan, you could go home then just don't show yourself in the store.) I laughed at it and wondered who texted it. Maybe it was my auntie trying to make a joke after my mother told her that I decided not to go home for christmas. I replied, "Kinsa ni?" (Who's this?) Minutes later I got a message from the same unknown number, "si papa along. adto na me semba." (your father. We are going to church now). Father's texts are like codes that I have to decipher, hehe.  So why did Papa sent me that message?

Several days ago, my mother asked me when will our christmas break will start and end. She must have sensed that I have no plans of going home because if I did, I would have informed her early this month or last month so that I could avail for cheap airplane ticket. So I told her when. Then she asked me if I wanted to go home for the 2-week break. I said no. And she asked why. I have many reasons. One reason though that I gave to her was I don't want to go there because I hate it when people ask me a lot of questions about my LIFE. Queries like, "Are you a graduate now?", "You aren't still a graduate?!", "What takes you so long?!" It's not unethical to ask those questions but they irritate me. We have a store at home and whenever I'm there, I am my mama's major assistant or proxy whenever she's not around. So that's the time people got the chance to ask me those questions I badly avoided. They would buy something then they would insert questions like that. Pffftt..

That's why my father texted that to me. I am touched, actually. It shows that he really wants me to be with them. It is okay for him that mama wouldn't get my help in our store as long as I'm there. But I couldn't possibly do that! I couldn't stand leaving my mama alone in her store getting busy while I am just inside our home hiding from nosy people. I never expected that my papa would suggest that stuff just to convince me to go home. But I'm really decided now of not going home. I'm sorry Pa.

I hope that the world wouldn't end by 2012. Because if it's true, I would really be regretting of not spending the break with my family. hehehe!

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