December 03, 2011

that Shinee's Hello

If people would ask me what is my all-time favorite kpop official music video, I could answer it quickly and say, "Hello of Shinee!" I love the sound, the melody, their dance steps, their cute smiles. If my video player in my laptop can record of how frequently I play each of the MVs I have, Hello would be on the top of the list. I said on my post (Korean Crushes) before that I encountered Minho on a certain video and ended up crushing on him. Well, that said video is actually their Hello MV.
Playing it over and over again, I realized that Key was such a cutie too!
And Onew has that warm, bright, contagious smile! It really gives me good vibes!

You see, I've got a lot of reasons why I always come playing it again and again. It is the most epic kpop mv for me. Although I am an INFINITE bias, this one of Shinee's really amazing:

It is a bit disappointing to know (I just found it this day) that the said song is not original. Well, the lyrics is (sort of!), but the rhythm isn't. Rona shared the youtube link to me of the original one. The true version is titled Holla. You can never say that it just happens to sound the same. Dude, it is identical, the korean version was totally copied from the one below. For sure, Holla came first because it is already there since 2009 while Hello is released just last year of October. It is disappointing because all this time I've been thinking how great those korean composers are being able to make something I love listening to even if I couldn't understand the lyrics. Yet it wasn't their creation at all.  

There is another kpop song I know that isn't original, the Run Devil Run of SNSD. It is from Ke$ha. The one who sings, ♪tic toc on the clock, the party don't stop now. oh oh oowooh♪. 

And here's SNSD's version:
I love kpop music. Yes, I'm listening to it for over a year now. No you're wrong, these copycat facts won't make me love it less now. I just got into thinking, why don't they make a song on their own? And how many more songs that aren't original?  

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