December 22, 2012

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

I love Kpop. People who know me in real life know that single fact. Even the ones who follow this blog a long time now (if there is really one other than my close friends) have been given the idea that one of the sources of my happiness is Kpop. Yeah, that seems shallow but I will always be proud that I love it. And I can shout that to the whole wide, crazy world.

This December 29, 2012, I will definitely go to the 4th Philippine Kpop Convention which will be held at the PICC FORUMS 1-3. This is the kind of event which fanatics of Kpop would want to attend. A lot of things are offered in this once-a-year activity that will make fans feed their hunger enough for fangirling. :) I only discovered this cool event last year. I planned to go but decided not to few days before it happened. I just found no one to come with me and I didn't want to come alone. But now, whether I can find a companion or not to go there, I will come. I just realized that having a friend with me is not really a big deal. Of course, it would be more fun when you have someone to talk with, to share your fangirling thoughts with. But when you get there, I believe that you would forget that you come alone simply because it would be extremely FUN.

What I am most excited about with this event is seeing the groups, A. CIAN and F. CUZ. OMG! It would be the greatest thing to culminate my year. Ever since I saw BEAST in person years ago, I have developed a kind of obsession to see every KPOP group that exists. Actually, I only checked the said two groups after learning that they will be guesting the convention. My impression about them? OMG! They're so good looking especially the group, A. CIAN! Seul Gi, Jang Ung Sik and Sanghyun are soooo cute(kyeopta)! The sight of their faces makes me drool!hehehe. The thought of seeing them soon just gives me something to look forward to for next week. Also, I like their music. F. CUZ's Wanna be your love just stole my heart. It is sooo nakakakilig and let me use the word CUTE again! Yeah, I love cute stuff. And I think that's the main reason why I ended up loving kpop. 

Another thing that excites me for the convention is the Kpop merchandise! Waaahh.. I want to buy a tumbler with the image of L(Infinite) or Dongwoo(Infinite) or Daehyun(BAP), a shirt, a keychain, posters and even a calendar if there is one. I might even buy an album. :) Weeehhh.. I'm so excited.

Are you going too?

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention is sponsored by the best telecommunications in the Philippines (Yes, I've been using it since I got a cellphone. And I never experienced using other networks.) which is GLOBE, Standard Appliance (the brand of our stove), Pond's, Basic House, Liole and a lot more!

December 13, 2012

Favorite Blogger Got Married

One of my favorite bloggers, Patty Laurel, is now Patty Laurel-Filart. She exchanged vows with her soul mate last November 22, 2012. Their wedding video just got posted today on her blog. I almost cried while watching it. And I just have to share it here with you because it is something that a lot of us should see. :)) 

"Who would have thought I would end up marrying the little white boy in the next classroom. All of those years we've spent crossing paths in the hallway, completely oblivious to one another was all part of God's amazing plan." - Patty
I also would like to have that kind of love story, starting with: Who would have thought....

Yay, congrats Mrs. Patty. Although you have entered a new chapter of your life, I hope that that wouldn't stop you from blogging because I really love your blog. You're funny and cheesy at the same time, and those are the two things that I really like about you. ;)

If you guys do wonder how I was able to chance upon her worth-reading blog almost two years ago, it was through her ex-bf, Atom Araullo. I was wondering who was his girlfriend that time so I googled it. Then the google search engine led me to her blog. After reading few of her posts, I instantly followed her. Having read almost all the things she has written, I think I know her a lot already.

By the way, it was my first time hearing her voice. I was surprised by it because it was not the voice that I've been imagining. You see, every time I read her blog, I imagined that she was just talking to me like a friend, thus I invented a voice of hers. XD 

December 09, 2012

Facts About Vampires According to Vampire Diaries

Vampires are scary creatures. No matter how good looking they are, as being depicted by Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries, the fact that they feed on human blood would vanish any romantic feeling that we'd possibly hold. Or is it just me? Could you possibly fall for someone like Edward, Stefan or Damon? I know that they're hot and have the looks that would leave you speechless, but hey, that doesn't change the fact about their nature that every human being is their most desirable prey. Once they lose control, driven by the urge to taste the most delicious thing they've ever known, which is blood, you might end up being dead. Yeah, if I'd be given a chance to take Bella's and Elena's position, I'd still choose my pretty boring life. At least, I won't have to deal with vampires. :p

What if they are among us, walking, laughing, working, fangirling, studying? Could we recognize them? And what if the things about them are exactly the ones being described in Vampire Diaries? Because maybe, the author of that book-turned-tv-series, knows a vampire personally.

The Vampire Diaries extra hot cast (L-R): Stefan, Elena, Damon, Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline and Jeremy. Photo source

Let me enumerate to you the facts about vampires according to Vampire Diaries. With their skills as well as limitations, would you want to be one of them or would you be thankful that you are a human being? Let us see.

1.) Not friends with the sun. Vampire Diaries says that Twilight got it wrong. Vampires don’t glow under the sun; they burn and would eventually kill them if they prolong their exposure. But there’s a way to prevent that reaction. They wear something so that they can be one of us rain or shine.

 2.) Live with several generations. They are practically immortal. The causes of death of mankind as of this generation are accidents, illnesses, crimes and old age. Good for them, they are immune to that. They don’t get cancer. They aren't infected with AIDS. They could be hit by a ten-wheeler truck and still live. They could be stabbed many times by a knife and still breathe.

3.) No need for botox. Wrinkles? Ageing skin? Na-ah, they don’t have that problem. They could live on this planet for a century or even a millennium and still wear that young skin. Isn’t that cool? They could save a lot of money from expensive cosmetics and plastic surgeries. You’re envious now?

4.) So fast like a speed of light, so strong like Superman. They run so fast, they could win a gold medal in the Olympics in track and field. They are so strong, weight-lifting would be a piece of cake for them.  

5.) Never underestimate a wood. They might never be killed by a bullet but stab a wooden stake at their heart and sure thing they would be dead. Wood is one of their worst nightmares. They could also be dead with a fire. Trap them in a burning house and their immortality would end. Still, there are exceptions. There is this kind of vampires that can only be killed by a specific wood, yes, not just an ordinary wood. And these vampires couldn’t be ended by a fire. They are known as the Originals.

6.) No human beings, no vampires. Vampires need us because our blood is their food. They could consume the blood of animals but nothing tastes like heaven like the human blood. So they still prefer it. Also, our blood is the only thing that turns their strengths at its utmost potential. They are most powerful if they drink our precious blood.

7.) Shut up! They can hear you. Every vampire has the ability to hear sounds from quite a distance. So before you spill a secret to a close friend, make sure that no vampire is around. Because they may near or far, they can absolutely hear what you’re talking about. They can’t read your mind, though, so that’s a big relief.

photo source

8.) They can manipulate you. One of their abilities that I really find fascinating is the manipulation. They will look you to the eye and say things like, “You’ll forget what just happened.” And then you forget what you have just witnessed.  When they say to leave the town, you would leave. Whatever they’ll command you, you just can’t say no.  

9.) Vervain is your weapon. Vervain is a plant which is another nightmare of a vampire. They will burn if they’ll touch it. You could prevent them from manipulating you by drinking the juice of the said plant. Their manipulation just wouldn’t work if you’re drinking the vervain juice. Also, if you have them in your system, your blood would be a poison to them. So they will never feed from you.

10.) Don’t invite them in.  A vampire can never enter a house unless the owner of that shelter invited them in. There is an invisible shield in every home that would prevent every vampire to enter. But once an owner mistakenly invited that vampire to come in, they can forever go in and out of that shelter whether they are welcomed or not.

11.) The older, the stronger. If two vampires fight, one is a hundred years old and the other is a thousand years old, we could say that there’s an 80% chance that the older one would win. He would most probably win because as a vampire ages, he/she becomes stronger and more powerful. 

12.) Every emotion is magnified. The emotion level between humans and vampires is highly different. Happiness, anger, disgust, fear, sadness and surprise are more intense when it comes to vampires. This is one of the reasons why they become scary. It is hard to control what they're feeling because it's too large it ends up consuming them.

So what? Would you consider sharing this Earth with them? Would you want to be one of them?

P.S. There are still a lot of things that you would want to know about vampires. I suggest that you watch Vampire Diaries. The story is really good, that's an assurance. :)

December 04, 2012


Bon Chon's Tissue. :p
I was supposed to eat at Manang's Chicken at Katipunan for my super late brunch, say 2:30pm. But the said food establishment was a bit far by walking from where I withdrew my week's allowance. So I thought of other store instead and Bon Chon came into mind. When it comes to chicken, I will always prefer Manang's over Bon Chon. Yet the latter food chain has a very yummy fish fillet in their menu and that was what I was after from them. I happened to taste it just last month when a friend made me try it. It was really delicious, way better than the spicy chicken wings that I ordered. My first taste was dipped with garlic sauce, yet I chose the extra spicy flavor earlier thinking that it would be yummier. I was wrong. I wasn't able to enjoy what I ate because it was overly hot. I couldn't taste the fish. All I could sense was how hot it was. I suddenly got a runny nose and I was already sweating. Kulang na lang, iiyak ako dun. Next time, I would order the garlic sauce and not that over extra spicy one! Nevertheless, I got full so there wasn't much regrets. :p
Then I went to Fully Booked  which was just in the same building with Bon Chon. Of course, I didn't have any intentions to buy a book. I still have several novels that I still haven't read. I just wanted to enter the store because silly may it seem to you, but the sight of new books in a shelf gives some kind of bliss to me. I saw a lot of books that I've been wanting to read. If only I were rich, I would definitely buy them all.
I wasn't supposed to, but still I bought one. It was not part of my budget this week because as you can see, this was an impulsive buying. I didn't feel bad though, since I always believe that purchasing a book is a good investment.

I chose The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo among the many possible good reads because I heard that its movie adaptation was good, so I presumed that the book was also good. It might be even better, you know. Also, I miss reading mystery novels.

That's my solo adventure at Katipunan Avenue, friends. You might ask why this post is entitled, Half-crazy. Well, while I was eating at Bon Chon, the song Half-Crazy by Side-A was played. And I thought that the song would be a good blog title. It could give mystery. That's just the reason behind it. A random, beautiful title for a random blog post. 

November 25, 2012

The Lee Min Ho Experience

One week has already passed by since me and my roommates went to SM North to take a glimpse of Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho was chosen as the global ambassador of the major local clothing brand in the Philippines, Bench. He went to our country for him to personally promote the brand.

I wonder how high did Bench pay the Asian superstar for him to accept the offer to be their endorser.  Could they really gain profit by using him or could they just made a wrong decision for they might never compensate the expenses they spent for getting him? I pondered on that thing after a friend on facebook yesterday posted a link from her tumblr stating this:
Yung feeling na kailangan mong bumili ng Penshoppe at Bench products para isalba sila sakaling mabankrupt sila sa kakakuha ng international endorsers!” 
(That feeling that you need to buy Penshoppe and Bench products in order to save them if ever they're going to be bankrupt because of getting international endorsers!)
Like Bench, Penshoppe is also a leading local clothing brand in the country which hired international celebrities like Mario Maurer, Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries), and more to endorse for them. 

Well, for sure, those clothing brands didn't just make a decision hastily of hiring those globally known celebrities. They have people of brilliant minds to deliberately analyze the consumers, predict the outcome, weigh down the pros and cons and stuff related to marketing strategies. There is a possibility that they'll get losses instead since that is inevitable. But the point is, they don't just jump into a decision without having a deep thought about it. Yes, what I'm really trying to say is that they know what they're doing. And I really don't care if they'll go down as long as I already saw Lee Min Ho in person.wahaha. So let's just leave them alone and have their way and be thankful that they're bringing those celebrities who are hard to stalk by just our own means.

We arrived around 10am at the mall and there was already a long line outside. The meet and greet session with Lee Min Ho was to be held at the skydome at 3pm. We were 5 hours early but there were already hundreds waiting to see Jun Pyo. We have to buy a shirt to be able to enter the skydome. When we went to buy, only large and extra large sizes of shirts were left. The shirts didn't fit us but we still bought for the sake of seeing his heavenly face. The cashier told us that buying the Lee Min Ho shirt wouldn't give us the assurance to be able to enter the venue, it would just give us a chance since they were limiting the number of people to enter. It was a first come, first serve thing. We heard that only first 500 fans will be able to enter. We were confident that we could make it since we estimated that we were 300-something in the line. Unfortunately, our estimation was wrong because I was the 697th in the queue! Good thing, they extended the number until 700 and we were just blessed like that!

When we were already seated at the dome, those who didn't make it to the first 700 were able to get inside. I was happy for them because their waiting weren't put in vain. It must really be heartbreaking if they weren't able to do so. What was SO UNFAIR was what happened next! Those who didn't buy a shirt (which I thought was a REQUIREMENT) were still had the opportunity to see LMH in person. If I had known that that would happen, I would not waste my P400 by buying a shirt that I couldn't wear. Well, at least I was able to help Bench to prevent bankruptcy (wahaha).  

They said it was 3pm but Lee Min Ho only appeared on the stage approximately 6pm. Yes, we were grumpy of the delay yet we were more excited to see him. Just like a typical fangirl, I shouted at the top of my lungs when he finally walked to the stage. I jumped, waved and everything possible just to let out that feeling inside you when you finally saw someone in person you thought you could only see on tv and computer screen. He was so handsome especially when he flashed a smile and his dimple showed. For the whole time, I was just staring at his face. I mean, what the hell, this is real.

photo taken by my roommate
There was a short interview. LMH was speaking his mother tongue since he can’t talk in English. He uttered some Filipino words but I can’t remember them. After that, he went onto distributing the 50 autographed posters to 50 LUCKY fans! We were so envious, they got the chance to hold his hands!! Next time, maybe I can do that. But for now, I should just be happy to be able to see him in person. ^_^

I wonder who will be the next Korean actor that I'll be seeing in person. If my roommate wants Song Joong Ki, I think I really want to see Hyun Bin, I am still not over him. ^_^ 

November 11, 2012

first touch of Tony Moly BB cream on my face

You know what boredom can do? You get to do the things that you have never done before.

Boredom struck me earlier, around 12:30 am. I was surfing the internet and actually, I can't remember now why I landed on a forum that talked about the effectiveness of bb cream. It made me think if that kind of product could really help your face look better. Then I realized that I have a bb cream being kept in my closet and just ignored it all along because I didn't believe that it could stop break outs. Yes friends, I'm such a pimple-prone person. :(( And since I have one, I could try it just to know what it could bring to my sensitive, pimply and oily face.

BB by the way, means blemish balm. So from the name itself, we could expect that any BB cream products could cover up blemishes. Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB Cream ( Lovely Sweetheart Lily) is a Korean product. According to what is written at the back of the container, it is a multi-functional BB cream with asai berry and collagen extract that makes the dull and loosened skin firm and healthy as well as delivering anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection effects. And this BB cream makes the skin firm and lifted. My friend who studied in Korea for around two years as exchange student gave it to me almost two years ago. Yes, that long and I never tried it until earlier. I was actually hesitant to use it because it might have already expired.  But never mind, I would just wash my face especially if I shall feel irritation or itchiness. I never felt anything like that so I was assured that it would be safe.

kambal ko yang nasa kanan!hehe
I was so amazed by what I saw in the mirror. It seemed like I was a different person. It was one hell of a concealer. It covered up 90% of my pimple scars. I was like experiencing real magic. I was sort of regretful why I only tried it just now. My friend, who is also one of my closest friends in high school, is just very kind to share it with me. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it right after she gave it to me. I remember, when we met January this year, she said that my face had less pimples now. Yet she truthfully said the word 'sayang'. Sayang because according to her, when we were in high school, I had that blemish-free face, and now it has several scars. She was somehow really nasasayangan (char, conyo!) because she wanted to help me bring back that kind of face by letting me try the BB cream.

In the long run, I hope that this would do me good. You know, I just don't want it to conceal my scars but I hope that it can also prevent break outs. And I hope that I won't get any negative reactions (itchiness, redness of skin, rash, etc.) I did some research this morning and I found out that the blue version of the said product would be more appropriate for me because it was made for pimple-prone and oily faces. So I'm going to SM North tomorrow and buy that thing. I think that I have already found the answer to my facial problems.

The pictures below were taken after two hours. I just want you to show if there were changes. Well, if you look closely, my face became shiny already due to the abnormal amount of excretion of oil on my face. Yet the cream still concealed my scars. And it still evened out my skin tone. By the way, I didn't apply powder, it was purely BB cream.

You know what, there's one thing that I'm sure right now, I'm better with BB cream on than just my powder.

I hope that you are finally the one that I've been looking for, BB cream, that could make a breakthrough to my problematic face. *winks* hehe.

November 10, 2012

Pioneer Earphones

I love my new earphones.

I bought this one at Odyssey's branch at SM North. It was not my plan to buy one. I just wanted to enter the store to see (yes, just see) which albums were available. Yet what welcomed me were some earphones on SALE. I was reminded by how pathetic the earphones I was using. Only one part was functioning and the sound quality was so poor, I just can't actually appreciate the music I was listening. No questioning about its poor performance because I only bought it for a cheap amount, P150.00. So right there I decided to buy one because I deserve to enjoy whatever I’ve been listening and watching in my laptop. This time, I shoo away my notion of being thrifty for the sake of having a good quality product.

The original price of the earphones that I bought was P690.00 and it was down to P400.00. Its brand name is Pioneer. I chose the color pink because it's my all-time favorite color. So far, the performance is good. I think it's worth the price.

just wonder how much longer would these two speakers would function well. It's not new to us that through time, one speaker would stop working. Well, I hope that it would take much longer, like 5 months.

November 07, 2012


In this crazy, chaotic and stressful world, we yearn for a place to stay where we could relate the word paradise.

Paradise for me is like the photo above. What a very relaxing place to read a good novel while the rain is pouring. What a very comfortable site to collect your thoughts and put them into words. What a perfect location to just lay on the bed and listen to your favorite music.

Life shouldn't be full of headaches, worries and wishful thinking. Life should be just the realizations of every dream that we planted in our hearts. Life should let us do every thing that makes us happy. But life isn't actually synonymous to perfection. It is a mixture of every good and bad things.

Though life is frustrating like that, I won't stop believing that one day, I can build my own paradise where happiness is always greater than any negative vibes.

#I'm sort of frustrated this day.
#Hay, I want better days.

November 02, 2012

The 6th Tanduay Rhum Rockfest

Since my previous post was about how I got my free tickets to the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest concert, it is just right to share to you what did happen during the said activity.  It was great and I never regretted that I decided to come there. I enjoyed the music. I came to know the Pinoy artists who were behind the songs that I frequently heard on the radio during my childhood. There were many times that I uttered such words, “aaah, siya pala ang kumanta.” I finally witnessed a live performance of one of the Pinoy music icons that I really appreciate, and that is Rico Blanco. I heard my favorite songs being performed and those were the moments when I could say, “Truly, the best things in life are free.” There were also some artists that I ended up loving after realizing how good their music was during their performances. I come to love OPM more, this is the effect of the concert to me.

My most favorite performance was by the crazy band, Kamikazee. It was my first time to hear their song Halik and I instantly loved it. I so like it that until now I’ve been listening to it over and over again. They also sang their most popular song, Narda, Dobidoo and one more song but I forgot what it was (hehe). I just got disappointed that they didn’t sing Martyr Nyebera. Yes, it used to be my most loved song from them but not now, it is already Halik. Jay was really crazy, I was opted to jump during their Dobidoo performance because if we wouldn’t, he said that we would die (Jay: Ang hindi tatalon, mamamatay!).

Then there was Parokya Ni Edgar, the main reason why I really went there. Honestly, I already got sick of Buloy because I ALWAYS hear that song in all concerts that I witnessed from them. It’s not just ALWAYS but also ALWAYS the FIRST SONG of their performance. I can’t help but to complain because they have more than twenty amazing songs and Buloy just always got included to the 3 songs that they have to sing in a concert. Still, I can’t blame them. They have to sing at least one that non-PNE fans could sing-along with and that is Buloy. They sang Halaga and in my mind I said, “Marry me, Chito Miranda.” Haha. I just totally love that guy.

There were so many great performances and that includes Rico Blanco, Up Dharma Down, Gloc-9, Session Road, Never The Strangers, After Image, Dong Abay, Rivermaya, Wudz and Giniling Festival. Well, there were a lot of artists but they were the ones whose performances I found entertaining. Some of my favorite songs were also played and I became a happy kid. I was invisibly bursting with happiness when Up Dharma Down sang Tadhana, when Rico Blanco performed Antukin and when Session Road played Cool Off.

We were there for seven long hours. At first, we just stood and then our feet got weary and we decided to squat on the ground. When we didn’t know the artist or didn’t like them that much, we stayed squatted and we just listened. But when it was someone popular or someone we liked, we rose and paid our full attention to them.
Pagod na, upo muna. :p

Everybody worried that rain would come. Thankfully, it didn’t come until later, around 2:30am, when only few artists were left to perform.

It was fun, exhausting but fun. I would want to attend the said event again next year but I hope we will
be closer to the stage, or more preferably at the mosh pit.

OPM is great my friend. If you could just give time to really listen to it, you would realize that it is as amazing as what you currently heed as amazing.

Mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

October 25, 2012

TY Nuffnang for the free VIP tickets

Last October 23, Nuffnang tweeted (Twitter term) that they're giving away 2 VIP tickets to 8 nuffnagers for the Tanduay Rhum Rock Fest which will be on Oct. 26 (yes, that will be tomorrow!) at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. They just asked for us to tweet our favorite Pinoy artist and why we love them. The first 8 to respond would win the tickets. And luckily, I was the seventh  one who tweeted.  

This was the first time that I won something from the internet. I have been joining give-aways from blogs, twitter and facebook, but never ever been picked, until this. Although it costs small compared to winning any gadgets or trips abroad, the fact that I will be going to get something for free instead of spending money is already a reason to be thankful for. :)

I went to the Nuffnang office alone earlier which was located at Bonifacio High Street to claim the tickets. I was actually nervous to go there because I was so not familiar of the place. I was only there once before today and that was last year. Good thing, it was free to ask to strangers for directions.hehe. I asked six times to make sure I wouldn't get lost. My first inquiry was when I got off the MRT at the Guadalupe station. I went to the police and asked him where should I go to ride a jeep to Market Market. The second one, I approached a security guard to know where was the Bonifacio High Street. My third inquiry was addressed to the attendant of the building of where the office was located. I didn't need to ask because this time I was really sure of where to go but she looked at me. So I just inquired for me to be released from her awkward stare. My fourth and fifth questions were about where to ride a jeepney back to Guadalupe. 

My funny experience happened while riding the jeep back to Guadalupe. I didn't know where to stop so that I could go to the MRT station. I was at the far end from the driver. At the passenger's seat, the guy asked the driver about where to stop so that he could go to the MRT station. So in my mind I said that I would just get off the jeep if that guy would also be doing so. I was facing at the entrance of the vehicle (tingin-tingin sa view ang peg), therefore, I have to check/to look at the passenger's seat time and time again just to make sure that the guy was still there. And  then after several minutes, the guy was gone!!! OMG! I was already mentally panicking! That time, I didn't want to ask from any passengers (bigla akong nahiya mga teh). I was looking intently outside if ever I could see a glimpse of the structure of the MRT but to no avail. After a few minutes, the jeep stopped and 85% of the passengers got off. I made an instant decision to also leave the jeep. I walked, examined the place and stopped. I then asked a lady near me. I said, "Ate, malayo pa po ba ang MRT station dito?(malungkot deep inside)" And the Ate replied, "Malapit lang and blah blah blah". Yeah, it turned out that I was just a short distance away from my destination. :))

That's my adventure for today.

Thank you again, Nuffnang.  :D

PS I hope that tomorrow, the rain would stop. Get out, leave bagyo! You're uninvited! And also, I hope that we would have a blast at the concert. :D 

October 02, 2012


Sabaw No. 1:
Dumating ako sa classroom at wala pa si Sir. Nanuod ang classmates ko ng Tales from the Friend Zone ni Sir RB. Yung pinanood nilang episode, yung isang gumanap doon ay classmate ng roommate ko. So wala lang, kinuwento ko lang sa kanila.

Ako: Classmate yan ng roommate ko.
Klasmeyt: Sino jan, yung macho?
Ako: Hindi, yang finriendzone, classmate ng BOYFRIEND ko.
Klasmeyt: May boyfriend ka pala?
Ako: Waaah, boyfriend ba sabi ko? Hindi, roommate.


Sabaw No. 2:
Bumili ako ng load sa SUN para makapag-internet dahil nawalan kami ng wi-fi connection sa dorm. Sa kiosk malapit sa library ako bumili ng P25 load para makapag-unlimited internet for one day. Nang dumating ako sa dorm, na-realize kong P50 pala ang pag-a-unli!!
Babalik na naman ako para magpa-load!


Sabaw No. 3:
So ayun, babalik na ako sa kiosk para bumili ng load. Ganoon din si roommate so nagsabay na lang kami. Nang nasa lobby na kami, na-realize ni roommate na hindi pala niya dala ang card kung saan nakalagay yung number since hindi niya memorize. AT AKO DIN PALA! Hindi ko dala ang cellphone ko kung saan naka-save yung number since hindi ko rin siya memorize. Kaya balik kami sa room!


Sabaw No. 4:
So yes, may sapat na load na ako for unlimited internet. Nag-start na akong mag-surf and all. Dumating si other roommate. At dahil nga walang internet, nakigamit muna siya sa akin dahil may ida-download siyang acad stuff. Nagtanong siya:

Rumeyt: Jill, kailan 'to mag-eexpire (internet)?
Ako: Bukas pa yan kasi 1 day unlimited yan.
Ako: Sh*t, hindi pa pala ako nakapag-register for unli!

Opo, nakalimutan kong magpa-unli! Kaya ayun, BALIK na naman ako sa kiosk para bumili ng load kasi nabawasan na load ko after kong mag-surf agad-agad!


Grabe, sobrang sabaw ako kahapon. Buti na lang hanggang pang-apat na sabaw lang ang nangyari sa akin. Wala kasi akong sapat na tulog dahil sa acads, tapos stressed pa, tapos worried pa sa mga bagay-bagay..Hay, kawawa naman si brain cells, sinasabaw ko.

PS Mukha bang sabaw ang post na 'to?

September 29, 2012

How do you spend your Friday night?

What a wonderful time to spend my Friday nights listening to God's word and after that, pigging out with my roommates to food establishments we have never tried before in Katipunan. It has already been four weeks that I’ve been attending a Christian activity which includes worshipping and hearing the awesome word of God. I’ll make this as a habit because sure thing it wipes out the stress I get during the week and helps me strengthen my still wavering faith.

Last week, we ate at the Pancake House. It was my first time there. We ordered omelette and well of course, pancake. I found it hard to eat because the waitress took the spoon and what were left were knife and fork. It was hard eating the omelette using those utensils especially when the egg was not well cooked (may liquid pa). It was difficult to be eating the American way. But we did appreciate what we ate because it was healthy. The omelette was served with garlic bread and a slice of cucumber and oh, I forgot the other one.hehe.

Today, we tried the Chicken Bacolod  which was above the Spaghetti House. When we arrived there, there were only two customers. The place was air-conditioned while the ceiling fans were on, which I found weird.
We ordered beef sisig, sinigang na bangus, chop suey and bottomless iced tea. Yeah, we ate at Chicken Bacolod but our orders didn't include chicken.bwahaha. What an irony. Their servings were good for 2 people, assuming that those people consume the same range of amount of food we usually eat.
The food on the table made me miss home! There was a homey feel about it.The beef sisig was a hit. We really loved it! 
I couldn't find, I mean I was shy to approach anyone to take the picture so I used the self-timer and put the camera on the vacant table.

We talked a lot of stuff. I do not know how many minutes we were there but really, there were so many things that we had discussed.hehe. By the way, I was sort of lugi to the bottomless iced tea I ordered because I only drank 1 and 3 fourth glasses.
A picture taken by the waiter right before we left. :)

Weew.. I'm loving my Friday nights.

September 24, 2012

A Dyslexic Dream

I heard about dyslexia a lot especially when I watched American tv shows and movies. Yet I never really knew what kind of illness it was until I read something about it in the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. There, I read about a man who possessed the illness. He found it so hard to read because the letters were jumbled. Yes, the normal people see this word, beautiful, but for a dyslexic person, it could be like this, beufluiat. Depressing, right?
photo source: here

So earlier, I had a dream. And I call  it a dyslexic dream because I became a dyslexic. There were other two people in my dream. They were my elementary crush and his mother. His mother asked me to read a passage in the Bible. Unfortunately, I can't. Why? I saw words like these: lkeis huest achesdor. How could I possibly utter them? It was embarrassing. I told them that my Bible had  lots of typographical errors and she let me borrow hers. But then, I still can't read. It was a realization that it was not because of the book but because of me, of my abnormal perception. One funny thing about the dream was that I later on told them that I guessed I had a reading problem. I forgot the word dyslexia and I said I had schizophrenia. (Schizophrenia?? Baliw ang peg?) It was then when I woke up that I remember the correct word.

While I was in the dream, I knew that it wasn't real. Still, I was able to feel the frustration of a dyslexic person. If I know, they are judged as dull, dumb and stupid. What else others would react to someone who couldn't read correctly such a simple word like 'banana'? But it's not their fault, they were born to carry that disability. And they have no choice but face every bully that they get because of that undeserved illness.

This reminds me of my fourth year high school classmate, who at that time made us annoyed because she couldn't read. Yes, she reached that level without even knowing how to read. And it is now that I think that maybe she has a dyslexia too. I remember, our teacher would call her in class to read a paragraph. I would be really pissed when she would utter president instead of presentation. Most of the time, she could read the first syllable right but the next ones were always wrong. It was as if she was just guessing. In my mind, I would tell her, "Keep on reading until the last syllable and stop guessing". But as I see it now, I really think that she has a dyslexia. By the way, she stopped going to school. She never graduated with us. We really did not know the exact reason why she left her education. We could just assume that the major reason was she got frustrated by her inability to read, especially when every meeting our teacher would remind her of it since she would be constantly called to read in our class.

Wherever she is right now, I hope that she's doing great. And I want her to know that I am deeply sorry for being such a bad, judgmental classmate I was before. If ever she really has a dyslexia, I hope that she'd keep on believing that she will overcome it one of these days because it really is possible to eliminate the disability. The man in the Chicken Soup has overcome it through persistence and patience, and so can she. :)

September 18, 2012

Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield

That awesome moment when two of your favorite artists collaborated together for that one amazing song. :))

tv area = study area

*because I just want to post something
Time check it's now three in the morning. I'm here at the tv area, studying dapat. Because of the internet connection, my study time is being interrupted. Well, there you go, I'm blaming the connection for my procrastination.

September is a hell month. It's not that it's hot, it's actually raining right now. It's just that my academics is burning me due to loads of requirements to be passed and exams to take. And I'm praying, oh so hard to survive this thing!

And about the picture, no, I'm still sane.

September 08, 2012

the romantic dream

I had a dream last night. He was there. The main topic of the dream was about us. A lot of things happened but I can't recall every detail anymore but one. I figured out that we were in a relationship, yes, in the dream. 

I was at home. Yeah, home where my family is. My mother and brother were there. We were at the living room and a visitor came. It was him. My mother and kuya didn't have a clue who he was. The two family members gave me a questioning look. I can read their minds saying,"Who is that guy?". I didn't say a word to them. I just stood up and approached the guy who I am helplessly in love with both in that dream and in reality. 

We stood while talking facing each other. And suddenly, he kissed me, not at the cheek but at the lips. I should have scolded him for doing something unethical in the eyes of my family, especially when they know that I don't have a boyfriend. Yes, I should have been mad but I caught myself smiling at the gesture.

Heck, I was in love. No that's wrong, I'm in love, right here and right now even though I keep denying it to myself. I am in love in spite of myself and in spite of the things that I don't like about him.

September 01, 2012

Kamukha Dito, Kamukha Doon

Nagpagupit ako ngayong araw. Napadpad na naman kasi ako sa Krus na Ligas. Bukod sa may bagong bookshop doon, meron ding bagong parlor at napagdesisyonan kong magpagupit na. Ang haba na kasi ng aking heyr at nagiging hassle na siya sa akin. Ang cool ng parlor, P50 pesos lang ang haircut. Naalala ko tuloy yung naging tutee ko dati, nagpagupit siya sa sosyal na salon at ang bayad ay P800! Oo, ganun sila kayaman! P50 o P800, ganun pa din naman mukha mo, kaya doon na lang ako sa mura. Pero maganda rin naman sa mahal kasi aircon doon, dun kasi sa pinasukan ko electric  fan lang.hehe. At ang alam ko, sa sosyal na parlor, may kape pa silang nalalaman na iseserve sa iyo. 

So ayun, nagpagupit ako. Tanong ni ateng bakla sa akin kung bakit ba daw ako magpapagupit eh ang ganda-ganda ng buhok ko. Hindi ko ata siya nasagot, hindi ko na kasi maalala ang tugon ko eh.haha. Wala talagang nabago sa hairstyle ko kasi pinaikli ko lang talaga siya. Nagpa-ahit din ako ng kilay. Ang kapal na kasi niya eh. You know, bumabalik sa natural niyang anyo. Pasensya na, gusto ko lang namang magmukhang dalaga. Yung last na nagpa-ahit ako ay noong June pa! Nag-try naman akong mag-ahit on my own pero palpak talaga. Hay, wala akong kabadingan sa aking system. Ibang ateng beke ang nag-ahit sa akin. Akalain mong yung nag-haircut sa akin, hindi marunong?hekhek. Straight siguro yun, nagpapanggap lang na bading!haha. Anyways, mas maganda yung nag-ahit sa akin kaysa yung sa naggupit. Yung patapos na si Ateng Ahit, lumapit  si Ateng Gupit. Tinanong ni Ateng Gupit ang aking edad. Ayokong i-share yung edad ko kaya tinanong ko siya kung ilang taon na ako sa tingin niya. Akalain niyo ba namang ang sagot niya ay 14??!! Tumawa talaga ako. Sabi naman ni Ateng Ahit, "15?". Sige na, ako na ang bata tingnan. Tanggap ko na iyon! Until now, hindi ko pa rin alam kung ituturing ko ang ganung akala as compliment or not. Anyways, habang inaahitan ako, sabi ni Ateng Gupit na may kamukha daw ako. Si Barretto daw. Hindi niya maalala yung first name, basta hindi si Claudine at Gretchen. Sa isip ko, baka si Marjorie. Hay, ako na talaga ang may chubby na face. Chaka sila, pinamukha pa talaga sa akin.haha. Pero bumawi naman si Ateng Ahit kasi after niya akong ahitan, sabi niya na kilala na niya ang kamukha ko. At ang taong iyon ay si Donna Cruz. Chaarr!! Gusto ko biglang makipag-high five sa kanya.haha.

Alam ko namang malayo sa pagmumukha ko ang mga pagmumukha ng mga magagandang celebrities na nasabi ng ibang mga taong kamukha ko raw. Pero grabe, nakakatuwa talaga at nakaka-melt ng fats. Nung high school ako, nung panahong hindi pa bilog ang aking mukha, tinatawag ako ng close friend ko na Cristine Hermosa. Humahaba ng 1 inch ang buhok ko everytime na sinasabi niya yun sa akin.haha. May dormmate  ako nung first year college ako at sinabi niyang kamukha/kahawig ko raw si Angelica Panganiban! Hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng vision ang meron sila at narerelate nila ang mga diyosang yun sa ordinaryo kong mukha.haha. Meron din yung pamangkin ng katulong ng pinsan ko sa Pasig. Sabi niya na kahawig ko raw si Rosalie sa Angelito, Ang Batang Ama. Ni-research ko talaga kung sino yun at si Charee Pineda pala.

Hay, how i wish kamukha ko talaga sila. Pero okay lang, masaya din naman ako sa pagmumukha kong ito paminsan-minsan. :D

August 29, 2012

For the Love of Books and Judith McNaught

There is a new bookshop in Krus na Ligas and I found my feet entering the little store. I just wanted to look around. I absolutely didn't intend to buy but damn, I was amazed by the cheapness of the novels. And yes, I found lots of Judith McNaught's novels there. If you do not know, I really love Judith McNaught's stories about love. For me, Nicholas Sparks is nothing compared to her. (hehe) Just last week, I finished reading her Night Whispers and I rated it 5 stars out of 5. That said book was the fifth novel that I read from her authorship. She has written 18 books and I would love to read all of them. So going back to the shop, I ended up holding two novels of McNaught, which were P150 each. And I was like, "Gosh, I have to buy these!" And so buy I did (Master Yoga ang peg!haha).

I do believe that spending my money for books is never a waste. But right now, I shouldn't be buying anything that's not a necessity  because I am saving money for something (clue: kpop thingy). But I am trapped by my fondness of reading novels or even just collecting them. What is funny about this is that I still have books which I haven't read yet. And there are two ebooks that I still have to finish reading. Oh well, such is life. We tend to get stuff as many as possible without realizing that there are already too much on our hands.  

August 25, 2012

Inuman Sessions Album Launching Experience

Let me tell you about my experience when I attended the album launching of Inuman Sessions Volume 2 of my most favorite Pinoy band, Parokya ni Edgar. As early as August 1, I already knew of the launching and right that day I decided that I'd go. So ever since that moment, my heart was filled with excitement to get hold of a copy and its freebies. I was amazed that for only P550, you'll get a DVD, CD, T-shirt and poster. I saved the said amount of money from my meager allowance. I expected that I'd get them without considering that a lot of others were already planning to do so.

I arrived at the venue around 6 PM. I was one hour early so I never had worries. But dear, as soon as I saw the very, very long line, my expectation was vanished. Still, I fell in line, hoping that in spite of a lot of people, I could still buy a copy and enter the venue. While I was in the queue, I busied myself by reading a novel. Yes, I was reading while standing. It was even raining! Therefore, I was reading while standing and holding an umbrella. After almost one hour, my friend arrived and of course, I was still in the line that moved slowly. A little after 7 PM, we heard the people in front of us talking that the venue was already full so the organizers stopped receiving more fans. They left the line. My friend asked the nearest security personnel to confirm what we overheard. Indeed, the entrance was closed. It didn't discourage me much because my main goal was to buy a DVD copy. We went to the gate entrance and asked  the guard if there were still DVD's left. He then said, "Wala na, CD na lang."  My heart was crushed, broken and chopped into pieces! All I wanted was a DVD! :(

I was so regretful. I wished I had come earlier, I would have bought the DVD and its freebies and I would also be able to enter. My class was only until 1pm after my 1pm-4pm class professor had something to attend to. As early as 1pm, I could have already been leaving my dorm. Yet I underestimated the number of fans Parokya ni Edgar had. I was really regretful and my friend witnessed my childish whining that time. I just couldn't accept the fact that I went there for nothing. Around 8 pm, the band appeared on stage. Chito apologized for those who weren't able to come inside. I just said, "Whatever". Sorry, I was really disappointed. They performed Buloy first and we were just standing there without even seeing their faces. With the rain still falling, we just listened. When Chito sang the second song, Para Sayo, I invited my friend to eat dinner instead. I was standing for two hours and my legs hurt already. Plus, I was hungry. Also, it only gave me much disappointment by just listening there. I was envious of the people inside who got the opportunity to fully rock with the band.

I felt okay after we ate at KFC. Good thing, Rona was there and I had someone to share my frustration with. When we left the fast food chain, the mini-concert was over and the autograph signing was on-going. We went back to the place just to see how it was going. At the entrance, I saw a little commotion. I went nearer and found out that there were selling of DVDs! I joined the mob and I was like, "Kuya, kuya, isang DVD!!" And yes, I bought one for P550 without T-shirt and poster. Of course, I was so happy. After all, I won't go back to my dorm bitter!
We were also able to get inside to have a closer look of the band members. I wasn't able to get an autograph because it was a first come, first serve basis. Since there were so many who were ahead of me, I have to wait for too long. And I have no time because it was already 10pm. I was afraid that by 11pm or 12am, there were no jeepneys anymore. So I had to go and miss the chance of having an autograph signed from the Filipino band that I really love so much. Next time na lang, I know that there will be next time. 

Things didn't come out the way I imagined them on my mind, still I arrived at my dorm happy. At least, I had a DVD and a CD with me.

It was my first time to attend an album launching. It taught me one thing: be early as much as possible! Be early because it hurts a lot when you don't get the thing that you've been anticipating for for a long time.

August 21, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom

One of my minor childhood dreams came true last Sunday, August 19, 2012. Finally, I was able to visit Enchanted Kingdom! The child in me was so very happy that after years of waiting, I got to ride the space shuttle! Yes, it was just mainly for the space shuttle why I so secretly wanted to go to EK. My desire to experience it was born after seeing a lot of it on tv where fun was painted on the faces of the people riding in it. Nisseth, my roommate, invited me last Thursday and I was still undecided. I had a reserved money to buy a DVD by my most favorite Pinoy band this week. And I didn't think that it would be a great idea to use it for EK. But then I realized, going to the said theme park was a childhood dream, so yeah, bahala na si Batman for PNE's Inuman Session Vol II DVD. I hope I could still squeeze money from my allowance this week. One thing is for sure, though, I never regretted using my money to go to EK which was supposedly for the DVD. It was worth it, super worth it that I wanted to go back many times this year until the excitement will wear off.

The ride that we first tried was the Anchors Away, modeled like a pirate's ship that will swing you back and forth. We fell in line for around 30 minutes. It looked nothing but an easy ride. While watching those people who were already riding it, I sort of mocked some who for me, overly reacted with a simple ride as Anchors Away. I saw a woman who almost fainted while in it. We were like, "hugh, are you kidding me?". When it was our turn, I was surprised by how awful it was. Right there, I understood the woman who almost fainted. I didn't like the feeling every time it went down after it arrived the highest point. I just screamed and laughed to ease my uncomfortable feeling. I honestly wanted to leave if it were possible. Thank God, it didn't last that long. I was so proud afterwards that I was able to survive the awful ride. I tell you, I don't want to be in there again.

Right after the Anchors Away, we fell in line for the Jungle Log Jam. Good thing, the queue wasn't that long so we were able to ride after 10 minutes maybe of waiting. I had a wonderful feeling in this ride because I felt I was like in an animation movie. I can't identify which film has something like this ride but I am sure there is one. Weee... It was so cool being transported by the water current. I screamed twice after we slid down. Yikes, I really didn't like the feeling of falling with an acceleration greater than 9.8 m/s^2 (gravity's acceleration). I got slightly wet here. I'd prefer this ride rather than the Anchors Away. ^_^

Afterwards, we went for our much-anticipated, space shuttle. The line was so long and we waited for an hour just to get a ride. :( Ivy, my roommates' high school classmate, recorded the duration of time during a space shuttle's travel and it only took 53 seconds! Yes, we had waited, standing a long queue for 1 hour in exchange for a 1-minute ride! Was it worth it? For me, it was! It was a one hell of a crazy ride! It was amazing! I got a little bit tipsy after but dude, the feeling was really awesome. I was proud with five of us because nobody threw up. Yeah, we were sort of made for this kind of ride. If the line wasn't that long, I could have asked them for a round two.hehehe.

We then went to Ice Monster for refreshment. I, together with my roommates, ordered for a mango split for P119.00. It was just an ice cream with mango chunks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. We stayed for a while for it was cold there while outside was hot even though the sun wasn't really shining.

The ride that we next tried was the Rio Grande Rapids. As expected, the queue was as long as the line in Space Shuttle. The Rio Grande Rapids was not a scary ride. What will make you scream during the ride, though, was the possibility that you might get wet all over. The current was strong. The waves were raging. And there were falls too that might  stood right above us. It was fun screaming and laughing for who would get wetter.

The last thing we rode was the carousel for the sake of picture taking.hehe. Good thing, it was not in demand so we were able to ride directly. We were supposedly going to try the wonderful wheel of fate or more popularly known as ferris wheel. Unfortunately, the line was too long. We didn't like to spend the remaining 1 hour to queue. So there, we chose carousel instead and spent the few remaining minutes in taking pictures.

One item on my bucket list was already marked checked, now that I already went to Enchanted Kingdom. ^_^

*some photos are from Nisseth

August 20, 2012

astronaut boyfriend

Le boyfriend is an astronaut.hihihi. Do I look like such a clingy girlfriend?

The photo was taken right after we rode the epic space shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Le hair was a mess because of the crazy adventure it didn't anticipate. 

*I'll be posting later for my detailed adventure at Enchanted Kingdom!

August 18, 2012

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

The Moon That Embraces The Sun was the first Korean series that I finished watching which was under the genre of historical drama. I just don't like watching historical dramas because I have a notion that they're boring. So why did I end up watching it? There were three reasons. First, my roommates recommended it to me, telling me that it was very good. Second, the tv ratings were high which made me curious even more on how good the drama was. And third, Kim Soo Hyun, the guy I appreciated so much in Dream High (Sam Dong) was leading the drama.

The drama is about a Prince (Lee Hwon), who at the young age of 13 found the person who he will love for the rest of his life. He met Heo Yeon Woo, a noble man's daughter, who also was at the same age as him. He fell in love with her wit and personality and eventually everything about her. The prince asked his father (the King) to let him marry Heo Yeon Woo. Please do understand that in their era, a 13-year-old individual can already enter marriage with the consent of his/her parents. But to become a crown princess was not the choice of the prince but it was a contest that will be competed by girls who passed the standards of being the next royalty. Fortunately, Heo Yeon Woo was the one who was chosen. But then, the evil, power-maniac Queen Dowager (Lee Hwon's grandmother) didn't approve of the decision for she wanted a girl who was blood related to them to preserve their blood line. With the help of a shaman, she ordered her to kill the future crown princess with the use of witchcraft. The shaman followed the command but didn't actually kill the girl. She made everybody believed that she was dead and hid her away from the place where the girl was known. With the memory being lost, the girl was unaware of her past, her family, the boy she loved and the suffering she underwent. But she can't keep on hiding. After eight years, she came back to the place where her destiny must unfold.

It is a series with substance. Yes, I admit it, I usually watch Korean series for me to fill this heart with much 'kilig' and I wouldn't mind if they would be recycled or shallow. But this series is one of the few that I viewed which throws you a lot of lessons in life. It's not just about romantic love. It tackles about true leadership, brotherhood and what it really means to be loyal.  It would also break your heart knowing that there are some people who could go as far as killing precious lives just to be on the top. Yet, the series also shows that one of the greatest gifts in life are friends who would stick on your side even if they were tempted to go on a better side other than yours. 

Warning: This series is heavy. Yeah, when I say heavy, it would suck all your tears out. 

My Rating: 8.5/10


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