January 30, 2012

being sick sucks big time

Friday morning when I woke up, I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. I just ignored it because it was bearable and intermittent. But four days have gone by and the pain is still there. I talked to mama last night and she said that if it's not going to disappear the day after, I have to consult to a doctor. The pain was still there this morning and though it was a burden for me to see a doctor, I needed to.

I had to undergo a urine test because the doctor can't figure out what was wrong with my stomach by mere symptoms I told her. According to the test, my urine contained pus which due most probably, the doctor said, to urinary tract infection. She told me to drink lots of water and prescribed 2 different kinds of medicine, one for my UTI and one for my stomachache. I directly went to Mercury Drug and bought the medicine. It saddened me big time knowing that they were expensive. I spent P578. T_T
Plus the doctor said that if my stomachache won't stop after five days, I have to consult to her again so that she could prescribe me another one. In my mind I was like, "Whaat? It's P300, you should be sure that it's effective."

Maybe my high consumption of soy sauce for the past week caused my illness then add my addiction to   Extra-hot Lucky Me Pancit Canton to it. Also, I ate scarcely lately. In fact, the day before I felt the pain, I only ate turon, siomai, tofu and a cup of rice. Diet eh? I will stop eating Pancit Canton now although I really love it. T.T

I know that the blame is on me why this happens. I'm sorry body dear for not taking extra care to you. T_T

January 26, 2012

Dharma Words for me

That was the one that I picked among the many scrolled pieces of paper in a bowl (when we went to Binondo a day before the Chinese New Year). I don't know how many unique messages being printed there, I am just sure that what I got was right for me.

"One more friend is one less enemy."

This is the season of my life when I'm contented of the number of friends that I have, more than ever. I am no friendly person. In a place where I'm surrounded with strangers, I don't make friends to the one who seated next to me. If I'm going to talk to him/her maybe because I have something to ask. That's what I am made of--doing the first move to make friends or even being friended at times when I like to be alone is an effort. At school, I don't even have many friends because I choose to be silent.
I think that I was destined to get that piece of paper to tell me that I should get more friends since deep inside I'm saying to myself that I don't care of not having another one.

"A day of hard work is a day of satisfaction."

HARD WORK. God knows how much I lack that word in my vocabulary. A couple of weeks ago, I told my friend this: "I promise to myself that for 10 years, I'll be hardworking." Yes, I mean it more than ever in my life. I want to show to those people who insulted me that I can do it.

January 21, 2012

On Chris Lao and Cyberbullying

I didn't know that cyberbullying could give a permanent damage to the one who has been the subject of it until I heard Chris Lao's experience. August last year when Chris Lao was victimized of harsh comments and reactions from the cyberworld after he put the blame to others when he rode his car to a flooded road. "I should have been informed" has become a viral statement. For less than a day after the video was aired on a national tv, hate pages were created and received thousands of likes, and his name was trending on twitter. "Bobo", "Gago" and "Arrogant" were just the few degrading words that I could remember being thrown to him. Did people think on what happened to Chris Lao because of their heartless comments?

I attended the Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE) about cyberbullying yesterday and Lao was the guest speaker.I learned a lot of life lessons from his talk. Well, I didn't learn them for the first time there, I got them years before. But it's good to be reminded of those lessons, because I tend to forget. He also opened his wounded heart when the bullies came. It is such a relief then that there are good things that happened and still happening out of a very unfortunate situation like his commercial in BPI.

He was warned to don't access the Internet so that he won't be able to read the comments but he thought he was strong enough that he could bear all of them. Yet, he was wrong and the despicability of the cyberworld crushed his heart. According to him, a permanent damage has been done in his life. He realized that there is no difference between bullying in cyberspace and in person in terms of the pain that they produce. One of the comments that sticks to his mind is, "Insultohin natin siya hannggang sa magpakamatay." He thought, were his actions really that bad that will deserve him to die? Because of the bullies, there were times that he cried blood and cried involuntarily. He even asked for a shrink's help to deal with the depression. He is still taking an anti-depressant drug. 

That is how bad bullying is. It has the power to destroy ones life. Actually, a lot of those victims committed suicide. I couldn't say that I never bullied in the Internet. I think I can call it cyberbullying when I tweeted that Christian of Mara Clara (Gosh, I forgot his screen name!) was an a**hole. I said that when it was confirmed (well, it goes without saying) that he was the father of Andi Eigenmann's child. I was carried by my emotion when it was stirred knowing that he slapped and left her. Thus, calling him an a**hole. Yeah, maybe he deserved that noun. But hey, I still don't have the position to call him one. And I'm sorry for that. That's one of the things that taught from the talk, to never bully again because it could hurt. Let us be reminded of Dalai Lama's words:
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
If we have nothing good to say, let us just shut up. And if you really can't stop ourselves from speaking, at least say it in a way that couldn't degrade a person.

January 19, 2012

The 8-8-8 Rule

I like it when my teachers tell topics which are not connected to our lessons in class. Actually, those are the times that I'm so willing to listen. You are so bored and your nose is already bleeding invisibly and out of the blue the teacher says, "Did you know that blah blah blah?" You are suddenly woken back to life and eagerly listens to what he shares. Please don't get me wrong, I honestly do pay attention to their discussions with EFFORTS until the very end. But it's always different when they talk about unrelated topics, right? You don't force yourself to focus, you willingly give it because all unrelated topics in class all look interesting. I call it by the way an INTERMISSION NUMBER. :D

So in my Astronomic Geodesy class, our teacher had a segway sharing about the 8-8-8 rule. That was the first time that I heard of it! The said rule is about the right way to consume your day. We all have 24 hours in a day. According to the sound rule, 8 hours should be used for work (academics if you're a student), 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for recreation. That is a balanced life. Those three should be equally divided. If you sleep more than 8 hours, that makes you a lazy head. If you work more than 8 hours, it would make you crazy and unhealthy (hihihi). Then if you spend so much time in recreation, you are useless. I think I'm between being lazy and useless. :| (Shit, no!)

I've been pondering about it (like a boss) and realize how blessed are those who find their work genuinely enjoyable that sometimes they see it as a recreation. Those professional basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball, badminton players who are being paid on doing something that they also love doing during their free time. Those professional food tasters (Yes! There exists such kind of work. No joke!) who get money out of eating! Those computer programmers who find love in what they're doing. We really should be working on what what we love or loving that job that provides you money. In that way, it's easy to balance life.

When you consider work (studies) and recreation as independent variables because you never EVER see your work as a recreation, do you think 8 hours for leisure time is enough?  The time you use when taking a bath, eating, going to work or school are included as your recreation, according to our teacher. So when you're caught up in a traffic for 2 hours going back home, your time is now lessened to 6. :( That is so sad, right? It is being subtracted to the category that you most prefer! Hay, time is too short. Therefore, let's spend it ONLY with the things that we love. #hopefully

January 15, 2012

i saw ZE:A

I went to Trinoma last Thursday (01/12/2012) to meet ZE:A in person. I was curious of how they really look. Good thing, Trinoma is just a jeep away from my campus, so distance wasn't a dilemma.

I have one music video of them, Here I Am. I downloaded it a year go because I found it beautiful that time. After few more plays of the said video, I realized that they lacked impressive talents and their too much aegyo made me want to throw up.
I was not a fan. I didn't even become one after seeing their beautiful faces in real life. I wasn't impressed with their performance, that's why. :) For me, they didn't pass my standard. You just can't be a fan for looks alone.

But I tell you, they are really good-looking. I surprised myself after I screamed like a crazy fangirl at the time they appeared on stage. They are just so cute for me not to keep my mouth shut. 

Three of the members weren't present, Siwan, Dongjun and Kwanghee. It was a bummer knowing that Siwan couldn't make it. He's just one of my Korean crushes. I was looking forward upon seeing him until I read somewhere that he couldn't come to the Philippines because he was taping a drama. The chance of really meeting the probable THE ONE was gone! (hehehe) Still, I didn't regret going to see them. It was an experience that glowed my heart because of those extra cute guys! :D     

January 08, 2012

another kpop post

INFINITE will always be my no. 1 kpop group. I'm loving them more and more each time I watch their performances. For me, they are simply the best among the rest.
But that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate other groups' works. Here, I'm sharing to you the top 5 songs that I've been listening to since last month of other groups.
Because you know, kpop in general is awesome like that. :D

1.) BEAST's Fiction
One time last month, I talked to my sister by the phone. She was annoyed at me at one thing: me being so critical of her favorite group (BEAST) after they won the BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE AWARD at MAMA 2011. I posted an FB status expressing my disappointment because the group won and not INFINITE or Super Junior or TVXQ. Apparently, she didn't like it. I could really hear her anger, a voice that reached the animosity line. She said that they deserved it. They deserved it more than INFINITE because they were more popular. In fact, BEAST have lots of pageviews in their YouTube videos, she informed me. For me, although it was true, what was the number of pageviews had to do with BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE? And we were talking about who had excellent dance performance here and not about who's more popular. DUGH. Of course, we should only consider the meaning of the award and nothing else..

Here's a twist. I love their Fiction song. It's been a month now since I first heard it but I still hit the play button of this song on my music player. It is such an LSS, 'fiction in fiction'. They are good. :) 

2.) B1A4's My Love
This group is my second favorite. I love most of their songs except the Beautiful Target. CNU here is hot and cool (0:22-0:27). Still, Jinyoung (1:02-1:06) is my no. 1 bias. I showed this group to a friend and she said that they were too young. Yeah, actually, I'm almost three years older to their oldest member, Jinyoung. But I don't mind, I love them. I decline to be dictated by my age of what group should I adore. :)

3.) A-Pink's My My
I am really not fond of girl groups. Mainly because they're girls and it's the boys that I like. But being exposed to their songs, I realized that there are those that I like. Although I do not get kilig whenever I watch their music videos, it's their songs, styles and talents that make me spend my time wasting just watching them.

A-Pink just debuted last year. They won the Rookie Girl Group Award in MAMA 2011. I like their style, the pa-cute (AEGYOtic) style, the SNSD style. They have pretty faces. And in fairness, no one dances awkwardly. I love the song. ^_^ It is just so cute.
Torototo, Torototo, Torototo my my, you're my

4.) T-ara's Cry Cry
I couldn't say anything but this, the song is amazing. ^_^

5.) TVXQ's Before You Go
I only discovered this mv last month. And boy, my jaw dropped. HOTNESS is the word. My gosh, this is epic, I so love it. :D

January 07, 2012

I did something to my hair

When I was in high school, a classmate asked me if I relaxed my hair. That was the time when hair relaxing was a trend in our place. Flattered, because it was natural, I said no to her. From the expression on her face, it showed that she didn't buy it. Whether she believed me or not, I knew that my hair didn't touch any chemicals other than shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays. I grew up with a beautiful hair. Although it lacked volume, it was straight, shiny and soft. My mama always reminded be before to never do something with my hair that includes putting strong chemicals so that it won't be damaged.

I thought my hair would stay as is as long as I follow my mother's tip. It turned out that it didn't need any strong chemical to get ugly, it happened on its own naturally. It was the things that I did that damaged it. I don't know what were those stuff exactly. Maybe the shampoo I used. Perhaps it was the lack of protein in my body. Or maybe, tying it was totally not good after all.

When I met a friend, my last school year's roommate, few months ago, she noticed that my hair was as ugly as hers.haha. She asked me if what I did to it. According to her, it lost its shine and straightness. She suggested that I should undergo a relaxation or better yet, rebonding. That was the first time I received such advice for my hair. Indeed, the days of its beauty were gone.

January 06, 2012

Books I Read Last 2011

I didn't meet my goal to surpass the number of books I read last 2010 in 2011. I was eying to read at least 18 because in 2010, I managed to finish 17. But due to my idle behavior, I only had 10. Shame on me, right? If Ms. Jessica Zafra would find this, she would really smirk at me because as far as I can remember from her Twisted book, she recommended that we should read at least 4 books a week. Hahaha.. 10 for her is certainly a small number. Well, well, well, I got busy of so many things. First, I was a student. Second, I was addicted with kpop that my time was wasted playing over and over again my favorite music videos. And also, I watched  movies and korean dramas. And most especially, I rest a lot. 

Last year, I read 3 books I left unfinished. They were Deception Point by Dan Brown, The Dive from Clausen's Pier and Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I meant to finish the Deception Point this year. I just wish I have a hard copy because the e-book is such a pain. Tipping Point was such a good read yet I have no plan to finish it this year. I'll just continue reading it when I'll get a hold of its real book, yeah, not the soft copy. I lost my appetite to spend my time finishing The Dive From Clausen's Pier. I encountered some bad reviews in the Internet about the book, and they influenced me to stop it.  

I found it hard to rank those 10 books that I read although I would really love to. It was hard knowing that I enjoyed reading all of them and I learned some things. So here they are anyway:


1.) Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
2.) Double Stitch by John Rolfe Gardiner
3.) The Dylanist by Brian Morton
4.) Disordered Minds by Minette Walters
5.) It's How You Play The Game by Jimmy Gleacher

6.) Double Standards by Judith McNaught
     This is the fourth novel that I read by Judith McNaught. Again, she didn't disappoint me. Oh, I so love her romantic stories. What I like about her book is that it reminded me of Korean romantic movies. The only difference is that, she didn't kill the main characters.hehe. For me, Judith McNaught is the best romantic novel writer and not Stephanie Meyer, not even Nicholas Sparks. :) I'm planning to read all books she'd written.

7.) Atonement by Ewan McEwan
        This book had crushed my heart into powder. It was brilliantly written. I wanted to watch its film adaptation which is being starred by my British actor crushie, James McAvoy. The story gave me an example that sometimes whether we like it or not, your fate is the result of other people's actions and decisions. We were told that we make our own destiny but more often than not, 50% of what happen in our life is due to external elements (i.e. other people). Robbie's life took a different turn when Briony misjudged him. 

8-10.) The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay
I do recommend this to everyone. This is a book series with substance. The awesomeness of this series could be leveled to Harry Potter. It has a love story. But what is most interesting about it is how their unfortunate lives are being lead, living in a dystopian society. The main characters try to make a difference. They know how big their enemies are but their desire to live in a world without repression and discrimination are just two of many reasons that fuel them to face the giants.

"I look coolly into the blue eyes of the person who is now my greatest opponent, the person who would keep me alive at his own expense. And I promise myself I will defeat his plan." - Katniss Everdeen

And this March 2012, its movie adaptation will be released in theaters around the world. I will definitely watch it. Who's going with me? :)

January 04, 2012

Chocolates from New Zealand

It's always been chocolates that they give whenever people from foreign lands come home. Always. Ever since I was a kid, those are the things that we receive when relatives, family friends and neighbors arrive from any parts of the world. I'm not so fond of chocolates, I'd rather eat cakes and ice creams. What I don't like about eating them is that my tonsils get itchy. I also don't like the feeling that they really stick to my teeth. It is flattering though when a Balikbayan gives you this sweet food.

Cathy went home (Gingoog City) last Christmas. She texted me if there was anything my mama wanted to send to me so that she'll just bring it here in Quezon City. Since I needed some things, I asked mama to give them to me through Cathy. Mother dear then included chocolates which came from New Zealand. They were from Auntie Alice, one of mama's closest friends in the neighborhood, who migrated in New Zealand two years ago. Auntie Alice didn't come home, she just sent packages to her son's family who for the meantime, resides at the house just in front of ours. Mama was given lots of chocolates and she made me have some.

These chocolates, Toblerone and Cadbury, were sent all the way from New Zealand, but they were not made there. They were produced in Switzerland and United Kingdom, respectively. I have never been in any foreign land so I have no position to talk about what people should bring as pasalubong. I don't know how much difficult it is to pick stuff that friends and family back home will love. Chocolate is one of the universal favorite food of human beings. Therefore, buying it for pasalubong assures you that the person that will receive it, will certainly love it. But isn't it nice to taste something that is originally being made in that specific country? So that you could brag to your friends that you eat something that is totally from New Zealand.

How about foreigners who come here in the Philippines, do they also bring chocolates when they're going back to their homes? Ugh, I hope not. They should bring something that they could say, "This is Philippines." Dried Mango from Cebu, Piaya from Ilo-Ilo, Peanut Brittle from Baguio City and many more should be on their list of food that they should bring to their homes. I do think that the recepient would really, really, really appreciate it. Know why? Because maybe that would be the only time that they could taste them. Thanks to you, for they have the opportunity to try one. :)

January 02, 2012

Happy New Year amazing people! :D

I hope your 2011 had been meaningful, exciting and rich with unforgettable experiences and life-changing lessons.

Another year has come and I am filled with different emotions. I am excited to do things that I have never done before. I am also apprehensive for the goals I made that I might not be able  to reach this year. Yeah, future excites and scares me.

Now that the short vacation is over, I'm already back in the battlefield. Yes, I'm back in UP. Classes will start tomorrow whether I'm enthusiastic or not to face my professors. Gosh, why this makes me sad? Well, because I'm going to see stress invading my body again. Then there's also this procrastination that I'll be fighting more often. Indeed, it is a battlefield.

my camp
This soldier right here is up for a good fight, the bravest she could ever offer so far.


January 01, 2012

Sige, tarayan mo ako Day

Malambing naman ang pamangkin ko. Palagi niya nga akong kini-kiss, lalo na sa lips. Kanina nga lang, kiniss nya ako at pagkatapos ay nagtanong siya, "Buntis ka na?" Biniro ko naman siya at sinabi kong, "Oo, at ikaw ang ama!" Hahaha.. Nakakatawa talaga siya, akala niya yung kiss sa lips ay magbubunga ng bata sa womb. Magkatabi kami sa bed kasi ganyan niya ako kagusto.hehehe.

Pero mataray talaga siya. Kapag wala sa mood ay bonggang-bongga ang pagka-taray niya daig pa si Anabelle Rama. Nasasabunotan ko na nga siya sa isipan ko eh. Ewan ko ba, ang bait-bait ng parents niya pero siya, over-over talaga sa pagka-kontrabida.

Ayaw niya kay Noemi. Si Noemi yung pamangkin ng yaya niya. Parati kasing pumupunta si Noemi sa bahay nila. Napapansin ko talagang madali siyang ma-high blood pag andyan siya. Isang beses nga galit si pamangkin sa akin kasi kinakaibigan ko si Noemi. Sabi niya, "Hindi na tayo bati Ate Jillian!", sabay walk out. Minsan din ay sinasabihan niya si Noemi ng,"Bakit andito ka na naman? Bahay mo ba 'to?"
Hayyy.. puputi ang buhok ko sa batang itech.

Ngayon lang, habang tulog ang mama niya at nasa labas papa niya, pinahubad niya sa akin ang clothes niya kasi maliligo na siya. Napansin niyang malamig ang tubig at ito ang aming naging usapan:

Kath: Ate Jillian, malamig ang tubig! Lagyan mo ng mainit!
Ako: (Tinatamad) Eh walang mainit eh. Ok lang yan, hindi naman masyadong malamig.
Kath: Ang lamig nga eh! Lagyan mo na! (GALIT NA SI MADAM)

Na-feel niyang galit na ako sa tono ng aking pagsasalita. Kaya ayun, naligo na siya at hindi na nag-reklamo! hahaha..



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