January 08, 2012

another kpop post

INFINITE will always be my no. 1 kpop group. I'm loving them more and more each time I watch their performances. For me, they are simply the best among the rest.
But that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate other groups' works. Here, I'm sharing to you the top 5 songs that I've been listening to since last month of other groups.
Because you know, kpop in general is awesome like that. :D

1.) BEAST's Fiction
One time last month, I talked to my sister by the phone. She was annoyed at me at one thing: me being so critical of her favorite group (BEAST) after they won the BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE AWARD at MAMA 2011. I posted an FB status expressing my disappointment because the group won and not INFINITE or Super Junior or TVXQ. Apparently, she didn't like it. I could really hear her anger, a voice that reached the animosity line. She said that they deserved it. They deserved it more than INFINITE because they were more popular. In fact, BEAST have lots of pageviews in their YouTube videos, she informed me. For me, although it was true, what was the number of pageviews had to do with BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE? And we were talking about who had excellent dance performance here and not about who's more popular. DUGH. Of course, we should only consider the meaning of the award and nothing else..

Here's a twist. I love their Fiction song. It's been a month now since I first heard it but I still hit the play button of this song on my music player. It is such an LSS, 'fiction in fiction'. They are good. :) 

2.) B1A4's My Love
This group is my second favorite. I love most of their songs except the Beautiful Target. CNU here is hot and cool (0:22-0:27). Still, Jinyoung (1:02-1:06) is my no. 1 bias. I showed this group to a friend and she said that they were too young. Yeah, actually, I'm almost three years older to their oldest member, Jinyoung. But I don't mind, I love them. I decline to be dictated by my age of what group should I adore. :)

3.) A-Pink's My My
I am really not fond of girl groups. Mainly because they're girls and it's the boys that I like. But being exposed to their songs, I realized that there are those that I like. Although I do not get kilig whenever I watch their music videos, it's their songs, styles and talents that make me spend my time wasting just watching them.

A-Pink just debuted last year. They won the Rookie Girl Group Award in MAMA 2011. I like their style, the pa-cute (AEGYOtic) style, the SNSD style. They have pretty faces. And in fairness, no one dances awkwardly. I love the song. ^_^ It is just so cute.
Torototo, Torototo, Torototo my my, you're my

4.) T-ara's Cry Cry
I couldn't say anything but this, the song is amazing. ^_^

5.) TVXQ's Before You Go
I only discovered this mv last month. And boy, my jaw dropped. HOTNESS is the word. My gosh, this is epic, I so love it. :D

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