January 30, 2012

being sick sucks big time

Friday morning when I woke up, I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. I just ignored it because it was bearable and intermittent. But four days have gone by and the pain is still there. I talked to mama last night and she said that if it's not going to disappear the day after, I have to consult to a doctor. The pain was still there this morning and though it was a burden for me to see a doctor, I needed to.

I had to undergo a urine test because the doctor can't figure out what was wrong with my stomach by mere symptoms I told her. According to the test, my urine contained pus which due most probably, the doctor said, to urinary tract infection. She told me to drink lots of water and prescribed 2 different kinds of medicine, one for my UTI and one for my stomachache. I directly went to Mercury Drug and bought the medicine. It saddened me big time knowing that they were expensive. I spent P578. T_T
Plus the doctor said that if my stomachache won't stop after five days, I have to consult to her again so that she could prescribe me another one. In my mind I was like, "Whaat? It's P300, you should be sure that it's effective."

Maybe my high consumption of soy sauce for the past week caused my illness then add my addiction to   Extra-hot Lucky Me Pancit Canton to it. Also, I ate scarcely lately. In fact, the day before I felt the pain, I only ate turon, siomai, tofu and a cup of rice. Diet eh? I will stop eating Pancit Canton now although I really love it. T.T

I know that the blame is on me why this happens. I'm sorry body dear for not taking extra care to you. T_T

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