January 26, 2012

Dharma Words for me

That was the one that I picked among the many scrolled pieces of paper in a bowl (when we went to Binondo a day before the Chinese New Year). I don't know how many unique messages being printed there, I am just sure that what I got was right for me.

"One more friend is one less enemy."

This is the season of my life when I'm contented of the number of friends that I have, more than ever. I am no friendly person. In a place where I'm surrounded with strangers, I don't make friends to the one who seated next to me. If I'm going to talk to him/her maybe because I have something to ask. That's what I am made of--doing the first move to make friends or even being friended at times when I like to be alone is an effort. At school, I don't even have many friends because I choose to be silent.
I think that I was destined to get that piece of paper to tell me that I should get more friends since deep inside I'm saying to myself that I don't care of not having another one.

"A day of hard work is a day of satisfaction."

HARD WORK. God knows how much I lack that word in my vocabulary. A couple of weeks ago, I told my friend this: "I promise to myself that for 10 years, I'll be hardworking." Yes, I mean it more than ever in my life. I want to show to those people who insulted me that I can do it.


Ile Odarod said...

why don't you start being hard working now?

jill-yan said...

I'm actually starting already.


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