January 07, 2012

I did something to my hair

When I was in high school, a classmate asked me if I relaxed my hair. That was the time when hair relaxing was a trend in our place. Flattered, because it was natural, I said no to her. From the expression on her face, it showed that she didn't buy it. Whether she believed me or not, I knew that my hair didn't touch any chemicals other than shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays. I grew up with a beautiful hair. Although it lacked volume, it was straight, shiny and soft. My mama always reminded be before to never do something with my hair that includes putting strong chemicals so that it won't be damaged.

I thought my hair would stay as is as long as I follow my mother's tip. It turned out that it didn't need any strong chemical to get ugly, it happened on its own naturally. It was the things that I did that damaged it. I don't know what were those stuff exactly. Maybe the shampoo I used. Perhaps it was the lack of protein in my body. Or maybe, tying it was totally not good after all.

When I met a friend, my last school year's roommate, few months ago, she noticed that my hair was as ugly as hers.haha. She asked me if what I did to it. According to her, it lost its shine and straightness. She suggested that I should undergo a relaxation or better yet, rebonding. That was the first time I received such advice for my hair. Indeed, the days of its beauty were gone.

So I did something to it three days ago. Well, it was not actually me who did it, I just paid an ate in a salon.hehe. It took almost 4 hours! Applying this and that thing, ironing, washing and many more. She told me not to wash it for 3 days. 

It was like my hair had gone on a plastic surgery. It looks different now, better than before.

It's way better than BEFORE:

I just hope that it will last for six months just as what the ate in the salon told me. :)

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