January 15, 2012

i saw ZE:A

I went to Trinoma last Thursday (01/12/2012) to meet ZE:A in person. I was curious of how they really look. Good thing, Trinoma is just a jeep away from my campus, so distance wasn't a dilemma.

I have one music video of them, Here I Am. I downloaded it a year go because I found it beautiful that time. After few more plays of the said video, I realized that they lacked impressive talents and their too much aegyo made me want to throw up.
I was not a fan. I didn't even become one after seeing their beautiful faces in real life. I wasn't impressed with their performance, that's why. :) For me, they didn't pass my standard. You just can't be a fan for looks alone.

But I tell you, they are really good-looking. I surprised myself after I screamed like a crazy fangirl at the time they appeared on stage. They are just so cute for me not to keep my mouth shut. 

Three of the members weren't present, Siwan, Dongjun and Kwanghee. It was a bummer knowing that Siwan couldn't make it. He's just one of my Korean crushes. I was looking forward upon seeing him until I read somewhere that he couldn't come to the Philippines because he was taping a drama. The chance of really meeting the probable THE ONE was gone! (hehehe) Still, I didn't regret going to see them. It was an experience that glowed my heart because of those extra cute guys! :D     

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