February 13, 2012

Camara Island is Paradise

After I went to Camara Island in Pundaquit, Zambales, the desire of going to different places to witness its splendor grew more and more. The realization came that there are too much beauty in this world that I shouldn't miss to go to in this lifetime. The world is just so amazing that it's not a good idea to not travel around.

The place is so beautiful. I really do not know what paradise actually is, but I guess this one's a lot like it.

I really had a blast. I enjoyed marveling the place. 
I was thankful that I decided to join the field trip. The Php900 that I spent was totally worth it. It took us four hours to arrive in Pundaquit from Quezon City. Surprisingly, the bus ride wasn't tiresome except when we were already going back. hehe. 

I hope I could bring my family there in the near future. 

The trip had become extra fun because BFF beach-lover, Rona, also went. Thank you Rona for the company! :D


Diane Writes said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment in my blog :) I always appreciate new people, visits and comments.

The place looks heavenly and for just Php 900, it was all worth it. I hope to know you better albeit online.

Have a great week ahead!

sukaiburu said...

Let's go to Ilocos and Palawan soon!! Pag makatigom-tigom na ta. :D


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