February 24, 2012

for the sake of food

I wasn't supposed to attend my dormitory's confluence dinner earlier this night, but because I wasn't able to buy food, I decided to go. Besides, I paid P250 for it, which was compulsory for every dormer. It would be a waste of money if I would just miss something that I already paid for, right?

The food was great. Chop suey was so delicious! I may not really be a fan of vegetables but man, the said victual was cooked excellently that I became unhappy why the Ate didn't give me enough of it! The other one is fish fillet which tasted okay. I wondered while eating why there was no pork or chicken or beef. You know, when there are events like these, you expect to eat those meat. Then my friend mentioned that it's the start of Lenten or something in Roman Catholic religion which means you have to decline to eat gratifying food.

Kamia Residence Hall, the oldest dormitory in UP (University of the Philippines) Diliman has just been renovated. It has been receiving female students for 55 years already. It's so good to see that my dear Kamia looks young and fresh after the renovation. The decoration on the wall is also new. Like it's there for one week yet. I really like it. Yes, the combination of my favorite color (pink) and shape (flower) is just perfect.

The Confluence Dinner this year is extravagant. For the first time, there is a photo boot. 

Awesome roommates are awesome. :D


Anonymous said...

This post is making me feel hungry :P So you're studying in UP Diliman? What course are you taking up?

jill-yan said...

yes. :) I'm studying Geodetic Engineering. :)


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