February 19, 2012

Give me some love

It seems like i haven't blogged for a year...

1.) Nuffnang
                I joined Nuffnang to earn some money out from blogging. It doesn't give much, according from what I read from other bloggers. I read one post yesterday that after being a member for 2 years, he gained around P2000 from Nuffnang. It is actually a small amount of money given the long duration of time. But that is still money whether it's small or big. I just wanted to try, to try to earn from doing something that I really love.
                In connection to that, could you give me some love? There's a poll on the right side of this blog, please answer it. :)) It's been there for almost one week now but nobody, yes, not even one answered it. I feel so unloved. :(( Please answer it. Thank you! Kamsamnida! Arigato! Daghang Salamat! :)

2.) Fight For You
                It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you..
                There's nothing that a 100 men or more could ever do
                Just like the rain down in Africa
                It's gonna take some time but I  know you're worth fighting for!
I stumbled on Jason DeRulo's song entitled Fight For You. I wish someone could sing it to me because he means every words on the lyrics for me.
I don't know what I've eaten these days why I'm feeling emo about love. Maybe this is just a post-valentine effect for a single person like me. lols. Orrrr.. there's this guy....(can't continue the sentence).

3.) Stay Away From Me
               Don't act like you like me for I'm falling for it. 
               Please stop, it's getting me miserable. 
               Yes, don't sit beside me anymore. What's with you these days by the way that you chose to sit beside me?! Stay away.. Don't let me fall for you.. T.T
               Another thing, you're so ANNOYING, I keep thinking of you!!!

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