February 26, 2012

Important Announcement To All Filipino Inspirits

Our dream of our beloved INFINITE performing in a concert here in the Philippines this year might become a reality! I know, I know, that idea just make you all jump from your seats. So please, if you haven't done it yet, answer the survey that the KPOP and Culture Fest page on Facebook conducted for IFINITE's concert in Manila. There's a BIG chance that they might go here if the survey will turn out successful. Fellow Inspirits, let us make this year a very memorable one by witnessing a one of a kind concert. Let us make it possible by answering the survey. Let them know that a lot of us are aching and drooling of seeing them LIVE! :D

Here is the LINK! :))))
It is until April 1, 2012. Answer now though! :D

The KPOP and Culture Fest, last February 16, posted this:
So you really count. 607 people saying that they're going to the concert are not enough force to bring them here. Please join us, I know you love INFINITE.

Kamsamnida! Hwaiting!

I've been replaying this music video from their Second Invasion concert for about 100 times already, I think. I just love it, simply love it. I am already picturing that I'm gonna see this performance LIVE right before my eyes if ever the concert will push through.

I love the song Cover Girl the most, ever since I found out that my bias Jang Dongwoo was the one who composed it. hehehe.

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