March 03, 2012

friday is a break day

The roommates  and I went to Trinoma to watch the Hollywood movie, The Vow. Much to our dismay, the movie wasn't showing anymore. We decided to watch another one. Chill wanted This Means War while Hazel preferred Unofficially Yours. I supported Hazel saying that I'm actually a fan of John Lloyd Cruz, so I'd like to watch his latest movie. Chill was kind of disappointed because I think she doesn't like watching Pinoy movies especially on big screen but still she agreed with Unofficially Yours. When we were on the counter, we were surprised by the amount of the ticket-- P200.00. Hollywood movies only cost P160-P180 so we didn't get the logic why a local movie is more expensive than an international one.  For me, I really wouldn't mind paying P200 to watch the said film.  But it would be so insensitive of me if I would just let Chill pay for something she really didn't like. We then declined to watch a movie and decided to just eat at the mall.

We ate dessert somewhere I didn't mind to know the store's name.hahaha. I bought Mango Mania for P109.00. It was basically an ice cream. My verdict about it: okay lang, hindi yung tipong babalikan mo. After staying there for several minutes, Nisseth suggested that we'd play at Timezone.

We played and had fun indeed. My favorite part was playing the basketball. :) I looked so stupid though doing the dance revo. 

I totally had fun. It felt like it was my first time being free from any stress due to academics. School these past days was really haggard and all.. It was a blessing to be given that time wherein you were able to be a kid again, just carefree. :))

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