March 14, 2012

Growing Love for Purple

One time this week, I saw Enni at the ladies' CR at our college (Engineering). I approached the jolly friend and she never missed to greet me a happy birthday. Yes, that's her joke to me, telling me a happy birthday every time we meet. Why happy birthday? It's because she noticed a lot of pink stuff I owned and the color reminded her of birthdays. Thus, she proclaimed that I'm an everyday birthday girl.

Pink has always been my most loved color ever since I knew how to love living and non-living things.hehehe. I had no second favorite color before. But recently, my fondness for the color purple has just grown stronger. I love looking at it. Just like pink, purple gives me a happy vibe.

I went to Robinson's East Mall last weekend to buy a sling bag. The bag that I usually used for school looked ugly now, given that it served me about 2 years already. So it was time to say goodbye to it and give hello to something new. I was drawn to choose from the Cose bags because they are not only affordable but also durable. As my eyes were scanning for the different styles and colors of bags, I was attracted by the one that was colored purple. I checked it and instantly loved it. Then I bought it for P600.

I used it earlier today. Funny it was that such a small thing like a bag could produce some kind of happiness. Looking at it, it gave a smile on my face because I admired how I found it so beautiful. ^_^  
Yes, I'm such a girly girl, I admit it. :)

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