March 23, 2012

let me be a kid once again

This picture is my most favorite one among the images that I captured with my digicam since I acquired it last year of December.
I was at my cousin's place that time. I went outside their house to simply take pictures of wonderful things. Then the little girl approached and looked at me. I asked her if she wanted a shot. She didn't nod or anything, she just stood there and still looked at me. I captured a photo of hers anyway. Afterwards, she picked a flower and showed it to me. I took the hint that she liked it to be captured, so I took a picture.

Maybe it's the flower. Or maybe it's the kid's eyes, how focused they were towards the camera. Or maybe it's the cuteness of how she bit her candy instead because she were already holding objects on her hands. Okay, I really do not know the exact reason why I love it. I love it, period, please don't give me a why. It's hard to give reasons on everything you hate and love.hehe

The picture also makes me nostalgic. I am nostalgic of being a kid. Now that I'm an adult, I have realized how blessed kids are. They play a lot. They don't get heartaches out of unrequited love. They do not know how hard it is to chase dreams. They don't think of money because their parents do provide it for them (not everyone though). They cry not because they fail a test but because their parents don't buy them a chocolate. They sleep early because they don't have exams and requirements to cram for. They are amazed by even trivial stuff, 'wow! the balloons are flying to heaven!' They believe and never doubt.
Hayyy, I miss being a kid. How foolish of me before always wishing to grow up fast. Now this is what I got.

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