April 29, 2012

Nobody Deserves To Be This Season's American Idol But Jessica Sanchez

She's unbelievably amazing. She is born to sing for the world.

I love the song Dance With My Father. For years, I have heard different artists rendering it. But this is the first time, as I listened to Jessica's version, that I got teary-eyed, almost cried, really. The fact that she could stir my emotion at its peak, truly proves that she's a singing genius.

If Ms. Sanchez will not win this competition, I know that whoever will will never be proud of it because he/she knows that nobody really deserves to get the title other than Jessica Sanchez.

April 27, 2012

I didn't know what HOTLINKING was

I was surprised a while ago after viewing my blog to see this picture:
I felt like I committed a huge mistake, a sin, a crime. I immediately looked for the meaning of hotlink because I was clueless about it. Yes, I encountered the term many times before but I never once cared to know what it meant. But earlier was different. I was accused of something that I wasn't aware of the definition.

urbandictionary .com says that HOTLINK is a hyperlink to a media file (video, audio, Flash, image, etc.) on another site that bypasses any html pages that would identify the site or earn it advertising revenue. Prohibited on many messages boards and blogs, as it saps bandwidth from the site serving the media and earns the ire of the site's owners.

Wait, what is hyperlink and bandwidth?haha. Goodness, there are are SOOO MANY things that I still have to learn. has a good explanation about the term and it was already crystal clear to me.

I didn't know that through hotlinking, I could get pageviews of my site that are actually meant for the owner of the image. I thought it was the other way around! Also, I did it because it was the easiest and most convenient way whenever I want to display a picture which is from the internet, instead of downloading it to my computer then uploading it to my blog.

From this day forward, I won't be hotlinking again. And if I'll post an image that isn't mine, I'll mention the site where I get it from (hay, hassle). Actually, even until now I still don't understand others why it's a big deal for them when their pictures are used by other sites without credits. I mean, if that happens to me, if my pictures or words will be used even without mentioning that they get them from me or asking permission, I'll still be honored and flattered. I remember, I found a blog where I found this post being REPOSTED. Yes, just like Tumblr, reblogging. Well, not totally like Tumblr because when you reblog there, you will be linked to the site that originally posted it. It didn't agitate me, I was just happy, honored and flattered that my words were used.

I am sad that even using pictures on the internet need to undergo some kind of process so that it can be called  legal. Hay, complicated life.

April 24, 2012

Hi guys! :) I'm happy that my left foot is on its healing process. Thank God, it's not getting worse. Yesterday, after my ojt, I went straight to consult a doctor. Although it wasn't painful to walk anymore, its swelling made me worried about it. I had to see a doctor to confirm that it wasn't because of diabetes and I want to know a better antibiotic to take because I thought that it was only due to infection. What the doctor said gave me a sigh of relief because it was not because of diabetes. She prescribed a brand of antibacterial drug which was way more effective than amoxicillin, according to her. So when you'll have a problem like mine, take Caxin (Cloxacillin Sodium), it's very effective. I am seeing positive changes to my left foot after taking only 4 capsules so far (6-hour interval).

Yehey! It's not a burden to walk anymore. :) Thank God it's not serious. Thank God for the drug. Thank God for the doctors.

Meanwhile on my ojt, I am having a good time. Good time means I'm learning a lot and I love the people that I'm working with. 
Day 7

April 23, 2012

Making my Summer Worthwhile by Watching Korean Dramas

One of my very important goals this summer (please be sensitive to sarcasm) is to watch lots of korean dramas. Since I have no social life, I think I can finish watching the following before this season will end:

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
My roommate who already watched all its episodes said that it's the best drama so far this year. I am still clueless of the plot though. But I really think it is something worth watching for, given that it gained a very high TV rating in Korea, making it consistently number 1 on its time slot.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

For the love of L, my second bias in INFINITE, I'm gonna watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

King 2 Hearts
The King 2 Hearts is another drama that my roommate recommended. It's romantic comedy so I'm assured that it is something that I would really love. Besides, the main characters are Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won, two of the best actors I so far encounter in Korean entertainment. :))

Love Rain
I'm waiting for the episode 9 that is yet to be aired later today in Korea. I'm still loving it. So yeah, I'm going to finish watching it until the end. By the way, I am already a fan of Yoona because she is overloaded with cuteness in this drama. Also, I like the way she acts, she's good. I like her so much na talaga, as in!

Wild Romance
 I have so much laugh trip in this series!BWAHAHAHA! It is so funny, I wanna hug them for giving me a reason to laugh so hard. It is my first time seeing Lee Dong Wook's funny side. :D But the funniest is the girl, two thumbs for her. She's really good. Only, the humor gradually decreases as the the drama progresses. I'm in episode 9 and there are already sad scenes. The girl main character is not in her jolly and funny self most of the time because she's already hurting due to the fact that she's in love with the guy who is seemingly forever in love with his first love (of course, it's not her).

Just five, I guess I'll be satisfied with that number. Besides, adding another one may make me sick.hihihi. Yes, too much of anything will make you puke. 

April 21, 2012

It's not fun anymore

One time this week, an unknown number sent me a text message saying only, "Jill", at 12 midnight. I looked at my inbox and found out that the same number also texted a day before it with the same message. Curious of his identity, I replied. 

 Jill: Knsa ni? (I assumed that the person is a Bisaya)
Unknown: Stalker gid. (Obviously, he isn't a Bisaya because we don't use GID.)
Jill: Stalker gid? (I don't get what you mean dude)
Unknown: Stalker mo to! (This is your stalker!)
Jill: Ah ok,gudnyt. Goodluck. Sinasayang mo load ko. (You're wasting my load)
Unknown: Ansungit mo Jill! Hahahaha! Goodnight! (You're so cranky!)
Jill: Hahaha! Sino ba kasi to? (Who is this then?)
Unknown: Hahaha c chris to!
Jill: Adik ka chris. Suntukin kta jan. Hahaha. (You're an addict. I'll punch you.)
Unknown: Hahaha eto na number ko. Bakit gising ka pa? Late ka na naman bukas sa mwss (Why are you still awake? You'll be late again tomorrow.)
Jill: Excuse me, hindi pa ako na.lelate no. Natulog n aq kaninang 7-11.haha (I've never been late yet. I already slept from 7-11.)
The rain interrupted our field work along Quezon Avenue (Dec. 2011)
Chris has become my number 1 bully/teaser/prankster at school together with Kevin. I became friends (yes, they're actually friends) with them due to one of my major subjects. They were two of my groupmates. We spent a lot of time doing field works even on Mondays and Saturdays. Thus, building some kind of friendship that gives them the permission to make fun of me whenever possible. I admit it, there were a lot of instances that I got hurt by their bullies in the form of jokes. It was my fault, I was the one who started to bully Chris and though I already stopped, he chose to continue his. I wanted him (and also Kevin) to stop picking on me because I don't find it hilarious anymore, it's already annoying and hurting.

The next time they'll do it again, I'll just give my unamused expression and leave. I hope it will work.

April 20, 2012

Torture T_T

Warning: The pictures are disgusting.

I am not feeling well since yesterday. I'm in pain especially when I walk. I wanted to cry. I need a wheelchair. I wish humans could fly so that there's an alternative whenever our feet fail us to bring from one place to another. I decided not to tell my mother about it because I don't want her to worry and most especially, I don't want her to scold me. Grace told me earlier that I should not go to work tomorrow so that I could have a rest. You know, getting a rest is good for an ailing person. But I don't want to miss anything, I think I can bear the ache. T_T I took mefenamic acid 6 hours ago expecting the pain to fade but until now, I don't feel any alleviation.

April 16, 2012

First Day of OJT

So the first day of my OJT started today. We were told to arrive at 8 am but Grace and I failed to do so. I was disappointed, actually. I wanted a beautiful and good start. Unfortunately, because we underestimated the duration of time for us to take there, the tardiness reflected on our time card or bundy card as the MWSS people called it. It then gave me a sigh of relief when we were told that 8:01 to 8:30 is not considered late, you just have to make sure to spend 8 hours. Since we got in at 8:10am, we left at 5:10am. :D Beyond 8:30am is what they consider late and there will be a deduction to the salary.

We were only being oriented today, for the work that we've got to do for the two months that we'll be there and that will be until the second week of June. We only need 188 hours of work to be able to fulfill one of the requirements of our course (GE198). So I was expecting that at the second week of May, we will end our job. I just realized there that it's not our prerogative but of the company's of when will our service be over. Good thing, the compensation is beyond my expectation, 75% of the minimum salary and that's P303. :) So okay, fine, bring the job on.haha

We chatted 80% of the time because our work will officially start only tomorrow. The subject of our conversation was about our common ground, our course (Geodetic Engineering). We talked about our subjects and our teachers. As usual, I only listened most of the time.
my colleagues. :D
This is my first time to be doing a job that is related to my course and I'm a bit nervous. The pessimism gets into my veins that I might not be able to perform well. Oh God, help me.

April 15, 2012

OJT This Summer

It's official that I'm going to be on an OJT this summer. I already enrolled GE 198 last Thursday. We passed also on that same day some papers (curriculum vitae, application and endorsement letter) to Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS). It was funny that the HR didn't even take a look at our papers. He just gave us lists of other requirements to be passed later on and also a time card. We were told that we're going to start this Monday at 8 am. It was that simple. I was relieved that there was no interview and all that other formalities to get hired on a job.

I never wanted to get a training job that includes field work. I must not be in my course if I've got that kind of dislike since it is mainly working in the fields, you may think. It is not that I don't like performing field works, I just don't like the sun touching my skin. Sorry, maarte. And think how much I despise doing field works this summer where the sun is hottest. That's why I'm thankful that I'm going to work this summer at MWSS where I'll be staying in a building, where the sun couldn't make me dark. Although I'm going to be in front of a computer all day, I wouldn't mind, at least my skin wouldn't burn.hehehe.

We need to remember what we learned in GE 160 (about Geographic Information Systems) to be able to perform whatever task MWSS may request from us, which is I'm not quite confident about. I took the course 3 semesters ago which for me was a long time already. So yeah, I have to review or else I'll look dumb and give shame to the name of my school.hehehe.

Grace and I went to Trinoma yesterday to buy shoes for our going-to-be-epic OJT. I didn't have any appropriate foot ware for the job so there we went. We were lucky because the mall was on a sale and we were able to buy with discounts. Actually, the shoes that Grace bought was originally priced as P1,500 and she only paid around P800!

Yes, I bought two (You don't say Jill!). Each pair cost P420. But because both pair of shoes have 10% discount, I only paid P750. :) By the way, the suYS (color brown) shoes are made in Korea.kekeke.

I am excited for my OJT. I am excited to learn, excited to know other people, excited to gain a whole new experience, excited again to learn and learn especially in GIS. :)

By the way, the crush will not be with us in MWSS. :( From what I heard, he decided not to get an OJT this summer because of a reason that I do not know. My guy orgmates were bugging me to tell them who my crush is. If only they read my blog, they already know who I'm crushing on.haha. Good thing, they don't bother to visit this site.BWAHAHAHA.

April 13, 2012

done watching Hunger Games

Finally, I was able to watch the Hunger Games movie on the big screen at SM North for P180.
Overall, it was good.
But the only way to really appreciate its amazing story is to read the book.

My comments for the movie:
  • I commend the actress who acted as Katniss Everdeen, wait, let me google her name Jennifer Lawrence. She performed exactly how I imagined Everdeen did while I was reading it. Plus, she's a very beautiful person. I like her already.
  • I don't think that she made a good chemistry with the one who played as Peeta Mellark who is Josh Hutcherson. 
  • I like how the Capitol looks like, such an impressive presentation of the place.
  • Rue is the most loved character in the movie. I think 90% of us who watched it cried when she was murdered. 

Memorable quote:
I just keep wishing that I could think of a way to show that they don't own me. If i'm going to die, I still want to be me. -Peeta Mellarck.

April 11, 2012


I want to blog about our outing at Rainforest resort in Pasig last Easter Sunday but I don't have any appetite to start.
I want to watch a Korean drama to award myself after my second semester ended so WELL. :D
I want  have to do important stuff today, yet I ended up in front of my laptop lazily scrolling on my facebook, twitter and tumblr. :|

I don't know. My strength and enthusiasm (if ever I really do have it) left me after I finished our machine problem in GE 171. I am a geodetic engineering student but we also code computer programs. :| such a bummer, totally!
We passed our machine problem yesterday minutes before the deadline. We basically finished coding 4 in the morning yesterday and we (me & Grace) almost cried. We presented it around 6pm and we were happy that there were no harsh comments from our two teachers. :)) Later that night we had our grade. :))
By the way, when we had our dinner, my nose was bleeding for the first time in many years (like 3 years). I think it was due to the combination of stress and hot weather.
coding a program is stressful!
I did a lot of stuff yesterday that i am not really remorseful of me being so unproductive today.
Tomorrow will be should be productive! I'm going to enroll, pass papers (application, endorsement and cv) to sir and to MWSS, get barangay clearance and medical certificate. :))

So yeah, that's my rambling. It's now 5:57pm and I'm going to SM North to buy an electric fan (3rd electric fan so far in this college life). Goodbye friends! :)

April 02, 2012

10 Random Things About Me

I'm so bored today. Also, procrastination dominates my system, so you GE 171, stop bugging me around. Okay promise, after this post I'm gonna start coding a program or THINKING the algorithm on how to run our machine problem! Yeah, when I say bored, it means that I'm bored to do what I need to accomplish.

These 10 random things I'm about to share are stuff that I'm hesitant to share to people. Actually, many of my friends do not know about these mainly because I'm ashamed to tell the things people wouldn't imagine I'd do even for once in my life. So you are really lucky today because you're going to see a different side of me. That's what boredom can do! Sharing something that I should be keeping for myself and never should the world to know. But now, who cares? And besides, no one, only a few like one, two or three do read my silly bloggy. :)

1.) In elementary (grade 4), I slapped a girl classmate. She was teasing me of a boy classmate and I was pissed. I slapped a real slap and she cried. All of my classmates who were there got really mad at me except for my two loyal friends.

2.) I auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother Season 4. Obviously, I wasn't accepted. I used to be a fan of PBB, my friends could attest to that. That's why I took the chance. Maybe, they'll find me interesting, I thought. But oh boy, who I was kidding? I went there with a friend who was also an aspiring house mate. I was on a stage with around 15 people. The person beside Direk Lauren D asked us a question, "Kung ikaw ang magiging Big Winner, anong unang bibilhin mo sa mapapanalunan?" I answered, "Ang pag-ibig niya, if ever kasya."

3.) In high school, I had a big crush on this guy and I courted him. You might ask how, through cellphone. He dumped me and it was one of the most painful rejection I've ever experienced. That day I learned a lesson: Never ever express your infatuation to a person unless he is a celebrity. Be discreet, always discreet. Besides, if he really likes you, he would say it.

4.) I'd rather watch porn than horror movies.

5.) When I'm outside my school, I feel like I'm a genius. When I'm inside it though, I fell like I'm Forrest Gump. :( If you do not know, Forrest Gump is a character in an epic movie. He has a very low IQ that his teacher in grade school considered him as retarded.

6.) There was a time that I doubt my sexuality. I found myself liking this girl in a way that I like boys. The feeling was really weird, I got kilig whenever she was around. Good thing, it eventually was gone and I hope that it wouldn't come back.

7.) I tried smoking a cigarette with my sister while my parents were away at home. Just one puff though and I stopped because it made me cough. That was the first and could be the last.

8.) I tried eating only pancit canton, kikiam and sky flakes for a week. Poverty struck so I had to diet, as if I need to diet!hahaha Hay, being broke is one of the miserable part of being a student who is away from home. 

9.) I experienced stealing money from my mother because I got addicted to internet chatting.

10.) I am an atheist for a month now.

April 01, 2012

Birthday Treat at Woori Jib Korean Restaurant

Roommate Nisseth treated us at Woori jib Korean Restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City for her advanced birthday celebration. You may wonder why she brought us on a Korean resto. Well dear friends, she's simply a lover of Korean stuff. If you don't know, she is the one who made me love kpop music.

It was my first time to eat in that kind of setting. Finally, I was able to eat in that kind of position which I just only see on Japanese, Taiwanese and of course, Korean movies and drama. ^_^ It was a nice experience, you know, the sitting part.hahaha. I think I got easily full because of that position. Maybe the reason why Asians are generally thin because that way of sitting makes them think that they are already fully stuffed.hahaha. Why not, eh?
I first encountered the term Samgyupsal when I watched INFINITE's reality show, Sesame Player. One  of the members demanded their manager to buy them a Samgyupsal. By the way he said it, I imagined that the food must really be delicious. My verdict after I ate yesterday, nothing special, nothing amazing, it tasted like an ordinary meat being cooked that way. 

Yum! Yum! Chicken. <3
My favorite was the chicken! Wow, it was really delicious! Mashitta! I finished two and I actually wanted for more.hahaha. I'm already salivating while typing this. If I'd go back there, I'll surely order their chicken. Omo, wait, I don't know the prize. It might be expensive.hahaha.

Thank you Nisseth for the wonderful treat. Advanced happy birthday to you. Thank you for being such a nice friend. I am blessed that you are my phlegmatic roommate. ^_^ I am always comfortable with your company. I wish you all the best in every aspect of your life. Hwaiting, chinggu! :)


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