April 02, 2012

10 Random Things About Me

I'm so bored today. Also, procrastination dominates my system, so you GE 171, stop bugging me around. Okay promise, after this post I'm gonna start coding a program or THINKING the algorithm on how to run our machine problem! Yeah, when I say bored, it means that I'm bored to do what I need to accomplish.

These 10 random things I'm about to share are stuff that I'm hesitant to share to people. Actually, many of my friends do not know about these mainly because I'm ashamed to tell the things people wouldn't imagine I'd do even for once in my life. So you are really lucky today because you're going to see a different side of me. That's what boredom can do! Sharing something that I should be keeping for myself and never should the world to know. But now, who cares? And besides, no one, only a few like one, two or three do read my silly bloggy. :)

1.) In elementary (grade 4), I slapped a girl classmate. She was teasing me of a boy classmate and I was pissed. I slapped a real slap and she cried. All of my classmates who were there got really mad at me except for my two loyal friends.

2.) I auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother Season 4. Obviously, I wasn't accepted. I used to be a fan of PBB, my friends could attest to that. That's why I took the chance. Maybe, they'll find me interesting, I thought. But oh boy, who I was kidding? I went there with a friend who was also an aspiring house mate. I was on a stage with around 15 people. The person beside Direk Lauren D asked us a question, "Kung ikaw ang magiging Big Winner, anong unang bibilhin mo sa mapapanalunan?" I answered, "Ang pag-ibig niya, if ever kasya."

3.) In high school, I had a big crush on this guy and I courted him. You might ask how, through cellphone. He dumped me and it was one of the most painful rejection I've ever experienced. That day I learned a lesson: Never ever express your infatuation to a person unless he is a celebrity. Be discreet, always discreet. Besides, if he really likes you, he would say it.

4.) I'd rather watch porn than horror movies.

5.) When I'm outside my school, I feel like I'm a genius. When I'm inside it though, I fell like I'm Forrest Gump. :( If you do not know, Forrest Gump is a character in an epic movie. He has a very low IQ that his teacher in grade school considered him as retarded.

6.) There was a time that I doubt my sexuality. I found myself liking this girl in a way that I like boys. The feeling was really weird, I got kilig whenever she was around. Good thing, it eventually was gone and I hope that it wouldn't come back.

7.) I tried smoking a cigarette with my sister while my parents were away at home. Just one puff though and I stopped because it made me cough. That was the first and could be the last.

8.) I tried eating only pancit canton, kikiam and sky flakes for a week. Poverty struck so I had to diet, as if I need to diet!hahaha Hay, being broke is one of the miserable part of being a student who is away from home. 

9.) I experienced stealing money from my mother because I got addicted to internet chatting.

10.) I am an atheist for a month now.

P.S. 5 of them aren't true. bwahahahaha.. Belated April Fools' Day! :))

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