April 01, 2012

Birthday Treat at Woori Jib Korean Restaurant

Roommate Nisseth treated us at Woori jib Korean Restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City for her advanced birthday celebration. You may wonder why she brought us on a Korean resto. Well dear friends, she's simply a lover of Korean stuff. If you don't know, she is the one who made me love kpop music.

It was my first time to eat in that kind of setting. Finally, I was able to eat in that kind of position which I just only see on Japanese, Taiwanese and of course, Korean movies and drama. ^_^ It was a nice experience, you know, the sitting part.hahaha. I think I got easily full because of that position. Maybe the reason why Asians are generally thin because that way of sitting makes them think that they are already fully stuffed.hahaha. Why not, eh?
I first encountered the term Samgyupsal when I watched INFINITE's reality show, Sesame Player. One  of the members demanded their manager to buy them a Samgyupsal. By the way he said it, I imagined that the food must really be delicious. My verdict after I ate yesterday, nothing special, nothing amazing, it tasted like an ordinary meat being cooked that way. 

Yum! Yum! Chicken. <3
My favorite was the chicken! Wow, it was really delicious! Mashitta! I finished two and I actually wanted for more.hahaha. I'm already salivating while typing this. If I'd go back there, I'll surely order their chicken. Omo, wait, I don't know the prize. It might be expensive.hahaha.

Thank you Nisseth for the wonderful treat. Advanced happy birthday to you. Thank you for being such a nice friend. I am blessed that you are my phlegmatic roommate. ^_^ I am always comfortable with your company. I wish you all the best in every aspect of your life. Hwaiting, chinggu! :)


kimii said...

hi! were you in the private room of the restaurant (located on the second floor)? how was it? was it air conditioned?

jill-yan said...

Yes, we were in an air-conditioned private room located at the second floor. There were two tables. When we ate there, there were koreans eating at the other table, but they left earlier. :)

Unknown said...

Do you need reservations to be in the private room? Thankss!

jill-yan said...

No, you don't need a reservation. :)


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