April 13, 2012

done watching Hunger Games

Finally, I was able to watch the Hunger Games movie on the big screen at SM North for P180.
Overall, it was good.
But the only way to really appreciate its amazing story is to read the book.

My comments for the movie:
  • I commend the actress who acted as Katniss Everdeen, wait, let me google her name Jennifer Lawrence. She performed exactly how I imagined Everdeen did while I was reading it. Plus, she's a very beautiful person. I like her already.
  • I don't think that she made a good chemistry with the one who played as Peeta Mellark who is Josh Hutcherson. 
  • I like how the Capitol looks like, such an impressive presentation of the place.
  • Rue is the most loved character in the movie. I think 90% of us who watched it cried when she was murdered. 

Memorable quote:
I just keep wishing that I could think of a way to show that they don't own me. If i'm going to die, I still want to be me. -Peeta Mellarck.

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