April 16, 2012

First Day of OJT

So the first day of my OJT started today. We were told to arrive at 8 am but Grace and I failed to do so. I was disappointed, actually. I wanted a beautiful and good start. Unfortunately, because we underestimated the duration of time for us to take there, the tardiness reflected on our time card or bundy card as the MWSS people called it. It then gave me a sigh of relief when we were told that 8:01 to 8:30 is not considered late, you just have to make sure to spend 8 hours. Since we got in at 8:10am, we left at 5:10am. :D Beyond 8:30am is what they consider late and there will be a deduction to the salary.

We were only being oriented today, for the work that we've got to do for the two months that we'll be there and that will be until the second week of June. We only need 188 hours of work to be able to fulfill one of the requirements of our course (GE198). So I was expecting that at the second week of May, we will end our job. I just realized there that it's not our prerogative but of the company's of when will our service be over. Good thing, the compensation is beyond my expectation, 75% of the minimum salary and that's P303. :) So okay, fine, bring the job on.haha

We chatted 80% of the time because our work will officially start only tomorrow. The subject of our conversation was about our common ground, our course (Geodetic Engineering). We talked about our subjects and our teachers. As usual, I only listened most of the time.
my colleagues. :D
This is my first time to be doing a job that is related to my course and I'm a bit nervous. The pessimism gets into my veins that I might not be able to perform well. Oh God, help me.

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april :) said...

reading this made me look forward for my time to come ! haha
i mean, for me to do ojt


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