April 24, 2012

Hi guys! :) I'm happy that my left foot is on its healing process. Thank God, it's not getting worse. Yesterday, after my ojt, I went straight to consult a doctor. Although it wasn't painful to walk anymore, its swelling made me worried about it. I had to see a doctor to confirm that it wasn't because of diabetes and I want to know a better antibiotic to take because I thought that it was only due to infection. What the doctor said gave me a sigh of relief because it was not because of diabetes. She prescribed a brand of antibacterial drug which was way more effective than amoxicillin, according to her. So when you'll have a problem like mine, take Caxin (Cloxacillin Sodium), it's very effective. I am seeing positive changes to my left foot after taking only 4 capsules so far (6-hour interval).

Yehey! It's not a burden to walk anymore. :) Thank God it's not serious. Thank God for the drug. Thank God for the doctors.

Meanwhile on my ojt, I am having a good time. Good time means I'm learning a lot and I love the people that I'm working with. 
Day 7


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

congratulations with your feet :)) buti na lang nagpa check ka kagad sa doctor. aja aja with your ojt. God bless. ^_^

Kayle said...

I hope your foot will be okay as soon as possible :) what happened it it, by the way?

following you! You can follow me too :)


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