April 27, 2012

I didn't know what HOTLINKING was

I was surprised a while ago after viewing my blog to see this picture:
I felt like I committed a huge mistake, a sin, a crime. I immediately looked for the meaning of hotlink because I was clueless about it. Yes, I encountered the term many times before but I never once cared to know what it meant. But earlier was different. I was accused of something that I wasn't aware of the definition.

urbandictionary .com says that HOTLINK is a hyperlink to a media file (video, audio, Flash, image, etc.) on another site that bypasses any html pages that would identify the site or earn it advertising revenue. Prohibited on many messages boards and blogs, as it saps bandwidth from the site serving the media and earns the ire of the site's owners.

Wait, what is hyperlink and bandwidth?haha. Goodness, there are are SOOO MANY things that I still have to learn. has a good explanation about the term and it was already crystal clear to me.

I didn't know that through hotlinking, I could get pageviews of my site that are actually meant for the owner of the image. I thought it was the other way around! Also, I did it because it was the easiest and most convenient way whenever I want to display a picture which is from the internet, instead of downloading it to my computer then uploading it to my blog.

From this day forward, I won't be hotlinking again. And if I'll post an image that isn't mine, I'll mention the site where I get it from (hay, hassle). Actually, even until now I still don't understand others why it's a big deal for them when their pictures are used by other sites without credits. I mean, if that happens to me, if my pictures or words will be used even without mentioning that they get them from me or asking permission, I'll still be honored and flattered. I remember, I found a blog where I found this post being REPOSTED. Yes, just like Tumblr, reblogging. Well, not totally like Tumblr because when you reblog there, you will be linked to the site that originally posted it. It didn't agitate me, I was just happy, honored and flattered that my words were used.

I am sad that even using pictures on the internet need to undergo some kind of process so that it can be called  legal. Hay, complicated life.

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