April 21, 2012

It's not fun anymore

One time this week, an unknown number sent me a text message saying only, "Jill", at 12 midnight. I looked at my inbox and found out that the same number also texted a day before it with the same message. Curious of his identity, I replied. 

 Jill: Knsa ni? (I assumed that the person is a Bisaya)
Unknown: Stalker gid. (Obviously, he isn't a Bisaya because we don't use GID.)
Jill: Stalker gid? (I don't get what you mean dude)
Unknown: Stalker mo to! (This is your stalker!)
Jill: Ah ok,gudnyt. Goodluck. Sinasayang mo load ko. (You're wasting my load)
Unknown: Ansungit mo Jill! Hahahaha! Goodnight! (You're so cranky!)
Jill: Hahaha! Sino ba kasi to? (Who is this then?)
Unknown: Hahaha c chris to!
Jill: Adik ka chris. Suntukin kta jan. Hahaha. (You're an addict. I'll punch you.)
Unknown: Hahaha eto na number ko. Bakit gising ka pa? Late ka na naman bukas sa mwss (Why are you still awake? You'll be late again tomorrow.)
Jill: Excuse me, hindi pa ako na.lelate no. Natulog n aq kaninang 7-11.haha (I've never been late yet. I already slept from 7-11.)
The rain interrupted our field work along Quezon Avenue (Dec. 2011)
Chris has become my number 1 bully/teaser/prankster at school together with Kevin. I became friends (yes, they're actually friends) with them due to one of my major subjects. They were two of my groupmates. We spent a lot of time doing field works even on Mondays and Saturdays. Thus, building some kind of friendship that gives them the permission to make fun of me whenever possible. I admit it, there were a lot of instances that I got hurt by their bullies in the form of jokes. It was my fault, I was the one who started to bully Chris and though I already stopped, he chose to continue his. I wanted him (and also Kevin) to stop picking on me because I don't find it hilarious anymore, it's already annoying and hurting.

The next time they'll do it again, I'll just give my unamused expression and leave. I hope it will work.

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