April 23, 2012

Making my Summer Worthwhile by Watching Korean Dramas

One of my very important goals this summer (please be sensitive to sarcasm) is to watch lots of korean dramas. Since I have no social life, I think I can finish watching the following before this season will end:

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
My roommate who already watched all its episodes said that it's the best drama so far this year. I am still clueless of the plot though. But I really think it is something worth watching for, given that it gained a very high TV rating in Korea, making it consistently number 1 on its time slot.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

For the love of L, my second bias in INFINITE, I'm gonna watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

King 2 Hearts
The King 2 Hearts is another drama that my roommate recommended. It's romantic comedy so I'm assured that it is something that I would really love. Besides, the main characters are Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won, two of the best actors I so far encounter in Korean entertainment. :))

Love Rain
I'm waiting for the episode 9 that is yet to be aired later today in Korea. I'm still loving it. So yeah, I'm going to finish watching it until the end. By the way, I am already a fan of Yoona because she is overloaded with cuteness in this drama. Also, I like the way she acts, she's good. I like her so much na talaga, as in!

Wild Romance
 I have so much laugh trip in this series!BWAHAHAHA! It is so funny, I wanna hug them for giving me a reason to laugh so hard. It is my first time seeing Lee Dong Wook's funny side. :D But the funniest is the girl, two thumbs for her. She's really good. Only, the humor gradually decreases as the the drama progresses. I'm in episode 9 and there are already sad scenes. The girl main character is not in her jolly and funny self most of the time because she's already hurting due to the fact that she's in love with the guy who is seemingly forever in love with his first love (of course, it's not her).

Just five, I guess I'll be satisfied with that number. Besides, adding another one may make me sick.hihihi. Yes, too much of anything will make you puke. 

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