April 29, 2012

Nobody Deserves To Be This Season's American Idol But Jessica Sanchez

She's unbelievably amazing. She is born to sing for the world.

I love the song Dance With My Father. For years, I have heard different artists rendering it. But this is the first time, as I listened to Jessica's version, that I got teary-eyed, almost cried, really. The fact that she could stir my emotion at its peak, truly proves that she's a singing genius.

If Ms. Sanchez will not win this competition, I know that whoever will will never be proud of it because he/she knows that nobody really deserves to get the title other than Jessica Sanchez.


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

i agree with you a hundred and one percent. jessica singing dance with my father gave me goosies.

jill-yan said...

I hope there is a like button on your comment.. :))


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