April 15, 2012

OJT This Summer

It's official that I'm going to be on an OJT this summer. I already enrolled GE 198 last Thursday. We passed also on that same day some papers (curriculum vitae, application and endorsement letter) to Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS). It was funny that the HR didn't even take a look at our papers. He just gave us lists of other requirements to be passed later on and also a time card. We were told that we're going to start this Monday at 8 am. It was that simple. I was relieved that there was no interview and all that other formalities to get hired on a job.

I never wanted to get a training job that includes field work. I must not be in my course if I've got that kind of dislike since it is mainly working in the fields, you may think. It is not that I don't like performing field works, I just don't like the sun touching my skin. Sorry, maarte. And think how much I despise doing field works this summer where the sun is hottest. That's why I'm thankful that I'm going to work this summer at MWSS where I'll be staying in a building, where the sun couldn't make me dark. Although I'm going to be in front of a computer all day, I wouldn't mind, at least my skin wouldn't burn.hehehe.

We need to remember what we learned in GE 160 (about Geographic Information Systems) to be able to perform whatever task MWSS may request from us, which is I'm not quite confident about. I took the course 3 semesters ago which for me was a long time already. So yeah, I have to review or else I'll look dumb and give shame to the name of my school.hehehe.

Grace and I went to Trinoma yesterday to buy shoes for our going-to-be-epic OJT. I didn't have any appropriate foot ware for the job so there we went. We were lucky because the mall was on a sale and we were able to buy with discounts. Actually, the shoes that Grace bought was originally priced as P1,500 and she only paid around P800!

Yes, I bought two (You don't say Jill!). Each pair cost P420. But because both pair of shoes have 10% discount, I only paid P750. :) By the way, the suYS (color brown) shoes are made in Korea.kekeke.

I am excited for my OJT. I am excited to learn, excited to know other people, excited to gain a whole new experience, excited again to learn and learn especially in GIS. :)

By the way, the crush will not be with us in MWSS. :( From what I heard, he decided not to get an OJT this summer because of a reason that I do not know. My guy orgmates were bugging me to tell them who my crush is. If only they read my blog, they already know who I'm crushing on.haha. Good thing, they don't bother to visit this site.BWAHAHAHA.

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