April 20, 2012

Torture T_T

Warning: The pictures are disgusting.

I am not feeling well since yesterday. I'm in pain especially when I walk. I wanted to cry. I need a wheelchair. I wish humans could fly so that there's an alternative whenever our feet fail us to bring from one place to another. I decided not to tell my mother about it because I don't want her to worry and most especially, I don't want her to scold me. Grace told me earlier that I should not go to work tomorrow so that I could have a rest. You know, getting a rest is good for an ailing person. But I don't want to miss anything, I think I can bear the ache. T_T I took mefenamic acid 6 hours ago expecting the pain to fade but until now, I don't feel any alleviation.

I got a wound because of wearing doll shoes even though I also wear socks. The weird thing about it is that only my left foot got wounded. And what's more weird about it is, it is swollen as if it was mugged! It is so hard to walk since yesterday. My pace isn't normal that's why people are looking at my feet, wondering why I walk the way I do. It is really a torture.

I don't understand why the blister could bring such a disaster. I had blisters before at the same spot but they didn't give this kind of overwhelming pain. I don't want to go to the hospital. I hope that this would be okay after a day or even after several hours.

I'm afraid that I have a diabetes because of the swell. Plus, I also acquired a wound that I don't have any idea how I got it, also on my left foot 2 weeks ago and it isn't healed yet!
 Left foot, please be strong. You'll be okay. T_T


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

ouch -_- oh cute foot, please heal. masakit yan, super!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

hala. baka diabetic ka nga. pwede naman yan mapa check up diba?? ;))

Jill said...

ayokong magpa-check-up.hihi Sana gumaling na siya para hindi ko na kailangang pumunta sa doctor. :|


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