April 11, 2012


I want to blog about our outing at Rainforest resort in Pasig last Easter Sunday but I don't have any appetite to start.
I want to watch a Korean drama to award myself after my second semester ended so WELL. :D
I want  have to do important stuff today, yet I ended up in front of my laptop lazily scrolling on my facebook, twitter and tumblr. :|

I don't know. My strength and enthusiasm (if ever I really do have it) left me after I finished our machine problem in GE 171. I am a geodetic engineering student but we also code computer programs. :| such a bummer, totally!
We passed our machine problem yesterday minutes before the deadline. We basically finished coding 4 in the morning yesterday and we (me & Grace) almost cried. We presented it around 6pm and we were happy that there were no harsh comments from our two teachers. :)) Later that night we had our grade. :))
By the way, when we had our dinner, my nose was bleeding for the first time in many years (like 3 years). I think it was due to the combination of stress and hot weather.
coding a program is stressful!
I did a lot of stuff yesterday that i am not really remorseful of me being so unproductive today.
Tomorrow will be should be productive! I'm going to enroll, pass papers (application, endorsement and cv) to sir and to MWSS, get barangay clearance and medical certificate. :))

So yeah, that's my rambling. It's now 5:57pm and I'm going to SM North to buy an electric fan (3rd electric fan so far in this college life). Goodbye friends! :)

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