May 30, 2012

Paper Cut

Today I experienced my very first paper cut which happened while I was working at the office. Truth be told, before the incident, I was not a believer that a paper has the capacity of cutting our skin. Look at a paper, very thin, light and everything. How could it possibly hurt a human being? Until I personally experienced it.. ouch!, papers are deceiving.. Even that seemingly harmless material can make you bleed.

Paper cut. What always comes to my mind when I hear that two words is Twilight. You know, that book and movie of Bella and Edward. If you don't know, there's a part there when Bella visited the Cullen's residence because Edward was going to introduce her to his family. That day was her birthday and she was given some presents. When she was opening a gift, she accidentally cut her skin by a paper. Blood came out and one of the  Cullen guy was going to attack her because that person can't control the urge to drink blood. Thankfully, there was Edward to protect her. What I actually thought when I read that part of the book was this: "OA! Papel lang, nasugatan na!"

So here's what I've learned from this paper cut of mine:
1. A lot of things are real whether you experience it or not.
2. In  this life, even the most harmless person or object could hurt you. Accept it and prepare your heart for it.
3. You get to taste some bitter experiences to be able to understand others. And you could only say, "Ahhh.. so this is how it feels like."

May 27, 2012

INFINITE members were ranked according to their likability

As an INFINITE fan, I was very much delighted after I knew that the group has a new show in Korea, the Ranking King. It is just good to know that I'd be seeing them apart from their sing and dance performances in different music shows. Ranking King already started this week (last Wednesday I think). It is only around 40 minutes but I have no complaints, better short than nothing. I am thankful to solid fans for they already provided an English subtitle of the said show. So yesterday, I watched it and it was just then that I learned what the show was all about: the 7 guys would compete with each other to be the most likable INFINITE member.

On the first episode, the members were given numbers from 1 to 7. Prior to that, some INFINITE fans were asked to rank the members according to their likability, 1 being the most likable and 7 being the least likable. Yes, that was the basis of who would proudly get the number 1 and who would embarrassingly receive the number 7. Here was the result:

Sungjong, dapat kasi hot ka para maging  no. 1. hahaha

1. Woohyun
2. Myungsoo
3. Sunggyu
4. Dongwoo
5. Sungyeol
6. Hoya
7. Sungjong

Imbyerna, ako ang last! Ang yabang ni Woohyun!

Honestly, I am quiet satisfied with the result. At least, my dear Dongwoo wasn't ranked last. Although he is the least good looking member, he makes it up with his amazing and nice personality. Also, he is really talented. I was not surprised that Sungjong was at the last because if I were to rank them, he would also be the last. Sorry, I don't like Sungjong being so effeminate. 

I wasn't at all surprised that Woohyun was no. 1. He is after all the one who shows a lot of aegyo. He is also the cheesiest member towards their fans. I am still wondering why Sunggyu made it to the top 3 though. hahaha. He is one of my bottom 3 kasi. :p

I'll be posting my own ranking soon.hahahaha. Apparently, it would not be the same/identical from the above list.  

If you'd like to watch Ranking King's first episode, here's the link.
I'm excited for the upcoming episodes. I bet the ranking above would change and maybe even my own. Actually, mine just changed after I viewed the show.hehehe.

*photos source: tumblr

May 14, 2012

Tips To Remember When Planning to Watch Films in Cinemas

1.) Don't watch if you're exhausted. Even though you're excited for that movie thinking that your exhaustion can't possibly make you sleepy, bear in mind that it's hard to fight what your nerves sense. If they say that your body wants to doze off, you know that it's hard to resist it. I was exhausted when I watched Avengers given that I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was from an 8-hour job. I tried so hard to stay awake, still I failed not to sleep for the entire movie. Dozing off was just inevitable especially when the scenes were idle, meaning, there were only not so necessary and a bit long conversations.
If you want to get the most out of the movie, make sure that your body is well charged.

2.) Choose a seat that is closer to the screen. Viewing is much better when you're closer to the screen when you are in a 3D cinema. It feels more realistic. It feels like you're part of the movie because the things you see are just right in front you! Yeah, it's really cool. How realistic it was, you may ask. Just imagine, there were scenes that I was dodging on my seat because debris were flying to my direction. You know, I might get hit! hahaha. Silly!  

3.) Don't ever take your glasses off. Don't rely on the big screen thinking that even though you're nearsighted, you can still clearly see everything. When we entered the cinema, we were given those glasses for 3d viewing. I took off my glasses with a 50/75 grade since my experience in IMAX taught me that it made no difference if I'm wearing it or not. I was watching without it for the first few minutes and it was okay. Out of curiosity, I put my glasses back just to prove that there wasn't any difference. But what the hell, there was a big difference. Things looked even clearer. I was deceived! So don't you ever take your glasses off. Don't follow my foolishness.

4.) Go to IMAX if you want an epic viewing experience. Expensive, yes it is. It would be worth it though especially when you'll be wathcing something that you deem great. I'm a fan of Spiderman. As you know, there will be an upcoming movie of it this July. I already saw the trailer and awesome is the word to describe it. As early as now, I'm sure that I'll be watching it in IMAX. It will be worth the price, that's for sure!  

Last Friday, I watched Avengers together with my friends. I've heard a lot of positive feedback of the movie. My roommate even told me that it received a standing ovation when they watched it. It was the first time ever that she experienced it. For me, it was just good. Overrated? I think so. Or maybe, I can't fully appreciate it because of what happened to me (refer to no. 1) and I really don't have any idea of those super heroes included. Yes, I never watched the movies of Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. So I was actually clueless. If I was able to watch their individual movies perhaps I'll be amazed by the fact that they're united in one movie. But that wasn't the case so, poor me. The visual effects was commendable though. It made my jaw dropped! 

By the way, of the super heroes, I like Iron Man the most. :)) Gotta watch that movie of him.

May 10, 2012

If Only Weeping Could Make It Possible

I am currently watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Hopefully, I'll finish it by the end of the week. If the internet connection in my dorm would have been fast, I think I'm already done. The drama is being recommended by my roommate. She said that it's the best so far this year. Actually, it got the highest rating on Korean TV after a long time. 

Anyways, I found myself laughing so hard when this kid talked to her parents about marrying the person she liked. When her father said that it's not going to happen, she started to cry out loud.

I remember myself, when I was a kid, I wept to my parents to get what I wanted when they already answered 'no'. During those times, I learned that no matter how much you cry that you seem like dying, you just simply couldn't get everything you wanted. Growing up, I was never spoiled. I've got a mother who wouldn't budge every time I used crying to get my way. Since kids don't understand a lot of stuff yet, I interpreted my mother's gesture as having no love for me at all. But of course, I didn't  believe it anymore. How could my mother give the subject of my weeping back then when what I wanted was to change my first name?hahaha. It was one of the things that I remember. I went back home after playing at the neighborhood and I learned a beautiful name of a girl, which I already forgot. So talk I did to my mother and told her my desire to change my name. She laughed at me and said that it can't be done. I cried and cried, hoping that she would gave in but to no avail. Sometimes, you don't get what you want because they are just plain silly.

But wouldn't it be a lot less complicated if you get what you wanted through crying? Like, "Looorrrd, I like him, give him to me!HUHUHUHUHU!" And then  He would undoubtedly reserve him for you.

But then, what's so exciting about life if that's the case?

May 06, 2012

Wild Romance

Lee Dong Wook, my longest Korean crush since 2006, was the reason why I chose to watch Wild Romance. To sustain me to finish all its episodes does not depend on his presence but rather, the story itself. The fact that I was able to watch it until the last within a week just means that the story is good. 

Wild Romance is a romantic comedy series sprinkled with mystery and suspense (or is it just me?). I laughed so hard in this drama. I must say that this is yet the best comedy series ever basing from the frequency and intensity of my laughs. I found it shallow at first, sometimes you just want something to be serious and the drama just went on to tickle me. On the latter part, I learned to appreciate its humor which was present almost every second of the series. After all, comedy is one of my favorite genres.

Lee Si-Young, the female protagonist, appeared in Boys Over Flowers (BOF) as Jun Pyo's stalker who became Jan Di's friend at school but later on betrayed her. I actually didn't remember her on that drama, my roommate only told me. Her part on BOF was just short that's why she was not memorable. Yet through Wild Romance, I should say that she'll be remembered by me as one of the best actresses of her generation in Korea. She is the funniest person, the major reason why I laughed my heart out while watching Wild Romance. I love her already that I have to find her Facebook fan page and follow it.

What made the series very exciting was the mystery of who was that person who wanted to ruin Park Mu Yeol's (Lee Dong Wook) career and life eventually. It was mind-boggling. I had goose bumps (OA??) when I realized who that person was, very unexpected! Okay.. I'll stop there. I don't want to spoil you.

I hope that this isn't considered as a spoiler but I have to mention that I so dearly loved  these two supporting characters, Manager Kim and Dong-Ah:
They gave me more kilig than the main characters. They were just so cute for each other. Hahaha. Also, Manager Kim is such a hottie. I hope the two would be given a big break, a drama that they'll lead. I would definitely watch it!kekeke! Please be popular exponentially!

*images source here

May 04, 2012

I love raindrops more than sunshine

The sun refuses to shine today. Although it represents smile and happiness, the absence of it makes me smile instead. It's a blessing to experience something that you don't expect to happen this summer season. I thought I could only experience the beloved rain next month, but look, it arrived sooner than I expected. :D

I am such a rain fanatic. It is my simple bliss. Sorry sunshine lovers, I can't appreciate the brightest star as much as you do. I am just born to adore the rain.

I saw kids wearing their big smiles while dancing in the rain and I envy them. I can't remember when was the last time I did it. Maybe a decade ago, that long! Oh! how I want to experience it once again. One of these days, I will. The child in me will prevail. :)

May 02, 2012

One time (April 30), I ate a free dinner. Thanks to Grace who got an additional allowance from her sister. After our work, we headed directly to KFC Katipunan. Since MWSS is along Katipunan Ave., we chose to eat where Ateneans dominate the place. For my whole life her in UP, I think it was only my second time dining at KFC Katips. hehe 
Yey! Gomawo Grace-ssi!
We both ordered flavored shots meal for only P50 and french fries. :D I love that kind of meal not just because it's the cheapest that the store offers but I just fell in love with its sauce ever since I tasted it. Yes, the sweet chili sauce is something my tongue considers delisyoso! The french fries on the other hand is not my type. I guess I'm just used to McDo's fries that it has become my only definition of how fries should taste like. 
We were there for a couple of hours. We talked a lot of stuff. Stuff like how some of our friends choose to eat along Katips rather than any food establishments around UP because there are many good-looking individuals that their eyes could linger on.haha. We also went on discussing about infidelity (whhhuuuuut?). Our topic also included kpop. I am quiet happy that I am able to talk with her about kpop now. She just became interested with it because of SNSD.

The picture is not candid. I was supposed to look at the camera but the friend said that I should look away. So there I complied directly. I find the picture funny because of the guy behind me. We were like looking at each other through the glass. By the way, when we arrived, he was already there--studying! Judging from the picture, he had already stopped studying and I think he was listening to our conversation! Chismoso.hahaha. Nag-jojoke lang po. Peace. :)

Thank you again Grace for the free dinner. I noticed that you are treating me many times already. Hayaan mo, I'll make bawi (conyo much?) if I'll earn enough money from this blog.hihihi


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