May 10, 2012

If Only Weeping Could Make It Possible

I am currently watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Hopefully, I'll finish it by the end of the week. If the internet connection in my dorm would have been fast, I think I'm already done. The drama is being recommended by my roommate. She said that it's the best so far this year. Actually, it got the highest rating on Korean TV after a long time. 

Anyways, I found myself laughing so hard when this kid talked to her parents about marrying the person she liked. When her father said that it's not going to happen, she started to cry out loud.

I remember myself, when I was a kid, I wept to my parents to get what I wanted when they already answered 'no'. During those times, I learned that no matter how much you cry that you seem like dying, you just simply couldn't get everything you wanted. Growing up, I was never spoiled. I've got a mother who wouldn't budge every time I used crying to get my way. Since kids don't understand a lot of stuff yet, I interpreted my mother's gesture as having no love for me at all. But of course, I didn't  believe it anymore. How could my mother give the subject of my weeping back then when what I wanted was to change my first name?hahaha. It was one of the things that I remember. I went back home after playing at the neighborhood and I learned a beautiful name of a girl, which I already forgot. So talk I did to my mother and told her my desire to change my name. She laughed at me and said that it can't be done. I cried and cried, hoping that she would gave in but to no avail. Sometimes, you don't get what you want because they are just plain silly.

But wouldn't it be a lot less complicated if you get what you wanted through crying? Like, "Looorrrd, I like him, give him to me!HUHUHUHUHU!" And then  He would undoubtedly reserve him for you.

But then, what's so exciting about life if that's the case?


Diane Writes said...

I want to watch this!!! Haha Na-intriga ako :) Did you watch in through Drama Fever? San kaya may kopya hihihi

jill-yan said...

Hi! :) Parang sa ko ata siya pinanood. Pero yung ibang episodes ay copy ng roommate ko.hehe. meron pala kasi siyang copy, later ko na nalaman. :) maganda to tapos maraming iyakan moments.


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