May 27, 2012

INFINITE members were ranked according to their likability

As an INFINITE fan, I was very much delighted after I knew that the group has a new show in Korea, the Ranking King. It is just good to know that I'd be seeing them apart from their sing and dance performances in different music shows. Ranking King already started this week (last Wednesday I think). It is only around 40 minutes but I have no complaints, better short than nothing. I am thankful to solid fans for they already provided an English subtitle of the said show. So yesterday, I watched it and it was just then that I learned what the show was all about: the 7 guys would compete with each other to be the most likable INFINITE member.

On the first episode, the members were given numbers from 1 to 7. Prior to that, some INFINITE fans were asked to rank the members according to their likability, 1 being the most likable and 7 being the least likable. Yes, that was the basis of who would proudly get the number 1 and who would embarrassingly receive the number 7. Here was the result:

Sungjong, dapat kasi hot ka para maging  no. 1. hahaha

1. Woohyun
2. Myungsoo
3. Sunggyu
4. Dongwoo
5. Sungyeol
6. Hoya
7. Sungjong

Imbyerna, ako ang last! Ang yabang ni Woohyun!

Honestly, I am quiet satisfied with the result. At least, my dear Dongwoo wasn't ranked last. Although he is the least good looking member, he makes it up with his amazing and nice personality. Also, he is really talented. I was not surprised that Sungjong was at the last because if I were to rank them, he would also be the last. Sorry, I don't like Sungjong being so effeminate. 

I wasn't at all surprised that Woohyun was no. 1. He is after all the one who shows a lot of aegyo. He is also the cheesiest member towards their fans. I am still wondering why Sunggyu made it to the top 3 though. hahaha. He is one of my bottom 3 kasi. :p

I'll be posting my own ranking soon.hahahaha. Apparently, it would not be the same/identical from the above list.  

If you'd like to watch Ranking King's first episode, here's the link.
I'm excited for the upcoming episodes. I bet the ranking above would change and maybe even my own. Actually, mine just changed after I viewed the show.hehehe.

*photos source: tumblr

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