May 02, 2012

One time (April 30), I ate a free dinner. Thanks to Grace who got an additional allowance from her sister. After our work, we headed directly to KFC Katipunan. Since MWSS is along Katipunan Ave., we chose to eat where Ateneans dominate the place. For my whole life her in UP, I think it was only my second time dining at KFC Katips. hehe 
Yey! Gomawo Grace-ssi!
We both ordered flavored shots meal for only P50 and french fries. :D I love that kind of meal not just because it's the cheapest that the store offers but I just fell in love with its sauce ever since I tasted it. Yes, the sweet chili sauce is something my tongue considers delisyoso! The french fries on the other hand is not my type. I guess I'm just used to McDo's fries that it has become my only definition of how fries should taste like. 
We were there for a couple of hours. We talked a lot of stuff. Stuff like how some of our friends choose to eat along Katips rather than any food establishments around UP because there are many good-looking individuals that their eyes could linger on.haha. We also went on discussing about infidelity (whhhuuuuut?). Our topic also included kpop. I am quiet happy that I am able to talk with her about kpop now. She just became interested with it because of SNSD.

The picture is not candid. I was supposed to look at the camera but the friend said that I should look away. So there I complied directly. I find the picture funny because of the guy behind me. We were like looking at each other through the glass. By the way, when we arrived, he was already there--studying! Judging from the picture, he had already stopped studying and I think he was listening to our conversation! Chismoso.hahaha. Nag-jojoke lang po. Peace. :)

Thank you again Grace for the free dinner. I noticed that you are treating me many times already. Hayaan mo, I'll make bawi (conyo much?) if I'll earn enough money from this blog.hihihi

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

super nice talaga pag ika'y malibre. haha ^_^


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