May 30, 2012

Paper Cut

Today I experienced my very first paper cut which happened while I was working at the office. Truth be told, before the incident, I was not a believer that a paper has the capacity of cutting our skin. Look at a paper, very thin, light and everything. How could it possibly hurt a human being? Until I personally experienced it.. ouch!, papers are deceiving.. Even that seemingly harmless material can make you bleed.

Paper cut. What always comes to my mind when I hear that two words is Twilight. You know, that book and movie of Bella and Edward. If you don't know, there's a part there when Bella visited the Cullen's residence because Edward was going to introduce her to his family. That day was her birthday and she was given some presents. When she was opening a gift, she accidentally cut her skin by a paper. Blood came out and one of the  Cullen guy was going to attack her because that person can't control the urge to drink blood. Thankfully, there was Edward to protect her. What I actually thought when I read that part of the book was this: "OA! Papel lang, nasugatan na!"

So here's what I've learned from this paper cut of mine:
1. A lot of things are real whether you experience it or not.
2. In  this life, even the most harmless person or object could hurt you. Accept it and prepare your heart for it.
3. You get to taste some bitter experiences to be able to understand others. And you could only say, "Ahhh.. so this is how it feels like."

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