May 14, 2012

Tips To Remember When Planning to Watch Films in Cinemas

1.) Don't watch if you're exhausted. Even though you're excited for that movie thinking that your exhaustion can't possibly make you sleepy, bear in mind that it's hard to fight what your nerves sense. If they say that your body wants to doze off, you know that it's hard to resist it. I was exhausted when I watched Avengers given that I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was from an 8-hour job. I tried so hard to stay awake, still I failed not to sleep for the entire movie. Dozing off was just inevitable especially when the scenes were idle, meaning, there were only not so necessary and a bit long conversations.
If you want to get the most out of the movie, make sure that your body is well charged.

2.) Choose a seat that is closer to the screen. Viewing is much better when you're closer to the screen when you are in a 3D cinema. It feels more realistic. It feels like you're part of the movie because the things you see are just right in front you! Yeah, it's really cool. How realistic it was, you may ask. Just imagine, there were scenes that I was dodging on my seat because debris were flying to my direction. You know, I might get hit! hahaha. Silly!  

3.) Don't ever take your glasses off. Don't rely on the big screen thinking that even though you're nearsighted, you can still clearly see everything. When we entered the cinema, we were given those glasses for 3d viewing. I took off my glasses with a 50/75 grade since my experience in IMAX taught me that it made no difference if I'm wearing it or not. I was watching without it for the first few minutes and it was okay. Out of curiosity, I put my glasses back just to prove that there wasn't any difference. But what the hell, there was a big difference. Things looked even clearer. I was deceived! So don't you ever take your glasses off. Don't follow my foolishness.

4.) Go to IMAX if you want an epic viewing experience. Expensive, yes it is. It would be worth it though especially when you'll be wathcing something that you deem great. I'm a fan of Spiderman. As you know, there will be an upcoming movie of it this July. I already saw the trailer and awesome is the word to describe it. As early as now, I'm sure that I'll be watching it in IMAX. It will be worth the price, that's for sure!  

Last Friday, I watched Avengers together with my friends. I've heard a lot of positive feedback of the movie. My roommate even told me that it received a standing ovation when they watched it. It was the first time ever that she experienced it. For me, it was just good. Overrated? I think so. Or maybe, I can't fully appreciate it because of what happened to me (refer to no. 1) and I really don't have any idea of those super heroes included. Yes, I never watched the movies of Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. So I was actually clueless. If I was able to watch their individual movies perhaps I'll be amazed by the fact that they're united in one movie. But that wasn't the case so, poor me. The visual effects was commendable though. It made my jaw dropped! 

By the way, of the super heroes, I like Iron Man the most. :)) Gotta watch that movie of him.

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