June 29, 2012

Going to The Bookworm Brigade

Thank you to Ms. Saab Magalona's blog post and I was able to know that such awesome event will take place tomorrow (June 30, 2012) at Moonleaf Tea Shop Maginhawa. Fortunately, the location is just a jeep away from where I am. So I've got no excuse of not going. Plus, Rona is coming with me. I'm excited to get hold of books that I have not read yet. Although I really have no time for reading these days, the thought of having good books waiting for me to be read will bring in me such delight. I can't allot money on buying books  nowadays, unless they are on sale. This event is such a blessing then for I would be able to own some without spending. 

By the way, if you have plans to come, check its facebook page: The Bookworm Brigade.

I've got 11 books here. I left many at home. Some I left at my relatives' house in Antipolo and in Pasig. And few are being borrowed by friends. I'm going to swap my six books. Please give me a moment to grieve. I want to grieve because I'm going to say goodbye to them. :( I said to myself before that I should keep them forever, no swapping, no selling, no giving. I would just let my friends borrow them. But I realized, after seeing The Bookworm Brigade, it is better for these books to be read by others than being put in a box untouched for a long time because I have already done reading them. I realized also that books are meant to be passed and not really much to be kept. Our favorites are an exception though because like me, I may want to read them again, so they have to be around. :)) And also, the ones that we really, really, really love are those that are hard for us to let go, so people, let them stay with us.
Goodbye, precious books. :(

I'm not yet done with these three books.

When I read The Catcher In The Rye, I cannot relate to others who claim that the book is one of the best that they've read. I was like, "WWHHHYYY, I don't totally understand." I ended up reading it because I heard that it's one of the books that you should read before you die. When I finished it, I said, "That was it? Which part is epic there?" That's why I don't want to sell or swap it yet. I still believe that the second time I read it, I would come to appreciate the author's thoughts. While What's So Amazing About Grace? is the best Christian book that I've read so far. Such an amazing book, I have to read it time and time again. I also want to read Judith McNaught's Remember When again. I find the author as one of the best, if using the best is overrated, romance writer. 

I haven't finished reading The Dive from Clausen's Pier and Burnt Orange yet. By the way, the second is Nisseth's Christmas gift to me. Haaay, I will finish you someday. :|  

Reading update this year: I still haven't finished any book yet!!! Yes, it is really frustrating! Early this year, I started reading Stardust but when I became busy last sem, I dropped it. Then last summer, I read One Hundred Years of Solitude. Cathy lent me her book and until now I'm still at the middle part. I find it so difficult to continue reading because I don't fully grasp the story. I was always thinking this: "Where is this going??!!" Hmmpp.. *sighs*
Stuck with this awful book.
Yey! I'm excited for tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

June 26, 2012

Tangina Bro Moments

Pasensya na sa mura. Isipin niyo na lang na hindi siya mura. Minsan kasi it becomes a matter of perspective na whether you consider this thing to be good or bad.hehe. Pero kasi natutuwa talaga ako sa fina-follow ko sa twitter. Si:

Kung hindi ka matutuwa sa kanya, isa kang certified na kill joy. Tumatawa nga akong mag-isa habang binabasa ko tweets niya. Tangina Bro moments, yan yung mga pagkakataong naiinis ka, naiirita ka, na-ha-high-blood ka, napupuno ka na sa mga bagay na meron o walang kwenta. Kaya Tangina Bro na lang talaga masasabi mo. Nakaka-relate ako sa ibang tini-tweet niya. Relate kasi hindi naman ako exempted sa mga moments na gusto mong manghagis ng plato.

Kaya heto na ang mga iilang Tangina Bro moments na yan:

Yung hindi ka makatulog sa klase kasi ang ingay ng titser.

Yung mga feeling nasa shampoo commercial, sige lang display your damaged hair.

Yung sobrang confident mo sinigaw yung answer... mali pala.

Yung uso bigla magpapicture na may kasamang ice cream..

Yung sobrang pinapractice mo joke mo......tapos nung sinabi mo, nagkamali ka.

Yung summer na nga, pero may pasok ka pa rin.

Yung nag snorkeling kayo, wala namang laman yung dagat.

Yung hindi ko gets kung ano kinalaman ng itlog sa Easter.

Yung mga salespeople na sunod ng sunod sa iyo. Nag-apply ka ba sa pagiging bodyguard?

Yung hindi mo mabuksan yung pagkain kahit sa 'tear here'.

Yung pakiramdam mo ang dali-dali lang ng exam tapos bagsak ka pala.

Yung todo kopya ka ng assignment tapos hindi naman pala tsitsekan.

Yung lunes na bukas at wala ka pa rin nagagawa.

Yung sobrang sweet lahat.

Yung ultimo sarili mong sulat hindi mo maintindihan sa sobrang pangit.

Yung alam na ngang walang pag-asa, umaasa pa rin.

Yung kanina mo pa tinataboy ang langaw, pero ayaw ka pa rin tantanan.

Yung naihi ka ng madaling araw, todo iwas ka sa salamin.

Yung tinawag kang panget, parang siya hindi eh.

Yung kumaway ka pabalik tapos hindi pala ikaw ang kinakawayan.

Yung wala ng lasa ang chewing gum mo, wagas pa rin kung makanguya.

Yung salita ka pa nang salita, tapos na pala ang tawag.

Yung akala mo gusto ka rin niya, akala mo lang.

Eto yung link kung gusto niyo pang magbasa: TANGINA BRO!
Ang aking na-experience na tangina bro moments:

Yung umulan bigla at wala kang dalang payong.

Yung may gustong-gusto kang papanuoring show tapos nag-brown-out.

Yung may kailangan kang bilhin sa tindahan tapos wala o ubos na.

Yung sobrang nag-aral ka tapos bagsak pa rin sa exam.

Yung hinihintay mo text nya pero wala, walang dumating.

Yung may nakita kang gwapo, bading pala.

Yung matagal ka nang nag-ba-blog pero konti pa rin followers mo.

Yung may babaeng nilalandi crush mo.

June 25, 2012

Mabuti pa ang pusa..

Mabuti pa ang pusa, kaya kong piktyuran ng harap-harapan. Ikaw, HINDI. :|

*This picture was taken just a while ago. Grace went to the Faculty Center to withdraw (not shit, but money..haha) and I accompanied her. I found this kitten. It deserved to be photographed because it was very cute. After I took the picture, I suddenly thought of him. Yes, the person who has the capacity to bring out all the shyness in me.
To my foreigner readers (Oh God, feelingera ang drama ko ngayon..) who can't understand Tagalog, don't mind what I have just said, it's nothing but nonsense.

June 19, 2012

Nescafe Mocha

There was a time that I promised myself to never drink coffee again! But promises are mere words bound to be broken by our actions. I made that promise because I didn't want to experience extreme palpitation again and it sucked a lot of not being able to sleep because of caffeine intake. Also, I don't like coffee. Coffee is bitter. Any bitter drink or food for me does not taste great. So I am this kind of person that if ever you bring me to Starbucks would be broken hearted because I'd be spending an expensive drink that isn't worth the price. Yes, your heart could bleed if your precious money would be spent for something you don't like in the first place.

But this Nescafe Mocha is an exception! The taste is great. It feels like coffee but I don't taste any bitterness in it. I could even say that it's sweet. I could bear the palpitation just to drink this one. After my class earlier, I went back to my dorm and suddenly craved for it. Then there I went to the kiosk and spent P35.hehehe. 

I wouldn't be surprised that one day I'll be a fan of coffee. Actually, I think I'm going there. My definition of good taste could change, you know.

Time check, it's now 4:20 pm.. Imma leave now. I still have a class at 5pm until 6:30pm. 

June 18, 2012

The Wallflower Mom

Last night, I went to Mashitta (a Japanese and Korean food stall at Shopping Center here in UP) to buy my ever favorite Korean food, Kimchi fried rice. As I was waiting for my order, I can't help but to listen by the conversation of a family near me, consisting of a daughter, husband and wife. They were speaking in straight English. So here's the fragments of what I heard. Actually, only the mom talked..haha.

Mom: (addressing to her daughter) Let's watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Daughter: *nods*
Mom: Starring Perccccyyyy (she sounded thrilled!)
The family started to get up to leave..
Mom: When I was your age, I was a wallflower. 

Cool mom. She's proud being a wallflower and she wants her daughter to see by watching the movie how she was like in her teenage years. When she said she was a wallflower, I wanted to interrupt her and announce that I'm a wallflower too. But then, I'm a wallflower, so never mind!haha

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I want to watch that movie. I think I can relate. By how much? I think, a lot. Are you also going to watch the movie because you are one of us (wallflowers)? You can also watch it even if you are not so that you will know what it is like to be one. :)

I know there are people who say these things don't happen. I know these will all be stories someday. But right now, we are alive. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite. - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

June 17, 2012

You've already won me over

I just fervently hope that these steps will lead me to where you are.


What is the chance that there is at least one Infinite fan who ranks the members the way I rank them? I'm afraid there is none. But that's okay, we are born to be unique in many ways. I hope I don't get harsh comments from my ranking. Please respect it. :) The degree of my love for them may differ but the bottom line is, I LOVE them all.

Let's start from the member that I love the least..

7. Sungjong (Lee Sung Jong)
The irony of this is that he was the one whom I first noticed when I discovered their epic 'Be Mine' music video. He was the first one whom I searched for the name. Yes, I found him the most attractive member the moment I laid my eyes to the group. Things simply changed after seeing him on interviews and shows other than their sing and dance performances. I found out that he's so effeminate. Every move he makes is so gay and I don't like that. It did hurt me, actually. He walks, waves, shouts, runs like a girl. He is popular in imitating girl groups' dance moves with matching swaying of butt.. Sometimes, I'm entertained and amused how he can flawlessly copy a girlie dance moves but it also turns me off. Basically, I want him to be manly.

He is so pretty. He could be mistaken as a girl. Although he is the last in my ranking, I think he is the one that I'd be most comfortable to be with if I'd meet them and be friends with them.

6. Sunggyu (Kim Sung Gyu)
 Sunggyu is the second best singer in the group (some might think that he is the best, but for me it is Woohyun). He is the eldest, thus assumes leadership. He is bossy sometimes, yet very responsible. I just don't like the fact that he is abusing his position being the leader and the eldest. He is frequently  asking Sungjong (since he is the youngest) to do a lot of stuff while he is just there nagging and roaming around like a CEO.

What really makes him on my no. 6 list is mainly because of his eyes. Hahaha, I know, silly reason. It would really be okay to me if he could undergo a double-eyelid surgery. Hehehe. Love you, leader-gyu!

Sunggyu impressed me recently after watching the second episode of Ranking King. He is talented, you know. Aside from singing and dancing, he can also play the piano. It turned me on!

5. Hoya (Lee Ho Won)
Everybody calls him the Dance Machine Hoya because of his impeccable and awesome dance moves. I might have said before that Dongwoo is the best dancer, but now, I think it is really Hoya. I have nothing to say against him since I find him a great person. The only downside of being him is he is the most boring person or if not, the second one and the first would be Myungsoo (hihihi). He is just quiet especially on the show, Sesame Player. He has now learned to make efforts in conversations though and he is also trying to be humorous. Without Hoya, I don't think Infinite would be as successful as they are right now. Yes, for me, he is the most important member since the group is known for its perfectly synchronized dance moves.

By the way, he is SNSD's Tiffany's favorite. :)

4. Sungyeol (Lee Song Yeol)

The height of Infinite--it really made me laugh when he said it while introducing himself from a show that I already forgot the title. It was not a joke but I found it so hilarious. I was thinking, so his height is the reason why he has been included in the group? Sung Yeol maybe the least talented one for he can hardly sing and his dancing skill is not at par with Hoya and Dongwoo, but this person has an awesome personality. He is not boring. He is the spirit of the group. Even if he talks a lot, he is not irritable. I'd say that he should be the spokesperson of the group and not Sunggyu.hehe.

3. Woohyun (Nam Woo Hyun)
He is definitely the AEGYO king! Whenever possible, he is making pa-cute here and there. It is actually amusing and I don't like him to change that.kekeke. Woohyun for me is the most talented member. I like his aegyo. I like his face. I like his smile. I just don't like him flirting a lot.haha. Woohyun is cool, he knows how to win someone's heart. Although he is good at it, he is just my number 3.hehehe. But I think there was a time, a short time, that he was my ultimate INFINITE bias.

2. L (Kim Myung Soo)
OH L! L is so handsome. If I'd have a son, I want that boy to look like him.kekeke. How would that be possible? Only if I'd marry L or marry someone who looks like him.hihihi. That is the kind of face that could stop my world if I'd be seeing him approaching me while I'm walking in the hallway. You know, tulo-laway lang. L is also talented, plus he can play guitar. It really added a lot of pogi (handsome) points when I watched him playing the said instrument. Goodness, I remember how I got kilig.

L is the most popular member. Probably, he has the most number of fans. He is not only a singer and a dancer, he is also an actor. Recently, he got a series, Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I haven't watched it yet but I know, he played a big role.

1. Dongwoo (Jang Dong Woo)
Just like what my close friend said, he is my one true love. That's why he's my number one. 

photos courtesy from

June 16, 2012

Wow, it has been more than two weeks since I blogged. It's not that I lost interest or anything. The internet connection at my cousin's place was cut so I was disconnected from the world wide web. I'm now back in my ever beloved dormitory since class has already started this week, so hello 24/7 internet connection via free wi-fi. I've got a new room, a room which is way BETTER than the previous sem! We were at the basement before and the room can't penetrate the wi-fi signal so we have to go outside to get an internet connection. But now we are at the first floor and we have an internet! Yeah, it's so convenient and the room isn't creepy-looking. Nisseth and Hazel are still my roommates and we have a new one, her name is also Hazel.

Kamia dormitory has become my home away from home. This is the place where I stay the longest  while I'm here in UP. I am thankful for the privilege of living here while I'm studying. I wouldn't exchange it for any place. Lots of people can't believe that we are only paying P250 per month for lodging fee. They say that it's too cheap, really cheap. Of course it is, boarding houses around UP cost around P1,800 per month, which is 7 times higher than how much our dorm costs. Whether they believe it or not, that's really just the price we pay for staying here (electricity fee excluded). Hay, thank you UP for subsidizing it. The only setback of being a dormer is the 10 pm (11pm) curfew from Mondays to Thursdays (Fridays to Sundays). But that's it. Everything else is fine with me. :) 

This is my second to the last sem, hopefully, oh God, pleeeeease! I am sure that this sem would be the haggard-est ever.. I have to cut my fangirling times and even this, blogging, to give way to the most important thing for the meantime, graduating. Oh God, I've been here for a very long time. I want to go out already even though I don't exactly know what I'm gonna do outside. I know, it's in my hands for the realization of my plans. But as what the saying goes which I've heard from Game of Thrones, "No one can survive in this world without HELP.", so am I. I need help, support to be able to make it happen. To win, I shouldn't be alone in this battle. So dear God, send me some help in the form of my teachers, classmates, friends, roommates or anyone You think most fitting.  

I am so anxious. I hope that things will come out well at the end of this sem. Help me pray please.


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