June 29, 2012

Going to The Bookworm Brigade

Thank you to Ms. Saab Magalona's blog post and I was able to know that such awesome event will take place tomorrow (June 30, 2012) at Moonleaf Tea Shop Maginhawa. Fortunately, the location is just a jeep away from where I am. So I've got no excuse of not going. Plus, Rona is coming with me. I'm excited to get hold of books that I have not read yet. Although I really have no time for reading these days, the thought of having good books waiting for me to be read will bring in me such delight. I can't allot money on buying books  nowadays, unless they are on sale. This event is such a blessing then for I would be able to own some without spending. 

By the way, if you have plans to come, check its facebook page: The Bookworm Brigade.

I've got 11 books here. I left many at home. Some I left at my relatives' house in Antipolo and in Pasig. And few are being borrowed by friends. I'm going to swap my six books. Please give me a moment to grieve. I want to grieve because I'm going to say goodbye to them. :( I said to myself before that I should keep them forever, no swapping, no selling, no giving. I would just let my friends borrow them. But I realized, after seeing The Bookworm Brigade, it is better for these books to be read by others than being put in a box untouched for a long time because I have already done reading them. I realized also that books are meant to be passed and not really much to be kept. Our favorites are an exception though because like me, I may want to read them again, so they have to be around. :)) And also, the ones that we really, really, really love are those that are hard for us to let go, so people, let them stay with us.
Goodbye, precious books. :(

I'm not yet done with these three books.

When I read The Catcher In The Rye, I cannot relate to others who claim that the book is one of the best that they've read. I was like, "WWHHHYYY, I don't totally understand." I ended up reading it because I heard that it's one of the books that you should read before you die. When I finished it, I said, "That was it? Which part is epic there?" That's why I don't want to sell or swap it yet. I still believe that the second time I read it, I would come to appreciate the author's thoughts. While What's So Amazing About Grace? is the best Christian book that I've read so far. Such an amazing book, I have to read it time and time again. I also want to read Judith McNaught's Remember When again. I find the author as one of the best, if using the best is overrated, romance writer. 

I haven't finished reading The Dive from Clausen's Pier and Burnt Orange yet. By the way, the second is Nisseth's Christmas gift to me. Haaay, I will finish you someday. :|  

Reading update this year: I still haven't finished any book yet!!! Yes, it is really frustrating! Early this year, I started reading Stardust but when I became busy last sem, I dropped it. Then last summer, I read One Hundred Years of Solitude. Cathy lent me her book and until now I'm still at the middle part. I find it so difficult to continue reading because I don't fully grasp the story. I was always thinking this: "Where is this going??!!" Hmmpp.. *sighs*
Stuck with this awful book.
Yey! I'm excited for tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

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