June 16, 2012

Wow, it has been more than two weeks since I blogged. It's not that I lost interest or anything. The internet connection at my cousin's place was cut so I was disconnected from the world wide web. I'm now back in my ever beloved dormitory since class has already started this week, so hello 24/7 internet connection via free wi-fi. I've got a new room, a room which is way BETTER than the previous sem! We were at the basement before and the room can't penetrate the wi-fi signal so we have to go outside to get an internet connection. But now we are at the first floor and we have an internet! Yeah, it's so convenient and the room isn't creepy-looking. Nisseth and Hazel are still my roommates and we have a new one, her name is also Hazel.

Kamia dormitory has become my home away from home. This is the place where I stay the longest  while I'm here in UP. I am thankful for the privilege of living here while I'm studying. I wouldn't exchange it for any place. Lots of people can't believe that we are only paying P250 per month for lodging fee. They say that it's too cheap, really cheap. Of course it is, boarding houses around UP cost around P1,800 per month, which is 7 times higher than how much our dorm costs. Whether they believe it or not, that's really just the price we pay for staying here (electricity fee excluded). Hay, thank you UP for subsidizing it. The only setback of being a dormer is the 10 pm (11pm) curfew from Mondays to Thursdays (Fridays to Sundays). But that's it. Everything else is fine with me. :) 

This is my second to the last sem, hopefully, oh God, pleeeeease! I am sure that this sem would be the haggard-est ever.. I have to cut my fangirling times and even this, blogging, to give way to the most important thing for the meantime, graduating. Oh God, I've been here for a very long time. I want to go out already even though I don't exactly know what I'm gonna do outside. I know, it's in my hands for the realization of my plans. But as what the saying goes which I've heard from Game of Thrones, "No one can survive in this world without HELP.", so am I. I need help, support to be able to make it happen. To win, I shouldn't be alone in this battle. So dear God, send me some help in the form of my teachers, classmates, friends, roommates or anyone You think most fitting.  

I am so anxious. I hope that things will come out well at the end of this sem. Help me pray please.

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