July 30, 2012


freak out!

It will be my graduation pictorial tomorrow and I have two big pimples! So NICE! I rely on the make-up artist, the photographer and his beautiful camera that in spite of my face, the pictures will still come out good. The grad pic should be epic because it's as significant as a wedding pic, right? If you ask me if I'm prepared, absolutely NOT! I don't even have a concept for my creative shot yet. Good luck na lang sa akin tomorrow.

By the way, somebody gave me KitKat today. Do I look happy? Hmmm.. Not that much, because that somebody was just me.hahaha. I am not such a fan of chocolate but when the chocolate has wafers, oh la la la, I'd love it to bits.

That's all, thank you.
I hope that you weren't harassed by my face.hehehe.

July 28, 2012

The Mouse, The Niece and I

I just want to share a funny conversation that transpired two months ago when I stayed at my cousin's house in Pasig. I hope that you find it funny too. Mwahahaha.

My 6-year-old niece and I were at the living room. I couldn't remember anymore what I was doing but the niece was texting using her mother's cellphone. She was still starting to learn using the said technology. Then,

Niece: Ate, nag-text ako sayo. Basahin mo.
(Ate, I just sent you a message. Read it.)
Me: Wala dito ang cellphone ko, nasa taas. Kunin mo na lang.
(My cellphone isn't here, it's in the bedroom. Just get it.)
Niece: Saan mo nilagay?
(Where did you put it?)
Me: Malapit lang sa mouse.
(It's near the mouse.)
So the niece went upstairs, opened the bedroom door, closed the door again and called me..
Niece: Ateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Me: Bakit?
Niece: Eh natatakot ako eh.
(I'm scared.)

For a second, I tried to analyze why she got scared. And then it dawned on me, she thought that the mouse that I was referring to was the scary animal. I also realized that she didn't know that 'mouse' is the term to the thing that she's been using to scroll, to zoom, to point and to click on their personal computer.
Me: hahahaha! Hindi daga ang tinutukoy ko! Yung mouse, yung ginagamit mo sa computer na hinahawakan ng kanang kamay mo. Yung ginaganito mo oh (sabay demonstrate).
(It's not the animal that I'm talking about. The mouse, it's the one that you're using that you're holding on your right hand while you're using the computer.)

She went back to the room and finally got my cellphone. She checked it and the message she sent to me didn't arrive. Her mother then told her that her cellphone has no load. Nyahahahaha.

That's my niece. Kids are funny most of the time because they still do not know a lot of things. :)) Admit it, ignorance is humorous.

Speaking of mouse, I bought one this month. I was frustated before with the mouse that I purchased from CDR King. Although it was only P150, the performance sucked and it only lasted for around two weeks. It was not even worth the price. They should have sold it for around P50. So from that experience, I resolved on buying an expensive one to get a good performace and longevity.

P950 for a mouse for me is a pain in the pocket. But it's really okay, it's working well, so well. And besides, it has a one year warranty. I'm highly confident that this would last long.

July 23, 2012

Bad Dream Means I'm Stressed

I woke up from a bad dream today..
I opened my eyes with a broken heart and eventually smiled realizing that it was just a dream.

I have observed that everytime I get a bad dream, it is a time of my life that I'm overly worried or stressed. Yes, it's an indicator. And just today, I proved it right. I am worried these days due to my acads. I will graduate next sem and the thought of failing any subject mentally gives me a heart attack. I tell you, I don't find my major subjects to be a piece of cake. Actually, they are the very opposite to that. Everytime a thought would enter that what if I fail one, which will certainly forfeit my dream of graduating next sem (except one major, if I fail it this sem, I can still take it next sem. But nah, I won't let that happen), I see my journey ending there. It totally stressed me out. If that would happen, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe suicide is a possibility.

So earlier, I dreamed about my kuya (older brother). He was going outside the country. We were at the airport (or was it an airport?). Well, what I remember was that he had with him a roller bag. Some men, armed men, who turned to be policemen, blocked our way. They checked my kuya's bag and they saw drugs in it. They directly grabbed my brother and apparently took him to prison. I was so devastated. I knew kuya couldn't do anything like that. He was just being set-up, and now, he was going to pay something he wasn't indebted for in the first place. It really broke my heart.

I woke up feeling really bad.. But Thank God, it was just a dream.. And please, let that stay as a dream..

The dream told me that I'm really stressed. STRESSSSSED!

I hope this sem would turn out the way I wanted it to be.. That's my constant prayer these days.

July 19, 2012

Maja Salvador at UP

Last Monday, July 16, Maja Salvador was taping for an upcoming teleserye at the lawn of the College of Engineering building. The teleserye is said to be 'Ina, Kapatid, Anak' which is also going to be starred by Kim Chiu, Xian Lim and Enchong Dee.

I am not really a fan of Ms. Maja Salvador. I was just taking pictures because this kind of event happens once in a blue moon. You know, you don't get to witness celebrities having shootings and tapings.

Maja Salvador, by the way, is really pretty, way prettier than how you see her on television. Her skin is so fair. Basta, she's so beautiful. I'm so inggit nga eh.hehehe

That was the second time that they taped at our college. The first time, which was also Monday, I got to see Kim Chiu, Enchong Dee and Maja Salvador really close. Unfortunately, I didn't get images of them because my camera that time had an empty battery.

From what I've heard, last Monday was their last day of taping here. What sucks is that, I didn't able to catch Xian Lim, the one that I really wanted see in person.

July 16, 2012

ignored daw

I received this text message last Saturday from somebody I USED to LIKE for so long:

Even the strongest drug would expire when unused, how much more the strongest feeling when ignored. :(

I didn't know that he has that emo side. I replied, "aw :(". More text messages were further received and sent that night and the conversation ended with good nights.

He said good morning (thru text) yesterday. I did not reply because I was effin' tired to do so.

Yeah, end of story.

July 15, 2012

Sentimental Value

I just arrived here in my dorm from helping my nephew in solving stuff in college algebra at McDo Katips. Tomorrow will be his first exam in Math 11 and I was happy that I was able to share my knowledge to him. Last time, I failed to help him because it was biology. :( Gosh, biology here is so f*cking hard.  

Uhmm yeah, I have a nephew who also studies here. He calls me Ate and not Auntie or Tita and that's a relief. My nephew's grandfather is the eldest child who married at a young age and my father is the youngest who married late (32 to be specific). Thus, causing the age gap of us, cousins. When I was just a baby, my cousins were already in college.

Aside from studying in Math 11, we talked a lot of stuff. It is amazing that we can talk many things these days. Before, we were like strangers. We didn't talk to each other. We were both introverts so neither of us wanted to start a conversation. In addition to that, we really didn't have anything in common, so what was going to be talked about? But now is different. We are both studying in the same university. We could talk about our experiences here and we could understand each other. He was sharing about his roommates, teammates, professors, subjects and more.. And I could relate.

Just this week, he was being robbed in a jeepney. His necklace was being snatched along with his wallet. He was still thankful because his watch and cellphone weren't included. The loss of the wallet brought so much hassle to him, causing him to borrow money from his friends. But then, what gave him more pain was the necklace. It had a sentimental value. He owned it since grade 2! Imagine that, he is already in 2nd year of college now. So that was around 9 years ago! That is definitely a depressing thing. I also lost something which had a sentimental value to me and I felt his pain.

Hay, I am being reminded by it today. :( When I graduated in elementary, my mother gave me a gold-plated watch which I kept bugging her to buy me that time. She promised to give it to me when I graduate. I used it for a span of five years and lost it when I stepped in college. I lost it in my dorm's cubicle. I remember, when I went home, mama noticed that I was not wearing it and she asked me where was it. I lied. It was so hurting to say the truth. I told her that I left it in UP. She didn't believe me and said, "Ah, you lost it." She was not convinced that I forgot to bring something valuable to me so without hesitation, she concluded that it was lost. She didn't get mad. She never scolded me. I just saw a pang of regret in her eyes. 

Losing it was like I took for granted my mother's love for me. It absolutely feels like that. If by any chance I'd find it from somebody's hand (assuming that I could still recognize it), I'd pay her even 10 times its price JUST TO GET IT BACK.

July 09, 2012

I went to Katipunan earlier to withdraw my week's allowance and to send my netbook home through JRS express. I was surprised by how expensive it was to transfer the  laptop from here to Mindanao. There were three things that I paid for: freight fee, insurance and crate. The freight fee was dependent of the mass of the stuff I have to send. Kuya weighed them all (the netbook with battery, the charger, the laptop bag, etc.). It was 2 kilos and something and it cost P270. There was also a fee for insurance and the amount was 2% of the value of the laptop. So I have to pay P240 for it. Then there was a payment for the crate. The kuya said that the box should be put in a crate to prevent it from being warped if ever it will be put over by a heavy object. And the crate cost me P150. Ooops, I didn't ask kuya if we can have the crate. So that next time, we wouldn't pay for it if there is a chance in the future that we'll send a laptop.haha That was it, a total of P660. For me, it was quite expensive. But what can I do, there is no other way.
*CRATE* photo source here
The kuya told me to buy a bubble wrap. I asked him what was it. Yes, I didn't know what it was. He described it and all. I let out a laugh after realizing what it was. Oh God, after all this time, I didn't know the term until then of the plastic that I used to pop. Now I know what it is called, bubble wrap! To tell you the truth, it was also just there that I learned its purpose.hehe. Oo na, ako na ang slow! Yes, kuya explained to me because I was complaining to him about how much I don't want to be hassled to go to National Bookstore just to buy something that I deemed insignificant. The Kuya said, "Pwede ka namang hindi bumili pero pwedeng masira laptop mo pag hindi mo yan poprotektahan ng bubble wrap." (Sorry guys, I'm tired to translate that one.) Because I can't risk it, I went to NBS and bought one.
*BUBBLE WRAP* photo source here
The kuya informed me that it will arrive tomorrow. Wow great, that is just fast. But base from our previous experiences with them, it didn't really arrive a day after. They were telling their costumers the ideal time without considering the problems that would come along the way. But it's okay if the package wouldn't arrive tomorrow, the one who will use it will be at home only on Saturday. They just have to make sure that the items are in good condition.

The rain poured heavily as I was leaving the JRS building. I then went to Mercury Drug to buy something. I read Ms. Ile's blog review of a product and I was influenced to try it. Maybe, it will work to my weird, oily, pimply skin. The rain was still at rage and I didn't have the energy to battle it. So I went to Mang Inasal, just beside the Mercury Drug and had my dinner. As I was waiting for my order, there around 10 individuals who were eating two tables away from my back. They were silent and I realized that they were all mute. I was suddenly crushed, yeah, I didn't cry this time, the heart just crushed. I was crushed by how selfish I was. I was complaining mentally by how I lack so many things where in fact, I have a lot more things to be thankful for. Just by having no disability is already a big thing to be thankful for. They were happy. Then I should be happy too, no matter what.

To end this post, let us not forget to remember this:

July 08, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man is Amazing

This is my reaction after I watched The Amazing Spider-Man:

I really, really like it. Spider-Man is still my most loved superhero. :) My expectations were met. I think, they were even surpassed. There are a lot of differences from the first movie of Spider-Man. And I tell you, the recent has a more amazing story. I did not cry and laugh on Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, but in Andrew Garfield's, oh gosh, I found my self laughing and then crying.

I remember few years back when it was announced that Tobey Maguire will be replaced by another actor for the portrayal of Spider-Man, I was really frustrated. I loved Tobey Maguire, you know. He even became one of my celebrity crushes after seeing him on that movie. But when it was confirmed that Andrew Garfield will take the role, I was like, bring it on!! Yeah, the frustration suddenly faded because I also like Garfield.hihihi. 

I want to watch it again. I hope that I could get a copy of the movie. I wouldn't mind to watch it over and over again.

July 07, 2012

MSI fx420

I wouldn't buy a new laptop if it's not needed for my academics. My netbook, a 10.1'' emachines with an Intel Atom N540 CPU, just can't do a lot of stuff, especially on acad-related things, not to mention that it's being ran by a linux operating system. I need a faster processor and a larger screen for a price that I could afford. As early as May, I was already canvassing on the Internet and at SM North after my mother told me that I can buy a new laptop, given that I have to use the money that I'm going to get from my ojt and they will just add for the remaining cost. The result of the canvass was to choose an MSI product that has a price of P22,000. I got hold of an MSI brochure after wandering at SM. I was satisfied by the specifications of the fx420 model on the brochure, so I was convinced that I should buy that one. I am confident with the said product name because I know of some friends and individuals in the university who are using it for a long time already.

Finally, I bought it yesterday at the msi store itself located at the annex of SM North. I expected to pay for P22,000 because that was the price being printed on the brochure. Much to my delight, there's a 2k less if you pay in cash. Instantly, I got a 2k allowance.hehehe. Another bonus that I received yesterday was I got a free Sun Broadband. Yes, you read it right, FREE. :)  MSI holds a gaming event at the said mall for 3 days which started yesterday. They are giving free Sun Broadband to those who buy any C series and F series MSI notebook from July 6 to 8 only. I think yesterday was my very lucky day, I hope next week also.
hehehe! playing a B1A4 live perf.

Here's the product specifications of my THOR (hehehe! I named him THOR!):

System Model: FX420
CPU: Intel Pentium B940 processor 2.00 GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB
HDD: 500 GB
LED Panel: 14" HD
Drive: Super-Multi DVD+RW
VGA: AMD Radeon HD6470M/ 1 GB GDDR3
Camera: 1.3 MP
Audio: THX TruStudio Pro

July 06, 2012

new baby!

Yey! I've got a new baby! Sorry previous baby, I have to replace you because there are so many things that you cannot do. It hurts me to let go of you but please try to understand, you're not really much of a help anymore. I will miss you though.

This is my third baby and I have to name it! They say that it will last longer when you give it a name. And since THOR is so popular right now, I am naming him THOR!hehehe! Hello there Thor, please be with me as long as possible.

The picture is captured from Thor's 1.3 MP built-in camera. The theme is, KISS MY FEET, BABY! hehehe

Yes, Thor is my new laptop.

Thank you parenthood for giving me P14K and thank you self for your P8K from your OJT salary. Now, I've got a new laptop! Yey!

July 03, 2012

You Can Call Me Rain

Saw this on tumblr. And for me, it is the cheesiest thing I've ever read.

It is raining hard today. Classes were suspended in high school, elementary and preschool. I still don't fully understand why colleges are not automatically included if these kind of things happen. As if we are not affected. I feel sorry for my classmates who were not able to come to class earlier because of the rain. Although they are excused, according to the UP Admin, they missed our teacher's lecture. And the saddest thing about this rain today is this, I failed to see him.

Rain, I thought you were a friend. Are you really on my side?

July 01, 2012

Thank You, The Bookworm Brigade! :D

Yehey! I've got 6 books waiting in line for me to be read. I'm such a happy worm right now!

My heart jumped with joy yesterday when I found a Judith McNaught novel at the The Bookworm Brigade. I didn't expect it, really. Thank you to the one who gave it up. You don't know how much happiness it brought to me. Yes, Judith McNaught is definitely my favorite romance writer.

I picked The Last Song because Nicholas Sparks is a famous author. He started being famous in the Philippines after that movie which was adapted from his novel of the same title, A Walk To Remember.

I love inspiring stories so I grabbed The Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I am curious about Mafia stuff so I ended up picking Mario Puzo's The Last Don.

I have heard that Neil Gaiman is a good author, thus, I was drawn to get the Anansi Boys.

I first encountered the book, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, when I found it on a bestseller-shelf in National Bookstore. I mentally noted it to be one of those books that I should read it in the future. Lo and behold, it was there yesterday.
And I am currently reading the book because I can't help myself. I am already at the 135th page of the 226 pages. It is such a good read. I am reading the mind of an autistic teenager, a character that reminds me of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory. I think, I will get to finish it today.

Thank you to the organizers of this event. It is really a brilliant idea. More of this in the future please. ;)

P.S. Here is their facebook page: If you missed it yesterday, you might want to attend for the next one. It is then important to like their page to get updates. :)


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