July 23, 2012

Bad Dream Means I'm Stressed

I woke up from a bad dream today..
I opened my eyes with a broken heart and eventually smiled realizing that it was just a dream.

I have observed that everytime I get a bad dream, it is a time of my life that I'm overly worried or stressed. Yes, it's an indicator. And just today, I proved it right. I am worried these days due to my acads. I will graduate next sem and the thought of failing any subject mentally gives me a heart attack. I tell you, I don't find my major subjects to be a piece of cake. Actually, they are the very opposite to that. Everytime a thought would enter that what if I fail one, which will certainly forfeit my dream of graduating next sem (except one major, if I fail it this sem, I can still take it next sem. But nah, I won't let that happen), I see my journey ending there. It totally stressed me out. If that would happen, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe suicide is a possibility.

So earlier, I dreamed about my kuya (older brother). He was going outside the country. We were at the airport (or was it an airport?). Well, what I remember was that he had with him a roller bag. Some men, armed men, who turned to be policemen, blocked our way. They checked my kuya's bag and they saw drugs in it. They directly grabbed my brother and apparently took him to prison. I was so devastated. I knew kuya couldn't do anything like that. He was just being set-up, and now, he was going to pay something he wasn't indebted for in the first place. It really broke my heart.

I woke up feeling really bad.. But Thank God, it was just a dream.. And please, let that stay as a dream..

The dream told me that I'm really stressed. STRESSSSSED!

I hope this sem would turn out the way I wanted it to be.. That's my constant prayer these days.

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

haizt naman. you take care, rest, and pray.



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